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Drug Discovery and Development MCQs With Answers

1. What does FDA stand for?
a. Federal Department of Drug Administration
b. Food a nd D rug Act
c. Food a nd D rug Administration
d. Federal D rug Association

2. International average time for drug to be discovered involves
a. 10 y ears
b. 2 y ears
c. 25 y ears
d. 5 y ears

3. The first step in the drug discovery process is
a. Lead M odifi cation
b. Lead I dentifi cation
c. Lead Validation
d. Lead Optimization

4. The requests submitted to appropriate regulatory authorities for permission to conduct investigational research include one of the following:
a. CMC
b. IND
c. NCE
d. IRB

5. The safety of the candidate drug in humans are studied in
a. Phase I
b. Phase I I
c. Phase I II
d. Phase I V

6. In which country is marketing authorization application (MAA) done?
a. India
b. USA
c. UK
d. South Africa

7. The studies that test a marketed drug in new age groups or patient types is done
a. Pre-approval
b. Post-approval
c. During a pproval
d. Such study ne ver done

8. Which drug was discovered in the
following case ‘Cattle would die of
uncontrollable bleeding from very minor injuries.’
a. Warfarin
b. Dicoumarol
c. Quinine
d. Morphine

9. Meperidine was derived from which of the following lead?
a. Cocaine
b. Morphine
c. Coumarin
d. Quinine

10 An example of drug among the following discovered by random screening is
a. Morphine
b. Penicillin
c. Zidovudine
d. Paracetamol

11. The drug identifi edby metabolite-based study is
a. Isoniazid
b. Warfarin
c. Meperidine
d. Insulin

12. Which of the following has a poor oral absorption?
a. Progesterone
b. Pentobarbitone
c. Medroxyprogesterone
d. Thiobarbital


1. c
2. a
3. b
4. b
5. b
6. c
7. b
8. b
9. b
10. c
11. a
12. a