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GPAT Practice MCQs (Part:- 17)

GPAT Practice MCQs with Answers

1⃣A drug which prevents uric acid synthesis by inhibiting the enzyme xanthine oxidase is
(a) Aspirin
(b) Allopurinol
(c) Colchicine
(d) Probenecid

2⃣Which of the following purgatives undergoes entero-hepatic circulation to produce prolonged action
(a) Docusates
(b) Phenolphthalein
(c) Castor oil
(d) Magnesium sulfate

3⃣Deficiency of Vitamin A causes
(a) Xerophthalmia
(b) Hypoprothrombinemia
(c) Megaloblastic anemia
(d) Pernicious anemia

4⃣The end product of catabolism of ‘haem’ is
(a) Bile acids
(b) Bile salts
(c) Bile pigment
(d) Uric acid

5⃣All the following are Sulphur containing amino acids found in proteins except
(a) Cysteine
(b) Cystine
(c) Methionine
(d) Threonine
6⃣Following is most widely used for extraction of volatile oils
(a) Steam distillation
(b) Azeotropic distillation
(c) Molecular distillation
(d) Destructive distillation

7⃣Ideally the drying should be done to a level of
(a) EMC
(b) CMC
(c) CFMC
(d) Zero moisture content

8⃣The most efficient heat exchange between the particles and flowing air occurs in the
(a) Tray dryer
(b) Spray dryer
(c) Fluidised bed dryer
(d) Rotary dryer

9⃣Which of the following junctions is responsible for low distribution of drug to cerebrospinal from blood
(a) Choroidal cell junction
(b) Glial cell junction
(c) Basement cell junction
(d) Both a and b

1⃣0⃣Which of the following barrier is responsible for transfer of nutrients from mother to foetus
(a) Simple cell membrane barrier
(b) Blood–brain barrier
(c) Plasma barrier
(d) Blood–cerebrospinal fluid


1. B ( Allopurinol )
2. B ( Phenolphthalein )
3. A ( Xerophthalmia )
4. C ( Bile pigment )
5. D ( Threonine )
6. A ( Steam distillation )
7. A ( EMC )
8. C ( Fluidized bed dryer )
9. A ( Choroidal cell junction )
10. C Plasma barrier