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Drugs used in Ophthalmic/ENT Disorders:- PPT / PDF


Drugs used in Ophthalmic/ENT Disorders
• • Review ocular structure that influence drug therapy
• Discuss different categories of drugs used in E ENT disorders
• Review the proper methods of instilling the EEN drops
• Utilize nursing process while taking care of clients using drugs related to EENT disorders.
• Calculate drug dosage calculations accurately.
• Ocular Structure
• Pharmacotherapy in Ophthalmic Diseases
• Pharmacotherapy in Ophthalmic Diseases
• Factors Affecting Intraocular Bioavailability
• Barriers in Ocular Absorption
• Examples of drugs used in eye diseases
• Drugs used to Treat Eye Infection
• Drug used to Treat Eye Inflammation
• Drug used to Treat Eye Inflammation Corticosteroid drugs
• Drug used to Treat Eye Inflammation
• Newer NSAIDS
• Mydriatics & Cycloplegics
• Drugs used To Treat Allergy Symptoms
• Anti-histamine Drugs for Eye Allergy
• Mast Cell Stabilizers for Eye Allergy
• Decongestants Drugs for Eye Allergy
• Drugs used to Treat Dry Eye Syndrome
• Drugs used for Glaucoma
• Drugs used for Glaucoma Alpha Receptor Agonists
• Drugs used for Glaucoma Prostaglandin F Agonists
• Drugs used for Glaucoma Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
• Miotic drugs for Glaucoma
• Cholinesterase Inhibitors Drugs for Glaucoma
• Combination Drugs for Glaucoma
• Anesthetic Ophthalmic Drugs
• Ear Nose Throat Drugs
• ENT Drugs
• Decongestant Drugs
• Antihistamine Drugs
• Mast Cell Stabilizer Drugs
• Corticosteroid Drugs
• Antibiotics
• Anti-yeast/anti-fungal Drugs
• Antitussive Drugs
• Expectorant Drugs
• Combination ENT Drugs
• Installation of eye drops
• Installation of Eye Drops into The Eye of a Minor
• Installation of Eye Ointment
• Nursing consideration

  • Subject:- Pharmacology
  • Course:- B.pharm (pharmacy),
  • Semester:- 5th sem , sem :- 5