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World pharmacist day Quiz competition

All Participants,
You have the power to change your thoughts and your thoughts have the power to change the worldTHIS “WORLD PHARMACISTS DAY” EXPRESS YOUR THOUGHTS WITH US!!

On the occasion of the WORLD PHARMACISTS DAY 2021 we the team of Remix education, are glad to announce COMPETITIONS for both PHARMACY STUDENTS AND TEACHERS.
All students of D. Pharm, B. Pharm, M Pharm, PharmD, Ph.D. are heartily welcomed to participate in QUIZ COMPETITION.

Total Points: 100
To earn the e-certificate you need to attempt all questions. After completing the Quiz you will get an e-certificate in a printable format.

Instructions of Quiz:

1. The quiz is free of cost (No registration fees)
2. All 25 questions are MCQ and each carries 4 points.
3. Please write your name as per government documents.
4. For e-certificate minimum 60% is required.5. Kindly write correct email address, name and other details as it is to be printed on certificate and to get the e-certificate. 
Motivate students and public to participate maximum.
                 If you have life, you have the world!
Note: For any difficulty related to Quiz please contact us.
Email:- [email protected]
Cannot imagine patients without doctors and medicines without a pharmacist. 

Best of luck