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Colloids MCQs with Answers

 Physical Pharmaceutics

Topic : Colloids

1️⃣ Dimension of Colloid particle is___
A. Less than that of true solution
B. Between true solution and suspension
C. More than that of suspended particle
D. Can be of any dimension

2️⃣ The major difference between crystalloid & Colloids is___
A. Their solubility
B. Volume of their particle
C. Spreading ability
D. Concentration

3️⃣ Greater Adsorption property of Colloid is due to ____
A. Electric charge on their particle
B. More surface area
C. Zigzag motion of Colloid
D. Strong attraction between particles of dispersion medium & Colloid particle

4️⃣ Which of the following is Anionic detergent ?
B. Cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide
C. Glyceryl oleate
D. Sodium stearate

5️⃣ Size of Colloidal particle is___
A. 0.5 – 1 micrometer
B. 1nm – 1000 nm
C. Less than 0.1 nm
D. More than 10 micrometer

6️⃣ At CMC , the molecules on surface ___
A. Dissociate
B. Associate
C. Decompose
D. Completely soluble

7️⃣ With which property of Colloid , Tyndall effect is associated ?
A. Mechanical
B. Optical
C. Colligative
D. Electrical

8️⃣ By which instrument , positive and negative charge of Colloid is determined ?
A. Microscope
B. Voltmeter
C. Ultrasonic dispersant
D. Electrophoresis

9️⃣ At isoelectric point , Colloid is___
A. Stabilize
B. Peptisize
C. Does not contain any electric charge
D. Can’t be coagulated

???? Lyophilic Colloid are also known as___
A. Irreversible Sol
B. Reversible Sol
C. Both
D. None


1. B ( Between true solution and suspension )
2. B ( Volume of their particle )
3. B ( More surface area )
4. A ( SLS )
5. B ( 1nm – 1000 nm )
6. B ( Association )
7. B ( Optical )
8. D ( Electrophoresis )
9. C ( Does not contain any charge )
10. B ( Reversible Sol )