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Steroid Hormones of Reproduction and Sexual Development MCQs

Steroid Hormones of Reproduction and Sexual Development MCQs

1. Which is NOT a sex steroid hormone?
a. Estradiol.
b. Progesterone.
c. Testosterone.
d. Cortisol.

2. Which percentage of sex steroid hormones is bound to plasma proteins in the blood?
a. 55%.
b. 68%.
c. 85%.
d. 98%.

3. In which portion of the cell are steroid receptors found?
a. Nucleus.
b. Cytoplasm.
c. Mitochondria.
d. Cell membrane.

4. Which is the main function of sex steroid hormones?
a. Affect neural transmission.
b. Regulate gene transcription.
c. Transport of Ca++ into cells.
d. Influence concentration of polyamines in cells.

5. Which indication for androgen therapy is the least controversial?
a. Male contraception.
b. Angioneurotic edema.
c. Improvement of athletic performance.
d. Testosterone deficiency in adolescent boys and men.

6. The effects of estrogen on which organ increase the risk of thromboembolism?
a. Liver.
b. Ovary.
c. Uterus.
d. Kidney.

7. Estrogen therapy reduces the occurrence of which condition?
a. Acne.
b. Osteoporosis.
c. Hypertension.
d. Endometrial cancer.

8. Taking combination oral contraceptives increases the incidence of breast cancer by
a. 25%.
b. 35%.
c. 45%.
d. 55%.

9. Which antibiotic most significantly interacts with oral contraceptives?
a. Penicillin.
b. Rifampin.
c. Tetracycline.
d. Metronidazole.

10. Which drug is a pure estrogen receptor antagonist?
a. Raloxifene.
b. Tamoxifen.
c. Fulvestrant.
d. Clomiphene.