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Important Question For Sem:- 3

Pharmacutical organic chemistry

1). Write down structure and uses of DDT, BHC and Chloramine.
2). What is the proof for the presence of two fused rings in naphthalene? Explain about Haworth synthesis.
3). Write down sulphonation, Friedel-Crafts acylation, reduction and oxidation reaction of naphthalene.
4). Discuss Baeyer strain theory using concept of angle strain. Limitation of Baeyer strain theory.
5). Write down detail explain of R.M value.
6). Write down method of phenol.
7). Write down detail explain huckes rule.
8). Preparation of benzene and phenols.
9). Write down sulphonation, Friedel-Crafts acylation, reduction and oxidation reaction of benzene.
10). Explain hydrogenation of oil with diagram. Discuss significance and principal of acid value and saponification value.

Physical pharmaceutics 1

1). Define surfactant. What is HLB scale? Classify surfactant activity based on HLB value.
2). What is distribution law? State its limitations and applications.
3). What is refractive index and how it is measured? How it used to identify a drug compound?
4). Classification of Complexation, discuss Method of analysis and application.
5). Discuss factors affecting solubility of gases in liquids.
6). Write a short note on pharmaceutical buffers.
7). Write a note on factors affecting protein binding.
8). What is maximum buffer capacity? Detail shot notes.
9). Different between ideal and real solutions. (Define Raoult’s Law.)
10). Discuss the properties and significance of liquid crystals.
11). Method of determining of pH , Write a note on pH scale.


1). Write a note on TCA cycle with energetics.
2). Classify carbohydrates. Describe the structure and functions of polysaccharides.
3). Write down TCA cycle, cori cycle, urea cycle, ETC cycle
4). Discuss in detail β-oxidation of saturated fatty acids with energetics.
5). Discuss jaundice in detail.
6). Explain catabolism of phenylalanine and tyrosine.
7). Explain catabolism of heme.
8). Discuss Michealis-Menten kinetic model for enzymes.
9). Write a note on formation and utilization of ketone bodies.
10). Discuss synthesis of serotonin.
11). Discuss competitive and non competitive enzyme inhibiton.


1). Draw life cycle of HIV virus. Discuss diagnosis, symptoms and pathogenesis of AIDS.
2). Detail shot notes about call injury and Adaptation.
3). Describe etiology and pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis.
4). Discuss symptoms and pathogenesis of COPD.
5). Explain the processes involved in healing of skin wounds in brief.
6). Describe pathogenesis of congestive cardiac failure. (CHF)
7). Compare and contrast: diabetes mellitus. Write complications of diabetes in brief.
8). Enlist hereditary anaemia. Add a note on sickle cell anaemia.
9). Detail note of types of inflammation.
10). Explain thyroid disease.
11). Enlist various types of hepatitis. Discuss etiology, symptoms and complications of hepatitis.
12). Enlist various factors leading to cell injury. Discuss reversible cell injury due to ischaemia.