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GPAT Practice MCQs (Part:- 8)

GPAT Practice MCQs with Answers

1️⃣ Buffer capacity is also referred to as:-
(a) Buffer index
(b) Buffer value
(c) Buffer efficiency
(d) All of these

2️⃣ Keesom interactions has a force of:-
(a) 0.5- 1 kcal/mol
(b) 1-7 kcal/mol
(c) 1-3 kcal/mol
(d) None of these

3️⃣ Dipole – induced dipoles are also known as:-
(a) London forces
(b) Keesom forces
(c) Debye forces
(d) Hydrogen bonding

4️⃣ The interfacial tension of Oleic acid against water at 20ºC is:-
(a) 15.6
(b) 52.3
(c) 428
(d) 8.51

5️⃣ Suspensions of starch in water exhibit:-
(a) Plastic flow
(b) Psudoplastic flow
(c) Dilatant flow
(d) Nonintraction

6️⃣. Passive immunity in new born babies is due to
(a) IgG
(b) IgM
(c) IgE
(d) IgA

7️⃣. Upper consolute temperature and lower consolute temperature are related to
(a) CMC temp
(b) Kraft Temp
(c) Cloud temp
(d) Absolute temp

8️⃣. Compact size, low weight mass instrument is:
(a) EI-TOF
(b) MALDI-Quadrapole
(d) Ion-Trap

9️⃣. A Pharmaceutical company plans to market a generic version of a drug produce whose patent has expired. Which type of documentation must be submitted to the FDA
(a) IND
(b) NDA
(c) ANDA
(d) SNDA & Letter of intent

????. Which of the following does not produce azeotropic mixture with water
(a) Methanol
(b) Ethanol
(c) Propanol
(d) Isopropanol


1.(d) All of these
2.(b) 1-7 kcal/mol
3.(c) Debye forces
4.(a) 15.6
5.(c) Dilatant flow
6.(a) IgG
7.(a) CMC temperature
8.(b) MALDI – Quadrupole
9.(c) ANDA
10.(c) Propranolol