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Pharmacology & Toxicology MCQs D.PHARM 2nd YEAR

Pharmacology and toxicology MCQs With Answers

Q1- ADME process involved in-
a. Pharmacodynamic
b. pharmackokinetic
c. pharmacotoxicology
d. pharmacotherapeutics
Correct answer:- b-pharmackokinetic

Q2- Kill and inhibit the bacteria is called
a. Anti fungal
b. Anti Leprotic
c. Antibiotic
d. Antiviral
Correct answer:- c – Antibiotic

Q3- hydroxycholoroquine is used in the treatment of-
a. Leprocy
b. malaria
c. Diabetes
Correct answer:- b- Malaria

Q4- Anti Metabolite drug is-
a. Nystatin
b. Fluconazol
c. Fluorouracil-(5FU)
d. Sulphonamide
Correct answer:- c -Fluorouracil-(5FU)

Q5- isoniazid is used in the treatment of
a. Gout
b. Hypertention
c. Tuberculosis
d. Parkinsonism
Correct answer:- c-Tuberculosis

Q6-Para aminophenol derivatives-
a. Propiphanazone
b. Tenoxicam
c. Paracetamol
d. Celecoxib
Correct answer:- c-Paracetamol

Q7- Which drug are used in the treatment of gout?
a. Enprostil
b. Famotidine
c. Allopurinol
d. Flurouracil
Correct answer:- c-Allopurinol

Q8- Which of the following general anaesthetic belongs to inhalant?
a. Thiopental
b. Desfluran
c. Ketamine
d. Propofol
Correct answer:- b-Desfluran

Q9- The Anaesthetic which is used intravaneously is-
a. Propofol
b. Halothane
c. Desfluran
d. Nitrous oxide
Correct answer:- a-Propofol

Q10- Most important Mechanism of drug transport-
a. Filtration
b. Active transport
c. Passive diffusion
d. Facilitated diffusion
Correct answer:- c-Passive diffusion

Q11- Benzodiazepines act on which receptor?
a. GABAa
b. GABAb
c. Both A&B
d. None of the above
Correct answer:- a-GABAa

Q12- Which of the benzodiazepine is used only as a sedative and hypnotic?
a. Chlordiazepoxide
b. Clorazepam
c. Diazepam
d. Flurazepam

Q13-Zolpidam is used as-
a. Anti convulsant
b. Anti anxity drug
c. Sedative and hypnotic
d. Myorelaxant drug
Correct answer:- c-Sedative and hypnotic

Q14- Which drug used in Grand mal Epilepsy?
a. Phenytoin
b. Diazepam
c. Trimethadion
d. Ethosuximide
Correct answer:- a-Phenytoin

Q15- Which Drug used in the treatment of Glucoma?
a. Timalol
b. Propranalol
c. Albendazol
d. All of the above
Correct answer:- a-Timalol

Q16- Choose narcotic Analgesic drug-
a. Paracetamol
b. Codiene
c. Ibuprofen
d. Indomethacin

Correct answer:- b- Codiene

Q17- Dilation of pupil means-
a. Swelling
b. Injury
c. Mydriasis
d. Miosis
Correct answer:- c- Mydriasis

Q18- Choose drug which is H1 Receptor Antagonist-
a. Diphenhydramine
b. Promethzine
c. Chlorpheniramine
d. All of the above
Correct answer:- d- All of the above

Q19- Which one is Antispasmodic agent?
a. Dicyclomine
b. Trinidazol
c. Paracetamol
d. Cyclopentolate
Correct answer:- a-Dicyclomine

Q20- Which drug used in the treatment of Mysthania gravis?
a. Neostigmine
b. Atropine
c. Morphine
d. Lignocaine
Correct answer:- a-Neostigmine

Q21- Opoid analgesics provide symptomatic relief of-
a. Pain
b. Cough
c. Diarrhea
d. All of the above
Correct answer:- a-pain

Q22- Which of the following is called the common neurotransmitter?
a. Acetylcholine
b. Serotonin
c. Dopamine
d. All of these
Correct answer:- d. All of these

Q23- Which is the most common neurotransmitter in the brain?
a. Serotonin
b. glutamate
c. dopamine
Correct answer:- b-glutamate

Q24- Which of the following disorder causes dopamine neurons to die?
a. Seizure disorder
b. Multiple sclerosis
c. Parkinson’s disease
d. Lou Gehrig’s disease
Correct answer:- c-Parkinson’s disease

Q25- Most of metabolites are excreated from-
a. The kidneys
b. The bile
c. The lungs
d. Saliva,perspiration
Correct answer:- a.Kidney

Q26- Cotrimoxazol is a combination of-
a. Sulfadiaxine + trimethoprim
b. Sulfamethoxazole + trimethoprim
c. Sulfadioxine + dapsone
d. Sulfadioxine + pyrimrthamine
Correct answer:- b- Sulfamethoxazole + trimethoprim

Q27- Narrow spectrum chemotherapeutic agent that inhibits DNA gyrase enzyme is-
a. Nalidixic acid
b. Ofloxacin
c. Spectinomycin
d. None of these
Correct answer:- a-Nalidixic acid

Q28- What is the full form of NSAIDs-
a- Non- steroidal Analgesics drugs
b- Non- steroidal Anti-material drugs
c- Non- steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs
d- Non- steroidal Anti-pyretic drugs
Correct answer:- c- Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Q29- Methotrexate” works as-
a- Anticoagulant
b- Anti-convulsant
c- Anti-depressant drug
d- Antineoplastic Drugs
Correct answer:- d-Antineoplastic Drugs

Q30- Barbituric acid derivatives is-
a. Salbutamol
b. Ampicillin
c. Phenobarbitone
d. Diazepam
Correct answer:- c-Phenobarbitone

Q31- Which one is short acting barbiturates?
a. Pentobarbitone
b. Phenobarbitone
c. Secobarbitone
d. Both A&C
Correct answer:- d-Both A&C

Q32- Drug relive anxiety, stress & Tention?
a. Analgesic
b. Sedative
c. Hypnotics
d. None of the above
Correct answer:- b-Sedative

Q33- Which one following is major psychosis disease?
a. Mania
b. Epilepsy
c. Schizophrenia
d. All of the above
Correct answer:- c-Schizophernia

Q34- ….Drug is antisecretory agent?
a. Promethzine
b. Atropine
c. Morphine
d. Diazepam
Correct answer:- b-Atropine

Q35- Phenanthrene opoid analgesic is..?
a. Morphine
b. Papaverine
c. Mebendazole
d. Salisylates
Correct answer:- a-Morphine

Q36- In which stage of general anaesthetia suitable for major operation?
a. Stage of analgesia
b. Stage of delirium
c. Stage of surgical anesthesia
d. Stage of medullary paralysis
Correct answer:- c- Satge of surgical anesthesia

Q37- Which one is inhalatory anaesthetic agent?
a. Thiopentone
b. Ketamine
c. Propandid
d. Chloroform
Correct answer:- d-Cholroform

Q38- Choose gases anesthetic agent.
a. Ether
b. Chlroform
c. Nitrous oxide
d. All of the above
Correct answer:- c-Nitrous oxide

Q39- pyrazolone containing NSAID drug?
a. Ibuprofen
b. Paracetamol
c. Phenylbutazone
d. None of the above
Correct answer:- c-Phenylbutazone

Q40- Indole derivative NSAID drug?
a. Phenacetin
b. Indomethacin
c. Morphine
d. Codine
Correct answer:- b-Indomethacin

Q41- Which drug used as antirhumatic drug?
a. Ibuprofen
b. Morphine
c. Mebendazole
d. Diazepam
Correct answer:- a-Ibuprofen

Q42- Non-Narcotic drug is?
a. Salisylate
b. Phenylbutazone
c. Codeine
d. Thebaine
Correct answer:- a-Salisylate

Q43- GABA agonist drug is?
a. Phenobarbitone
b. Phenytoin
c. Ethosuximide
d. Gabapectin
Correct answer:- a-Phenobarbitone

Q44- Choose miotic agents?
a. Atropine
b. Pilocarpine
c. Homotropine
d. Cyclopentolate
Correct answer:- b-pilocarpine

Q45- Choose mydriatic agent?
a. Timolol
b. Physostigmine
c. Atropine
d. Pilocarpine
Correct answer:- c-Atropine

Q46- Choose drug whice act on alpha & beta receptor?
a. Salbutamol
b. Adrenaline
c. Atropine
d. Theophylline
Correct answer:- b-Adrenaline

Q47- Which Bronchodilator drug act on Beta2 receptor?
a. Isoprenaline
b. Terbutaline
c. Salbutamol
d. Both b & c
Correct answer:- d-Both b & c

Q48-Choose drug produces Miosis (Constriction of pupil)?
a- Timalol
b- Pilocarpine
c- Physostigmine
d- All of the above
Correct answer:- d-All of the above

Q49- Choose drug produces Mydriasis (dilation of pupil)?
a. Homotropine
b. Tropicamide
c. Cyclopentolate
d. All of the above
Correct answer:- d-All of the above

Q50- constriction of pupils means?
a. Miosis
b. Mydriasis
c. Inflammation
d. None of the above
Correct answer:- a-Miosis