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Antiepileptic angents MCQs with Answers

????Pharmacology ????

????????Antiepileptic angents ????????

1️⃣Drug used for migraine which is anti-epileptic action?
A. Lamotrigine
B. Carbamazepine
C. Vigabatrin
D. Topiramate

2️⃣ Most common antiepileptic drugs cause epiderm necrosis?
A. Carbamazepine
B. Phenytoin
C. Gabapentine
D. Valproate

3️⃣ Prolonged use of antiepileptic drugs cause weight loss?
A. Topiramate
B. Valproate
C. Gabapentine
D. Carbamazepine

4️⃣ Carbamazepine mechanism?
A. Prolongation of inactivated state of sodium channels
B. Facilitates GABA
C. NMDA receptor blocker
D. Inhibition of calcium channels

5️⃣ Felbamate is used in
A. Social phobia
B. Epilepsy
C. Depression
D. Anxiety

6️⃣.antiepileptic agent except
B. Flunarizine
C Carbamazepine
D Topiramate

7️⃣ Fetal hydantoin seen in pregnancy due to ?
A. Phenytoin
B. Alcohol
C. Ethosuximide
D. Phenobarbital

8️⃣Ethosuximide used in . ___
A. Generalized tonic clinic seizures
B. Absence seizures
C. Complex seizures
D. Mycoclonic seizures

9️⃣ ADR’s of sodium Valproate except
A. Weight gain
B. Alopecia
C. Liver damage
D. Ostemalacia

???? Valproic acid is
A. It is an enzyme inducer
B. It cause neural tube defects
C. Hirusutism
D. Obesity


1). -D
2). -B
3). -A
4). -A
5). -B
6). -B
7). -A
8). -B
9). -D
10). -B