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Alkaloids MCQs with Answer

TOPIC : Alkaloids MCQs with Answer

Subject:- Pharmacognosy

1️⃣ Which of the following is not an example of alkaloids ?
A. Vinca
B. Benzoin
C. Rauwolfia
D. Belladonna

2️⃣ Alkaloids are__
A. Basic in nature
B. Contain heterocyclic nitrogen ring
C. Both A & C
D. None of the above

3️⃣ Alkaloids does not respond _
A. Mayer’s test
B. Wagner’s test
C. Dragondroff test
D. Goldbeater’s skin test

4️⃣ Main constitute of Dragondroff reagent is
A. Potassium Bismuth iodide solution
B. Potassium mercuric iodide solution
C. Aqueous iodine solution
D. Saturated picric acid solution

5️⃣ Hager’s reagent gives__
A. White ppts
B. Yellow ppts
C. Green colour
D. Blue color

6️⃣ Which of the following Alkaloid give false positive result ?
A. True alkaloids
B. Proto alkaloids
C. False alkaloids
D. Pseudo alkaloids

7️⃣ Family of belladonna is__
A. Umbelliferae
B. Labitae
C. Leguminosae
D. Solanaceae

8️⃣ Vitali test is used to identify
A. Belladonna
B. Opium
C. Vinca
D. Rauwolfia

9️⃣ Family of opium is
A. Solanaceae
B. Papaveraceae
C. Umbelliferae
D. Labitae

???? Which of the following is not an Synonym of Opium ?
A. Opium poppy
C. Deadly nightshade leaves
D. Mawseed


1). Benzoin
3). Goldbitter skin test
4). Potassium bismith iodine soln
5). Yellow ppts
9). papavaraceae
10). Deadly nightshade leaves.