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Glycosides MCQs with Answers


 TOPIC : Glycosides

1️⃣ Non sugar part of glycoside is known as__
A. Aglycon
B. Glycon
C. Both A & B
D. None of the above

2️⃣ Which of the following is not a property of glycosides ?
A. Colourless
B. Soluble in ether
C. Crystalline
D. Amorphous

3️⃣ Which of the following is an example of glycoside ?
A. Guggul
B. Ginger
C. Senna
D. Benzoin

4️⃣ Synonym of bitter almond is__
A. Folia Senna
B. Ghritkumari
C. Afeen
D. Amygdala Amara

5️⃣ Types of aloes are___
A. Zanzibar aloe
B. Cape aloe
C. Socotrine aloe
D. All of the above

6️⃣ Family of Senna is__
A. Lagumenosae
B. Labitae
C. Umbelliferae
D. Solanaceae

7️⃣ Senna respond to__
A. Goldbeater’s skin test
B. Borntrager test
C. Vitali test
D. None of the above

8️⃣ Synonym of Liquorice is__
A. Yam
B. Foxglove leaves
C. Mulethi
D. Digitalis leaves

9️⃣ Digitalis does not respond __
A. Keller killani test
B. Legal test
C. Baljet test
D. Goldbeater’s skin test

???? Synonym of Dioscoria is__
A. Yam
B. Sennai ki Patti
C. Devils drug
D. Rosin


1. A ( Aglycon )
2. B ( Soluble in ether )
3. C ( Senna )
4. D ( Amygdala Amara )
5. D ( All of the above )
6. A ( Lagumenosae )
7. B ( Borntrager test )
8. C ( Mulethi )
9. D ( Goldbeater’s skin test )
10. A ( Yam )