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How to create my own post on Remix education ?

Note:- To create any type of post in Remix Education, you must have an account.

How to create account on Remix education ?

???? To create a post in Remix Education, first of all you have to open the website of Remix Education, then you can create an easy new post by following the steps given below.

???? After the website is opened, click on the line given on the top corner and open the menu.

???? After that click in the side arrow of the create option given in the menu. And then click on Create New Post.

???? After this a new page will open, fill all the fields shown in the image correctly.

Post title:- 120 characters maximum
Post description:- 1000 characters minimum
Thumbnail :- optional
Category:- require
Tag:- require

???? Once you have written the post correctly, you can check again, after that click on the submit button and your post will be submitted.

???? The team at Remix Education will review your post within 5 hours and if your post follows all the rules of our terms and conditions, then your post will be published soon.

???? If your posts do not follow all the rules, they will be rejected and you will be given the opportunity to edit this post again.

How to add YouTube video in post ?

???? Follow the steps given below to add or embed YouTube video URL in the post.

???? First of all, you have to go to create new post and after that you have to enter the title of the video. After this, now copy the URL of the video you want to post and paste it wherever you want to put it.

???? It is mandatory to give the correct description of the video in detail.

How to add PDF, PPT and any kind of study material in post ?

To add any kind of study material to your post, first of all you have to save your study material Google Drive and then copy the link of the study material.

???? Material saved in Google Drive has to click on three lines to turn on link sharing and then copy the link.

???? After this, paste below the posted description created on Remix Education website. To understand more good ways, you can follow the steps shown in the image.

Note:- It is mandatory to give PDF description in the post.

If you come from any kind of error or problem, then you can contact us.