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Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy | Hospital | D. Pharmacy Second Year


HOSPITAL is an organization that provides a special facility and working for the care of patients through the physicians, surgeons, and team of technical staff. It also provides facilities for diagnosis, therapy, prevention, education, and research.


1. To take care of sick and injured patients.

2. To promote good services to patients for getting relief from disease and pains.

3. To lower the incidences of disease through early detection and treatment.

4. To make trained and skilled physicians and nurses.

5. To promote research in medical, pharmaceutical, and other related fields.

6. To take care of patients by using advanced knowledge and instruments.

7. To contribute to the prevention of the spreading of disease in the community.

8. To run the programs like public education and vaccination.

9. To serves as a link between the community and official health agencies to improve community health.

10. To provide facility for continuing education of all the persons.