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Volatile Oil MCQs with Answers


TOPIC : Volatile Oil

1️⃣ Which of the following is used in the preparation of dental products ?
A. Clove
B. Mentha
C. Cinnamon
D. Fennel

2️⃣ Chemical Constituent present in Clove is__
A. Menthol
B. Eugenol
C. Cinnamaldehyde
D. Phenolic ether

3️⃣ Which of the following is not a Synonym of Fennel ?
A. Misreya
B. Sauf
C. Chinese parsley
D. Panmaury

4️⃣ Family of Coriander is__
A. Myrtaceae
B. Labitae
C. Lauraceae
D. Umbelliferae

5️⃣ Which of the following is not a property of volatile oil ?
A. Obtained by extraction
B. Obtained by distillation
C. Do not leave spot on evaporation
D. Has high refractive index

6️⃣ Volatile Oil__
A. Has Low refractive index
B. Has Specific rotation
C. Soluble in water
D. Leave stain on evaporation

7️⃣ When eugenol react with ferric chloride it gives__
A. Green colour
B. White ppts
C. Blue color
D. None of the above

8️⃣ Bitter fennel derived from__
A. F.Vulgare
B. Subsp. Vulgare
C. Both A & C
D. None of the above

9️⃣ Family of Mentha is__
A. Labitae
B. Lauraceae
C. Myrtaceae
D. Umbelliferae

???? Mentha has__
A. K+ channel blocker activity
B. Ca+ channel blocker activity
C. Na+ channel blocker activity
D. None of the above


1. A ( Clove )
2. B ( Eugenol )
3. C ( Chinese parsley )
4. D ( Umbelliferae )
5. A ( Obtained by extraction )
6. B ( Has Specific rotation )
7. C ( Blue color )
8. C ( Both A & C )
9. A ( Labitae )
10. B ( Ca+ channel blocker activity )