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Miscellaneous CNS Agents MCQs With Answers

1. Which area is involved in Parkinson’s disease?
a. Neostriatum
b. Substantia ni gra
c. Pallidum
d. Amygdala

2. Dopamine is biosynthesised from
a. L-Alanine
b. L-Tyrosine
c. L-Phenylalanine

3. Which one of the following is an ergot derivative?
a. Pergolide
b. Levodopa
c. Benztropine
d. Biperidine

4. Anti-Parkinson’s drug that is also useful as antiviral:
a. Levodopa
b. Amantadine
c. Benztropine
d. Biperidine

5. The phenothiazine derivative used for Parkinson’s disease is
a. Prochlorperazine
b. Promethazine
c. Ethopropazine
d. Carphenazine

6. The muscle relaxant with less sedation effect is
a. Diazepam
b. Carisoprodol
c. Chlorzoxazone
d. Cyclobenzaprine

7. Chlorphenesin
a. Has increased partition coeffi cient than mephensin
b. Has decreased partition coeffi cient than mephensin
c. Gets easily metabolised by p-hydroxylation
d. None of the above

8. Memory loss is associated with
a. Parkinson’s di sease
b. Alzheimer’s di sease
c. Psychosis
d. Arthritis

9. Which of the following is not a cholinergic agonist?
a. Besperidine
b. Galanthamine
c. Fuzomeline
d. Quilostigmine

10. An indole derivative useful for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is
a. Donepezil
b. Tacrine
c. Besiperidine
d. Milameline

11. The anti-Alzheimer’s drug synthesised starting from isatin is
a. Donepezil
b. Tacrine
c. Besiperidine
d. Milameline

12. The drug used for fibromyalgia is
a. Benztropine
b. Cyclobenzaprine
c. Tacrine
d. Donepezil

Answers Key

1. b. 2. b. 3. a. 4. b 5. c 6. c. 7. a 8. b 9. b. 10. c 11. b 12. b