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Pharmacology & Toxicology (Part:-2) MCQs D.PHARM 2nd YEAR

Pharmacology and toxicology MCQs With Answers

Q51- Choose parasymphatomimetic anticholine esterase drug?
a- Neostigmine
b- Plocarpine
c- Methacoline
d- carbacol
Correct answer:- a-Neostgmine

Q52- Choose parasymphatomimetic(Cholinergic drug)?
a. Adrenaline
b. Isoprenaline
c. Acetylcholine
d. All of the abov
Correct answer:- c-Acetylcholine

Q53- Centrally acting cough suppressant?
a. Codeine
b. Morphine
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above
Correct answer:- c- Both a & b

Q54- Choose H2 receptor antagonist?
a. Cematidine
b. Ranitidine
c. Both a & b
d. None of above
Correct answer:- Both a & b

Q55- Autocoids means?
a- Tissue amines
b- Tissue fat
c- Tissue collagen
d- All of the above
Correct answer:- a-Tissue amines

Q56- Select the cathecol amines category drug?
a. Ephedrin
b. Amphetamine
c. Adrenaline
d. None of above
Correct answer:- c-Adrenaline

Q57- Which one is symhatomimetic (Adenergic drug)?
a- Adrenaline
b- Nor- adrenaline
c- Ephedrine
d- All of above
Correct answer:- d-All of above

Q58- Choose drug alpha receptor blockers?
a. Phentolamine
b. Atenolol
c. Timolol
d. All of above
Correct answer:- d-All of above

Q59- Choose drug alpha receptor blockers?
a. Phentolamine
b. Atenolol
c. Timolol
d. None of above
Correct answer:- a-Phentolamine

Q60- …beta1 receptor antagonist agent?
a. Prazosine
b. Clonidine
c. Atenolol
d. Salbutamol
Correct answer:- c-Atenolol

Q61- Choose ganglionic blocking agent?
a. Hexamethonium
b. Pentolamine
c. Trimethophan
d. All of above
Correct answer:- d-All of above

Q62- Antidote used in organophosphate poison?
a. Neostgmine
b. Atropine
c. Morphine
d. Pilocarpine
Correct answer:- b-Atropine

Q63-Which receptor called G-protien couple recetor?
a. Nicotine
b. Alpha
c. Muscarnic
d. Beta
Correct answer:- c-Muscarnic

Q64- location beta1 receptor is?
a. Blood vessels
b. Heart
c. Bronchi
d. Uterus
Correct answer:- b-Heart

Q65- Alpha1 receptor antagonist agent?
a. Prazosin
b. Atenolol
c. Yohimbin
d. Phynylephrine
Correct answer:- a-Prazosine

Q66- Diazepam is used as a muscle relaxant for-
a. Deep intra abdominal operation
b. Trachial intubation
c. Tetanus
d. Diagnosis of myasthenia gravis
Correct answer:- c-Tetanus

Q67- The local anaesthetic with the longest duration of action is-
a. Procaine
b. Chloroproacine
c. Lidocaine
d. dibucaine
Correct answer:- d-Dibucaine

Q68- A group of drug used widely to treat mild hypertention is-
a. synaptic blockers
b. diuretics
c. ganglionic blockers
d. MAO inhibitors
Correct answer:- b- Diuretics

Q69- Which one of the following agents used in hypertention is a prodrug that is converted to its active form in the brain?
a. Clonidine
b. Doxazosin
c. Methyldopa
d. nitroprusside
Correct answer:- c-Methyldopa

Q70- All of the followings are selective β2-agonist except:
a. Isoprenaline
b. Salbutamol
c. Terbutaline
d. Formeterol
Correct answer:- a-Isoprenaline

Q71- What is a serious adverse reaction caused by ethambutol?
a. Stomach upset
b. Eye damage
c. Gout
d. Hepatotoxicity
Correct answer:- b- Eye damage

Q72- Which of the following is the drug of choice in the treatment of productive cough?
a. Dextromethorphan
b. Pholcodine
c. Bromhexine
d. Noscapine
Correct answer:- c- Bromhexine

Q73- Following inhibits cytochrome P-450-
a. Cimetidine
b. Famotidine
c. Ranitidine
d. All of the above
Correct answer:- a-Cimetidine

Q74- Which one of these Anti-hypertensive are contraindicated in pregnancy?
a. Hydralazine
b. A-methyldopa
c. Nifedipine
d. Enalapril
Correct answer:- d-Enalapril

Q75- The antiulcer agent which detaches and kills H.pylori organism and prevent
relapses is:
a. Colloidal bismuth
b. Pirenzepine
c. Misoprostol
d. Sucralfate
Correct answer:- a.Colloidal bismuth

Q76- Centrally acting sympatholytic agent used as antihypertensive agent-
a. Proranolol
b. Clonidine
c. Prazosin
d. phenoxybenzamine
Correct answer:- b-Clonidine.

Q77- Antacid drug that typically causes diarrhoea is-
a. Sodium bicarbonate
b. Magnesium carbonate
c. Calcium carbonate
d. Aluminium hydroxide
Correct answer:- b- Magnesium hydroxide

Q78- Which one of the agent comes under high celling loop diuretics-
a. Manintol
b. Furosemide
c. Urea
d. Ethacrynic acid
Correct answer:- b- Furosimide

Q79- Metronidazole has one of the following pharmacological activities-
a. Antipyretic
b. Anti fungal
c. Anti- helmintic
d. Anti allergic
Correct answer:- c- Anti- helmintic

Q80- Which one of the following Antiseptic and Disinfection agent contain quaternary ammonium compound-
a. Cetrimide
b. Chlorocresol
c. Phenol
d. Formaldehyde
Correct answer:- d-Formaldehyde

Q81- The major adverse effect of penicillin is-
a. High blood pressure
b. Vomiting
c. Hypersensitivity reaction
d. diuresis
correct answer:- c- Hypersenstivity reaction

Q82- Theophylline and caffeine are derivativesof the following-
a. pyrimidine
b. xanthine
c. imidazoline
d. benzodiazepine
Correct answer:- b- Xanthine

Q83- Chloroquine comes under following class of Antimalarial drug-
a. biguanides
b. aminoacridines
c. 8- aminoquinolines
d. 4- aminoquinolines
Correct answer:- d-4-Aminoquinolines

Q84- Diphenhydramine HCL is used for-
a. Anti muscarinic
b. Antimetabolite
c. Antipyretic
d. Antihistaminic
Correct answer:- d-Antihistaminic

Q85- Fasting Gulucose level is-
a. 80-120- mg / dl
b. 50-80- mg / dl
c. 100-140- mg / dl
d. 150-200- mg / dl
Correct answer:- a-80-120- mg/dl

Q86- Insulin release from the cell-
a- Alpha cells
b- Beta cells
c- Delta cells
d- None
Correct answer:- b- Beta cells

Q87- Insulin administer through the route-
a. Oral
b. Iv
c. Sublingual
d. Subcutaneous
Correct answer:- d-Subcutaneous

Q88- Receptors of insulin are?
a. Tyrosine kinase
d. None
Correct answer:- a-Tyrosine kinase

Q89- Oral hypoglycemic drug belongs to biguanide category?
a. Tolbutamide
b. Acarbose
c. Metformin
d. Troglitazone
Correct answer:- c- Metformin

Q90- Meglitinide derivatives is-
a. Thioglitazone
b. Pioglitazone
c. Metformin
d. Repaglinide
Correct answer:- d-Repaglinide

Q91- Drug use for Diabetes in Pregnancy?
a. Glyburide
b. Tolbutamide
c. Glipizide
d. Glibenclamide
Correct answer:- a-Glyburide

Q92- Second generation sulfonylurea agent is?
a. Chlorpropamide
b. Tolazamide
c. Talbutamide
d. Glipizide
Correct answer:- d-Glipizide

Q93- The most common thyroid disorder is-
a. Hypothyroidism
b. Riedels thyroditis
c. Hyperthyroidism
d. Thyrocele
Correct answera:- a-Hypothyroidism

Q94-The drug which is metabolized by acetylation is-
a. Rifampicin
b. Ethambutol
c. Dapsone
d. Isoniazid
Correct answer:- d-Isoniazid

Q95- Which of the following is the most common adverse effect of amphotericin B?
a- Bone marrow suppression
b- Hypokalemia
c- Hypomagnesemia
d- Nephrotoxicity
Correct answer:- d-Nephrotoxicity

Q96- Which of these antifungal drugs inhibits microtubules?
a. Griseofulvin
b. Amphotericin B
c. Ketoconazole
d. Flucytosine
Correct answer:- a-Griseofulvin

Q97- Which of the following antiviral drug is used to treat influenza A?
a. Dextran sulfate
b. Amantadine
c. Ganciclovir
d. Cidofovir
Correct answer:- b- Amantadine

Q98- Which of the following is not used in the HIV-1 treatment?
a. Delavirdine
b. Zidovudine
c. Rimantadine
d. Stavudine
Correct answer:- c- Rimantadine

Q99- Which of the following is used to treat genital herpes infections?
a. Penciclovir
b. Pleconarilc
c. Oseltamivir
d. Efavirenz
Correct answer:- a-Penciclovir

Q100- Which of the following cannot be treated by antiviral drugs?
a. Tuberculosis
b. Smallpox
c. Hepatitis
d. Warts
Correct answer:- a-Tuberculosis

Q101- What are oral contraceptives called?
a. Alcohols
b. Pills
c. Injections
d. Salines
Correct answer:- b- Pills

Q102- Which of the following is not the function of an oral pill?
a. Inhibit ovulation
b. Inhibit heart development in the fetus
c. Inhibit implantation
d. Inhibit entry of sperms
Correct answer:- b- Inhibit heart development in the fetus

Q103- Which of the following hormonal dosage is given as an oral administration to prevent pregnancy?
a. Relaxin
b. Progesterone
c. Estradiol
d. Epinephrine
Correct answer:- b- Progesterone

Q104- . Which of the following radiations are used in radiotherapy?
a. Alpha rays
b. Beta rays
c. Gamma rays
d. X-rays
Correct answer:- c- Gamma rays

Q105- What is the use of monoclonal antibodies?
a. They are used to detect cancerous cells
b. They are used to increase the blood platelets count
c. They are used to treat AIDS
d. They are used to give a three-dimensional image of the internal organs of the body
Correct answer:- a. They are used to detect cancerous cells

Q106- The vitamin essential for blood clotting is _______
a. vitamin A
b. vitamin B
c. vitamin C
d. vitamin K
correct answer:- d-Vitamin K

Q107- In the clotting mechanism pathway, thrombin activates factors ___________
b. XI IX X
Correct answer:- a. a- XI VIII V

Q108- Which of the following plasma protein is involved in coagulation of blood?
a. Albumin
b. Globulin
c. Fibrinogen
d. Amylase
Correct answer:- c- Fibrinogen

Q109- What prevents clotting of blood in blood vessels?
a. Serotonin
b. Fibrinogen
c. Heparin
d. Fibrin
Correct answer:- c- Heparin