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GPAT Practice MCQs (Part:- 16)

GPAT Practice MCQs with Answer

1⃣All are killed vaccine is
(a) BCG
(b) Rabies
(c) Pertusis
(d) Tetanus toxoid

2⃣Chloroquine is cidal to
(a) Tissue schizonts
(c) Blood schizonts
(d) Gametocytes

3⃣Intraluminal amoebicide of choice is
(a) Metronidazole
(b) Diloxanide furoate
(c) Chloroquine
(d) Tetracycline

4⃣Which of the following is nephrotoxic
(a) Methotrexate
(b) Cisplatin
(c) Bleomycin
(d) Cyclophosphamide

5⃣Which is not a live attenuated vaccine
(a) Measles
(b) BCG
(c) Pertusis
(d) OPV

6⃣The drug that penetrates into most tissues and released very slowly is
(a) Erythromycin
(b) Griseofulvin
(c) Azithromycin
(d) None of these

7⃣The Schedule in D & C Act that deals with the standards for disinfectant fluids is
(a) Schedule B
(b) Schedule F
(c) Schedule O
(d) Schedule M

8⃣Penicillanic acid has a beta lactam ring fused to
(a) Thienyl system
(b) Thiadiazol system
(c) Thiazolidine system
(d) Oxazolidine

9⃣Cyclosporin is used in the treatment
(a) Urticaria
(b) Autoimmune thrombocytopenia
(c) Rheumatoid arthritis
(d) Organ transplant rejection

1⃣0⃣SMON Syndrome is related to
(a) Metronidazole
(b) Diloxanide furoate
(c) Quiniodochlor
(d) Tetracycline


1.A (BCG )
2. . C ( Blood schizonts )
3. B ( Diloxanide furoate )
4. B (Cisplatin )
5. C( Pertusis)
6. C ( Azithromycin )
7. C ( schedule O )
8. C ( Thiazolidine system )
9. D ( Organ transplant rejection )
10. C ( Quiniodochlor )