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Emulsion MCQs with Answers


Topic:- emulsion

1️⃣ Dye test which is used to identify type of emulsion in that which dye is used ?
A. Scarlet red
B. Scarlet green
C. Crystal violet
D. Methylene blue

2️⃣ In conductivity test , if bulb glows on passing electric current so what would be the type of emulsion ?
A. W/O emulsion
B. O/W emulsion
C. Micro emulsion
D. Multiple emulsion

3️⃣ In micro emulsion , the size of globules are___
A. 1 um
B. 0.1 um
C. 0.01 um
D. 10 um

4️⃣ Multiple emulsion can be designed as___
A. O/W
B. W/O/W
C. O/W/O
D. Both B & C

5️⃣ Which emulsion is mainly use for taste masking purpose ?
A. Multiple emulsion
B. W/O
C. Micro emulsion
D. O/W

6️⃣ Dilute emulsion follows ___
A. Non Newtonian flow
B. Newtonian flow
C. Thexotrophy
D. Rheopexy

7️⃣ If viscosity of continuous phase increase so creaming ___
A. No change
B. Increase
C. Decrease
D. None of the above

8️⃣ In case of coalescence ____
A. Dispersed droplet does not fuse
B. Globules size decrease
C. No of globules increase
D. Dispersed droplets tend to fuse

9️⃣ If the density of two phase is more so___
A. Stability of emulsion is less
B. Stability of emulsion is more
C. Does not affect the stability
D. None of the above

???? In case of O/W emulsion , creaming takes place at__
A. Down side
B. Up side
C. At interface between two phase
D. None of the above



????1. A ( Scarlet red )
????2. B ( O/W emulsion )
????3. C ( 0.01 um )
????4. D ( Both B & C )
????5. A ( Multiple emulsion )
????6. B ( Newtonian flow )
????7. C ( Decrease )
????8. D (Dispersed droplets tend to fuse)
????9. A ( Stability of emulsion is less )
????10. B ( Upside )