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Antihyperlipidemic Agents MCQs With Answers

1. One of the following aminoacids is involved in the binding of HMG-CoA reductase:
a. Lys559
b. Asp735
c. Lys735
d. Asp684

2. Synthetic statin derivative is
a. Lovastatin
b. Simvastatin
c. Fluvastatin
d. Pravastatin

3. One of the following is not a prodrug:
a. Clofi brate
b. Lovastatin
c. Simvastatin
d. Ciprofi brate

4. One of the following drugs acts by sequestering the bile acid in the GIT:
a. Gemfi brosil
b. Colestipol
c. Probucol
d. Niacin

5. The drug that reduces the absorption of cholesterol from the GIT is
a. Colestipol
b. Niacin
c. Ezetimibe
d. Gemfibrosil

6. The anti-hyperlipidemic drug that is a benzophenone derivative is
a. Ezetimibe
b. Probucol
c. Fenofi brate
d. Dalvastatin

Answers key

1. c 2. c 3. d. 4. b. 5. c 6. c