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Antihypertensive Agents MCQs With Answers

1. One of the following antihypertensives is a prodrug:a. Verapamil
b. Sodium nitroprusside
c. Losartan
d. Minoxidil2. From the given structures, identify which one belongs to calcium channel blockers.screenshot 20210910 090924855969870757418348 Antihypertensive Agents MCQs With Answers3. The normal blood pressure is
a. 120/90
b. 120/80
c. 139/80
d. 140/904. The water-soluble analogue of prazosin is
a. Terazosin
b. Trimazosin
c. Doxazosin
d. Hydralazine5. The antihypertensive agent used in the prophylaxis of migraine and cluster headaches is
a. Verapamil
b. Clonidine
c. Methyldopa
d. Diltiazem6. The drug that acts through mediation of nitric oxide is
a. Atenolol
b. Propanolol
c. Hydralazine
d. Clonidine7. The antihypertensive with both non-selective β- and α-antagonist activity is
a. Propanolol
b. Timolol
c. Esmolol
d. Labetolol8. The antihypertensive drug that is a potassium channel blocker is
a. Verapamil
b. Minoxidil
c. Propanolol
d. Diltiazem9. The antihypertensive drug with a tetrazole nucleus is
a. Diazoxide
b. Valsartan
c. Taludipine
d. Fosinopril10. The antihypertensive also useful topically to stimulate hair growth is
a. Losartan
b. Minoxidil
c. Nifedepine
d. Esmolol

Answers Key

1. d 2. b. 3. b 4. c 5. b 6. c 7. d 8. b 9. b. 10. b