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GPAT Practice MCQs (Part:- 9)

GPAT Practice MCQs with Answers

1️⃣A material which is insoluble and inert and used in matrix tablet formulation is:-
A. Polyethylene
B.Stearyl alcohol
C.Polyethylene glycol

2️⃣Which test is done for USP Type-I glass containers for injections?
A.Water attack test
B.Powdered glass test
C.Powdered glass followed by water attack test
D. Water attack followed powdered glass test

3️⃣Isoelectric point of Type A gelatin is ________
A. pH 7.0
B. pH4.7
C.pH 9.0
D.pH 7.4

4️⃣What is the effective ratio of methyl paraben and propyl paraben for anti-microbial activity?
C. 2.5:1

5️⃣Which of the following formula is used to determine shelf life as per first order reaction?
A.t90 0.693/k
B.t90 0.104/k
C. t1/2 0.693/k
D.t1/2 0.105/

6️⃣The constituent of Cochineal is:-
(a) Cantharidin
(b) Hirudin
(c) Tannic acid
(d) Carminic acid

7️⃣The sweet taste and odour of fennel is due to:-
(a) Anethole
(b) Fenchone
(c) Eugenol
(d) Phellandrene

8️⃣Catechu is used in medicine as an:-
(a) Antidiabetic
(b) Anti cancer
(c) Antipyretic
(d) Astringent

9️⃣Tropane alkaloids are biosynthesized from ________________ amino acid.
(a) Phenylalanine
(b) Tyrosine
(c) Ornithine
(d) Leucine

10). One mg of Lycopodium contains an average of:-
(a) 97000 spores
(b) 96000 spores
(c) 95000 spores
(d) 94000 spores


1). A
2). B
3). C
4). D
5). B
6). A
7). A
8). D
9). C
10). D