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Pharmacy Practice MCQs Question with Answers

Subject: Pharmacy Practice

1. Primary hospital is a hospital that contains
A. Less than 100 beds
B. More than 100 beds
C. Less than 50 beds
D. More than 500 beds

2. In a small hospital the minimum number of required pharmacist is
A. 4
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6

3. To start a retail drug store a minimum of _________________sq.meter area is required and for whole sale drug store a minimum of ____________sq. meter area is required
A. 150 and 200
B. 100 and 150
C. 200 and 250
D. None of these

4. The Various methods employed for codifications include
A. Alphabetical order method
B. Mnemonic method
C. Numerical method
D. None of these

5. Drug which is contraindicated in pregnancy
A. Tetracycline
B. Erythromycin
C. Chloroquine
D. Ampicillin

6. HBA1c (Glycosylated hemoglobin) is diagnostic test for
A. Hemoglobin
B. Diabetes mellitus
C. jaundice
D. malaria

7. All are cardiac marker except
A. Ckmb
B. Troponin
C. Myoglobin
D. Bilirubin

8. Which lipoprotein has highest concentration of cholesterol?

9. Purpose of PTC
A. Advisory

B. Educational
C. Both A & B
D. Only A

10. Satellite pharmacy is located at
A. Each floor
B. For two floor one pharmacy
C. Only one in a hospital
D. Depends on hospital type

11. Patient who occupy the space in the hospital are called
A. Operating patients
B. Ambulatory patients
C. Inpatients
D. Outpatient

12. Which of the following is not an inventory?
A. Raw material
B. Machine
C. Finished goods
D. progress goods

13. The time period between placing an order its receipt in stock is known as
A. Lead time
B. Carrying time
C. Shortage time
D. Over time

14. The costs associated with inventory is/are
A. Purchase price of the inventory
B. Re-order costs
C. Inventory holding costs, Shortage costs
D. All of the above

15. Buffer stock’ is the level of stock :
A. At which the ordering process should start
B. Half of the actual stock b. At which the ordering
C. Minimum stock level below which actual stock should not fall
D. Maximum stock in inventory

16. Inventory Control is an important part of ________ management
A. Labour
B. Material
C. Expenditure
D. None of the above

17. In ABC analysis the category ‘A’ includes items with small quantity but high ___________
A. Weight
B. Value
C. Density
D. Popularity

18. TDM is very essential for those drugs with
A. Wide Therapeutic index
B. Large Therapeutic index
C. Narrow Therapeutic index
D. Small Therapeutic index

19. Clinical pharmacy is the branch of pharmacy in which clinical pharmacists provide________________ that optimizes the use of medication and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention.
A. Direct Patient Care
B. Indirect patient care
C. Physician care
D. Product care

20. F,S,N in the layout of the drug store stands for:
A. Fast Moving, Slow handling, Non Handling
B. First moving, Second moving, Non moving
C. Fast Storing, Slow Storing , Non storing
D. Fast moving , Slow moving, Non moving

21. The following are the principles of inventory control except
A. Demand Forecasting
B. Accuracy
C. Warehouse flow
D. Overstocking

22. The count of haemoglobin _____________ In anaemia and leukemia
A. Increases than normal range
B. Remains constant
C. Decreases than normal range
D. None of the above

23. VED analysis stands for
A. Very ,essential, deal
B. Vital, essential, desirable
C. Very, essential ,desirable
D. Vital, essential, deal

24. IRB stands for
A. Institutional Review board
B. International review bureau
C. Indian review board
D. Indian Recognition body

25. EOQ stands for
A. Essential of Quality
B. Economic order quantity
C. Enlist order quality
D. Equipment order quality

26. Inventory control levels can be calculated in order to maintain inventories at the optimum level. The three critical control levels are:
A. Reorder level, minimum level and maximum level
B. Reorder level, Safety stock and Average inventory
C. Buffer stock, minimum level and maximum level
D. None of the above

27. Increase Number of RBC in urine is called
A. Polyuria
B. Oligouria
C. Haematuria
D. Pyuria

28. The numerical method is also known as
A. Coding system method
B. Sequence system method
C. Block system
D. Decimal system

29. _____________Process of assigning a code number or code symbol to a particular material for easy identification.
A. Decoding
B. Stocking
C. Communicating
D. Coding

30. The Information is presented by authors without any evaluation by a second party is ____________ source.
A. Secondary
B. Primary
C. Tertiary
D. Other

31. Poison Control centre was established for __________
A. To provide rapid access to information valuable in assessing and treating poisonings.
B. Not assist with poisoning prevention.
C. Not manage with the poisoning cases
D. None of the above

32. The quality of good counsellor in patient counselling is_______________
A. Be a good listener.
B. Be flexible
C. Be empathetic
D. All of the above

33. The benefit of patient counselling is_____________
A. Serving patients and their well being
B. Improves patient compliance
C. Formation of trusting relationship with patients
D. All of the above

34. Internal teaching program involved in training of __________in hospital
A. Student Nurses
B. Cardiologist
C. Physician
D. Administrator

35. ______________ is a place where outpatients are provided medical treatment, checkup or advice for their health.
A. Nursing home

B. Physician home
C. Clinic
D. Hospital


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