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General principle MCQs with Answers

Organic Chemistry MCQs with Answers

TOPIC : General principle

1️⃣ Nucleophiles are __
A. Electron deficient
B. Lewis base
C. Lewis acid
D. Both A & C

2️⃣ Electrophiles__
A. Donate electron
B. Aceept proton
C. Accept electron
D. Are electron rich

3️⃣ +I effect is exerted by__
A. Flourine
B. Chlorine
C. Bromine
D. Alkyl group

4️⃣ As Acidic strength increase ___
A. +I effect decrease
B. +I effect increase
C. No effect
D. None of the above

5️⃣ Nucleophilic reaction is__
A. Addition reaction
B. Ionic reaction
C. Rearrangement reaction
D. Redox reaction

6️⃣ Hybridization of SO3 is__
A. sp
B. sp3
D. sp3d

7️⃣ Hybridization of H2S is__
A. sp
B. sp2
C. sp3d
D. sp3

8️⃣ How many carbon atoms are sp2 hybridized in the following formula ?


A. 2
B. 1
C. 0
D. None of the above

9️⃣ Hybridization of NH3 is__
A. sp2
B. sp3
C. sp
D. sp3d

???? Shape of sp3d hybridized compound/orbital is__
A. Tetrahydrate
B. Triangular planar
C. Trigonal bipyramid
D. Octahydral


1. B ( Lewis base)
2. C ( Accept electrons )
3. D ( Alkyl group )
4. A ( +I effect decrease )
5. B ( Ionic reaction )
6. C ( sp2 )
7. D ( sp3 )
8. A ( 2 )
9. B ( sp3 )
10.C ( Trigonal bipyramid )