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Chemotherapy of Different Diseases MCQs with Answer

Chemotherapy of Different Diseases

Tuberculosis- Antileprotic-Antifungal Antiviral-Anthelmintic-Antimalarial-Antiamoebic Agents

1. Tuberculosis is caused by which of the following bacteria
(A)Mycobacterium tuberculosis
(B) Mycobacterium leprae
(C) Salmonella
(D)None of the above

2. Mycobacterium tuberculosis was discovered by
(A)Robert Koch
(B) Robert Hook
(C) Alexander Fleming
(D)Antony won Leuwenhoek

3. Mantoux test is done for the identification of
(B) Leprosy
(C) Meningitis
(D)All of the above

4. Which of the following is other names of Mantoux test
(A)PPD test
(C) Purified protein derivative test
(D)All of the above

5. In Mantoux test which volume of sample is used
(A)0.1 ml
(B) 0.5 ml
(C) 1.0 ml
(D)2.0 ml

6. Which route is preferred in Mantoux test
(B) Intravenous
(C)Intra dermal
(D)Oral route

7. Leprosy is caused by
(A)Mycobacterium tuberculosis
(B) Mycobacterium leprae
(C) Mycobacterium Tuboleprai
(D)None of the above

8. Which of the following is termed as leading drugs of treatment of leprosy
(B) Rifampin
(C) Azithromycin
(D)All of the above

9. Which of the following type of leprosy may be converted into other form
(B) Tuberculoid
(C) Indeterminate

10. When patient has few bacilli and its non-infectious then it’s called-
(A)Paucibacilli leprosy
(B) Multibacilli leprosy
(C) Both A and B
(D)Semi bacilli Leprosy

11. Which of the following is an example of Polyenes as antifungal drugs
(A)Amphotericin B
(B) Nystatin
(C) Hamycin
(D)All of the above

12. Mechanism of action for Amphotericin B is
(A)Inhibit cell wall synthesis
(B) Create pores in fungal cell membrane and cause leakage
(C) Affect Ergosterol synthesis
(D)None of the above

13. Mechanism of action of Azole
(A)Inhibit the synthesis of Ergosterol
(B) Affect cell membrane permeability
(C) Affect cell wall synthesis
(D)All of the above

14. Amphotericin B is obtained from-
(A)Streptomyces niagrams
(B) Streptomyces nodosus
(C) Streptomyces aureus
(D)All of the above

15. Absorption of ketoconazole may be affected by
(B) Proton pump inhibitors
(C) H2 receptor antagonist
(D)All of the above

16. Mechanism of action of Terbinafine
(A)Affect cell membrane penetration
(B) Affect Squalene Epoxidase enzyme
(C) Both

17. Griseofulvin acts by
(A)Affecting mitotic spindle
(B) Affecting cell wall of fungus
(C) Affecting cell membrane of fungus
(D)None of the above

18. Which of the following is correct about virus
(A)Extracellular parasite
(B)Intracellular parasite
(C) Both A and B
(D)None of the above

19. Find the true statement about virus
(A)Can be cultivated in artificial medium
(B) It has DNA and RNA as a genetic materials
(C) It has complete cellular organization
(D)None of the above is correct

20. Which of the following is right for virus (Most specific)
(A)It has DNA
(B) It has RNA
(C) It has DNA and RNA both
(D)It has either DNA or RNA but ever both

21. Which of the following is/are replication stage
(B) Penetration
(C) Uncoating
(D)All of the above

22. An enzyme- “Reverse transcriptase” is responsible for
(A)Synthesis of DNA from RNA
(B) Synthesis of RNA from DNA
(C) Both can be done by this enzyme
(D)To allow the virus to penetrate in host cell

23. Enzyme which helps in conversion of RNA to DNA is called
(A)Reverse transcriptase
(B) Transcriptase
(C) Hetero transcriptase
(D)All of the above

24. An agent which kills or remove the worms from the host is termed as (Most specific answer)
(B) Vermicide
(C) Vermifuges

25. An agent which kills the worm in the host is called
(B) Vermicide
(C) Vermifuges

26. An agent which expels worms from the host is called
(B) Vermifuges
(C) Antibiotic
(D)All of the above

27. Which of the following drugs may be used in the treatment of filariasis
(B) Albendazole
(C) Ivermectin
(D)All of the above

28. Enlargement of leg size is called
(B) Cutaneaisis
(C) Migrant larvae infection
(D)All of the above

29. Piperazine should not be taken with Pyrantel Pamoate
(A)Its Hyperpolarizing agents
(B) It antagonized Pyrantel Pamoate
(C) It cause flaccid paralysis
(D)All of the above are correct

30. Pyrantel Pamoate cause paralysis of worm that results in
(A)Killing of worms
(B) Expelling of worm from intestine
(C) Loosen the grip of worm

(D)Both 2 and 3

31. Filariasis is caused by
(A)Wuchereria Bancrofti
(B) Brugia malayi

32. Albendazole is used as a single-dose treatment in
(B) Hookworm
(C) Enterobiasis
(D)All of the above

33. Absorption of Albendazole increase with
(A)Fatty food
(B) less fatty food
(C) Vitamin C
(D)All of the above

34. Life cycle of plasmodium falciparum is
(A)24 Hrs.
(B) 48 Hrs.
(C) 72 Hrs.
(D)78 Hrs.

35. Life cycle of plasmodium Malariae is
(A)24 Hrs.
(B) 48 Hrs.
(C)72 Hrs.
(D)78 Hrs.

36. Sporozoits mature and develop initially in
(B) Exoerythrocytic

37. Merozoits ruptures in RBC at after
(A)42 Hours
(B) 48 Hours
(C) 78 Hours
(D)01 Days

38. Relapse is due to which phase (Most specific)
(A)Preerythrocytic phase
(B) Erythrocytic phase
(C)Exoerythrocytic phase
(D)All of the above

39. Pyrimethamine is drug of choice for –
(B) Toxoplasmosis
(C) Filariasis

40. Conversion of heme into Hemozoin take place into
(A)Parasite food vacuole
(B) Parasite Body
(C) Host Body
(D)In Host cell

41. Source of Artemisisine is
(B) Artemisia Annua
(C) Azadirachta Sativa
(D)Foeniculum vulgare

42. Artemether is soluble in (For dose preparation)
(B) Water
(C) Alcohol
(D)None of the above

43. For does preparation the sodium form of Artesunate is soluble in
(B) Water
(C) Alcohol

44. Artemether and artesunate (Sodium) are given by which route (Common both)
(B) Intramuscular
(C) Oral
(D)Intravenous and intramuscular both

45. Amoebiasis is mainly associated with
(B) Virus
(C) Fungus

46. Protozoa which is responsible for Amoebiasis is
(B) Anaerobic
(C) Both aerobic and anaerobic
(D)None of them

47. Amoebiasis is caused by
(A)Entamoeba Histocytica
(B) Entamoeba Manigunita
(C)Entamoeba Histolytica
(D)Entamoeba Gingivalis

48. After reaching to the intestine amoebic cyst converts into
(B) Sporozoites
(C) Merozoites

49. Characteristic symptoms of amoebiasis are (Most specific)
(B) Diarrhoea
(C)Dysentery with mucus and blood
(D)Yellowish skin colour

50. Find the correct answer for Amoebic infection
(A)It affects mainly intestine
(B) Sometime it may move to liver, lungs and brain
(C) There may be ulcer in colon
(D)All of the above