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GPAT Practice MCQs (Part:- 19)

GPAT Practice MCQs with Answers

Question No. 1).
Which machine is designed for filling of pellets
(a) Rotofil
(b) Rotosort
(c) Ordinary capsule filling machine
(d) None of the above

Question No. 2).
Wurster process can be used to
(a) Coat tablets
(b) Determine the disintegration time
(c) Gas sterilize parenteral solution
(d) Automatic filling of capsule

Question No. 3).
In capsules, ROTOFIL is used for the filling of
(a) Powder
(b) Pelllets
(c) Liquid
(d) Corrosive liquid

Question No. 4).
*Limulus test (LAL) is rapid in Invitro test for*
(a) Particular matter
(b) Fungus
(c) Pyrogen
(d) Bacteria

Question No. 5).
HIV infection can be clinically controlled with
(a) Acyclovir
(b) Zidovudine
(c) Amantadine
(d) Cytarabine

Question No. 6).
The disintegration rate is increased by
(a) Increasing the binder concentration
(b) Increasing the punch
dwell time
(c) Increasing the disintegrating agent
(d) Pre compression

Question No. 7).
Whiskering is the problem obtained in tablets when
(a) Convex punches are used
(b) Concave punches are used
(c) Flat punches are used
(d) Biconvex punches

Question No. 8).
Capping is prevented by using type of punches
(a) Flat
(b) Circular
(c) Square
(d) Rectangular

Question No. 9).
Plating of punch faces is done by
(a) Chromium
(b) Zinc
(c) Iron
(d) Anyone of the above

Question No. 10).
Fills powdered dry solid into soft gelatin capsule
(a) Aceogel
(b) Rotofil
(c) Rotosort
(d) Rotoweight


1. A ( Rotofil )
2. A ( Coat tablets )
3. B ( pellets )
4. C ( Pyrogen )
5. B ( Zidovudine )
6. C ( Increasing the disintegrating agent )
7. B ( Concave punches are used )
8. A ( Flat )
9. A ( Chromium )
10. A ( Aceogel )