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PRE-GPAT Preparation MCQs (Part:- 8) with Answers


1. Reserpine on hydrolysis gives:
(a) Reserpicacid + Methylalcohol +Trimethoxy cinnamic acid
(b)Reserpic acid + Acetic acid + Trimethoxy benzaldehyde
(c) Reserpicacid + Methylalcohol +Trimethoxy benzoic acid
(d)Reserpic acid + Methylalcohol +Trimethoxy Cinnamaldehyde

2. Salbutamol sulphate IP is assayed by
(a) Direct titration with standard sodium hydroxide solution
(b) Direct titration with standard sodium hydrochloric acid
(c) A known amount of standard acid is added and excess is titrated with standard alkali
(d) Dissolve in glacial acetic acid and titrated with standard perchloric acid using oracet blue.

3. Powder ergot when treated with sodium hydroxide solution develops?
(a) A strong odour of ammonia
(b)A strong odour of trimethyl
(c) A strong odour of indole
(d)A strong odour of urea

4. For the registration of pharmacist in the various states, the Pharmacy Act provide for the constitution of:
(a) Registration of tribunals
(b) Registrar of Co-operative societies
(c) Registrar of state pharmacy council
(d)Registrar of central pharmacy council

5. Powder digitalis is dried at temperature
(a) Not exceeded 60 ºC
(b) 65 ºC
(c) 75 ºC
(d) 100 ºC

6. Prazepam differ in structure from diazepam by
(a) N- methyl group
(b) N –cyclopropyl group
(c) N-cyclopropyl methyl group
(d) N-propyl group

7. The mechanism of action of rifampicin involve
(a) Inhibition of bacterial DNA directed RNA polymerase
(b) Inhibition of mycolicacid synthesis
(c) Inhibition of protein synthesis
(d) Inhibition of transpeptidase

8. The volume of did tribution of drugs is
(a) An expression of total body volume
(b)A measure of total fluid volume
(c) A relationship between the total amount of drug in the body and the concentration of the drug in the blood
(d)Proportional to bioavailability of the drug

9. Resolution of a spectrophotometer is
(A) It’s a wavelength range
(B) Its ability to distinguish adjacent absorption bands
(C) it’s a capacity for its continuous use
(D) Its power to gather light according to source

10. Glandular hair growing having a unicellular or occasionally a short uniserate pedicel with a unicellular orbicellular terminal glandis characteristics of
(a) Senna leaves
(b) Belladonna leaves
(c) Datura stramonium leaves
(d)Digitalis Purpurea leaves

11. Skeletal muscle relaxant produced by the drug ______is effectively antagonized by neostigmine
(a) Diazepam
(c) Tubocurarine

12. Vitamin D2
(a) 22, 23-Dihydro -5,6cis –Ergocalciferol
(b) 5, 6 cis- chlorcalciferol
(c) 7- Dehydrocholesterol
(d) 21,24 – dihydro 5,6 cis Ergocalciferol

13. R.W. C. is used to identify the strength of?
(a) Antibiotics
(c) Antiseptic

14. The essential structural unit for the anthelmentics activity of mebendazole is
(a) Benzoyl group
(c) Methyl carbamates

(d) Imidazole

15. The anticoagulant activity of heparin sodium injection IP is estimated using:
(a) Female rats
(b) Male rats
(c) Rabbits
(d) Sheep

16. Infrared spectroscopy is a convenient method for understanding of
(a) Drug receptor interaction
(b) Functional group identification
(c) Physiochemical properties
(d) Conformational properties

17. Most commonly used amtimicrobial agent for intraperitoneal dialysisis
(a) Chlorocresol
(b) Benzalkonium chloride
(c) Isopropyl alcohol
(d) None of the above

18. In the steroid nucleus, they are
(a) Six chiral center with nucleus i.e. 5,8,9,10,13, and 14
(b) Seven chiral center with nucleus i.e. 3,8,9,10,11, 12 and 14
(c) Six chiral center with nucleus i.e. 3,8,9,10,11, and 12
(d) Six chiral center with nucleus i.e. 5,7,9,10,13, and 16

19. Sulphomethoxazoleis an antibacterial drug. It is a
(a) Short acting drug
(b) Short and intermediate acting drugs
(c) Long acting drugs
(d)Mixed acting drugs

20. Wavenumber is the number of waves
(a) Per second
(b) Per centimeter
(c) Per inch
(d) Per cm3

21. The raw material for synthesis of propranolol is
(a) α – Naphthylamine
(b) β napthol
(c) α-naphthol
(d) 1- nepthaldehyde

22. All the statement mentioned below about choral hydrate is true EXCEPT that it
(a) Produces hypnosis
(b) Produces analgesia
(c) Produce dependence
(d) Irritate gastric mucosa

23. Which is ideal combination for testing the solubility of an enteric coated capsule in alkaline medium?
(a) Sodium bicarbobnate + Potassium hydroxide + Pepsin
(b) Sodiumbicarbobnate + Sodiumtauroglycocholate+Papain
(c) Sodium bicarbobnate +Pancreatin +Sodium tauroglycocholate
(d)Sodiumbicarbobnate + Billirubin

24. Oxazepam is used in relief of psychoneurosis. It has lower incidents of side Effects and reduced toxicity due to
(a) N-demethylation
(b) Ring oxidation
(c) Aromatic hydroxylation
(d) Conjugation of 3- hydroxyl group

25. One of the detectors used in gas chromatography
(a) Bolometer
(b) Thermal conductivity detector
(c) Golay detectors
(d) Geiger Counter

26. Alkloids in cinchona bark are detected by
(a) Iodine test
(b) Thalleioquin test
(c) Liebermann –burchard test
(d) Nessler’s test

27. 2- amino -5-chorbenzophenone is the convenient starting material for the synthesis of
(a) Nitrazepam
(b) Diazepam
(c) Chloramphenicol

28. Side effect of Chloramphenicol is?
(a) Gray-baby syndrome
(b) Jaundice
(c) Discolouration of teeth
(d) Obesity

29. Papaverine is
(a) 6, 7 – dimethoxy -1- (3’, 4’ – dimethoxybenzyl) isoquinoline
(b) 6, 7 – dimethoxy -1- (3’, 4’ – dimethyl benzyl) isoquinoline
(c) 6, 7 – dimethoxy -1- (3’, 4’ – dimethoxybenzyl) quinoline
(d) 6, 7 – dimethoxy -1- (3’, 4’ – dimethyl benzyl) quinoline

30. Cortisone is
(a) 4 – Pregnane-12 α, 21 diol- 3, 20- Dione
(b) 4 – Pregnane-17 α, 21 diol- 3, 11, 20- trione
(c) 4 – Pregnane-16 α, 21 diol- 3, 11, 20- trione
(d) 4 – Pregnane-17 α, 21 diol- 3, 11, – Dione

31. Pregnenolone, an intermediate in synthesis of steroids, on oppeneur oxidation gives
(a) Progesterone
(b) 9α – flurocortisone
(c) Triamcinolone
(d) α methyl Prednisolone

32. Carbamazepine is tricyclic antidepressant, it is classified as
(a) Benzodiazepine
(b) Arylalkonolamine
(c) Iminostilbene
(d) Benzimidazole

33. Sulfa drugs can be conveniently estimated using the reagent
(a) 4, 4 Dithiobis – (2-nitrobenzoic acid)
(b) Tris-(hydroxyl methyl) amino methane sodium nitrate
(c) N-(1-nepthyl) ethylenediamine
(d) N-ethylmalcimide

34. Testosterone can be commercially synthesis from
(a) Sarsapogenin
(b) Mexogenin
(c) Oubagenin
(d) Halotensin

35. Ehlrich’s reagent is
(a) Bismuth iodide solution
(b) p-dimethyl aniline solution in alcohol
(c) p-dimethyl amino benzaldehyde solution
(d) p-dimethyl aniline solution in alcohol

36. The neurotransmitter is release the sympathetic nerve fiber is
(a) Epinephrine
(b) Norepinephrine
(c) Acetylcholine
(d) Physostigmine

37. Resolution of monochromator is the ability to distinguish
(a) As aseparate entities adjacent spectral features
(b) Separation of different colours
(c) Separation of UV light and Visible light
(d) Dispersing Characteristics

38. Important activity noticed in testosterone
(a) Androgenic, Myotropic and Anabolic
(b) Progestinal, Myotropic and Anabolic
(c) Estrogenic, Myotropic and Anabolic
(d) Androgenic, Optometric and Catabolic

39. Amygdalin on hydrolysis gives
(a) Mendelonitrile +Benzaldehyde
(b) Mendelonitrile + Benzaldehyde +Glucose
(c) Mendelonitrile +Glucose
(d)Mendelonitrile + Benzaldehyde +Rhamanose

40. The presence of unpaired electron in metalion complex meant for special analysis is called
(a) Paramagnetic (b) Dimagnetic (c) Bimagnetic (d) Unimagnetic

41. The ilkovic equation in the polarographic measurements is given by

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42. The stationary phase in TLC is
(a) Adsorbent
(b) Liquid held between glass plate and adsorbent
(c) Glass plates
(d) None of the above

43. Digoxin
(a) Has its action terminated by metabolism in the liver
(b) Has a plasma t1/2 of 6 hours
(c) Should be given half of its normal dose to hypothyroid patients
(d) Provide benefit in atrial fibrillation by increasing the force of contraction

44. Drug used in treatment of bronchial asthma usually
(a) Block both α and β adrenergic receptors
(b) Stimulate α receptors but block β receptor.
(c) Stimulate β receptors but block α receptor.
(d) Stimulate α and / or β receptors

45. Vinca alkaloids are isolated from
(a) Catharanthus roseus and contain indole and indolinemoieties
(b) Rosco chromogens and contain indole and indolinemoieties
(c) Catharanthus roseus and contain quinoline and quinaldine moieties
(d) Catharanthus indicus and contain indole and quinoline moieties

46. All of the following physicochemical constants are useful in predicting the solubility of a Drug except?
(a) Dielectric constants
(b) pH of a solution
(c) pKa of the drug
(d) Valency

47. The 5β pregnane is said to have a
(a) trans-anti-trans-anti-trans back bone
(b) cis-anti-trans-anti-trans back bone
(c) cis-syn-trans-syn-trans back bone
(d) trans-anti-cis-anti-cis back bone

48. In the stable conformation of 5 α -pregnane
(a) Rings A, B, C are in boat conformation
(b) Rings A and B are in boat while C in chair conformation
(c) Ring A is in boat while Band C in chair conformation
(d) All the three rings are in chair conformation

49. In case of hypothyroidism, the preferred thyroid preparation is
(a) Levothyroxine
(b) Dextrothyroxine
(c) Leothyroxine
(d) None of the above

50. D-Fructose on simple reduction gives
(a) L-Fructose
(b) Only Sorbitol
(c) Mannitol
(d) Mixture of Mannitol and Sorbitol


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