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Important topics for GPAT exam.

Don’t forget this topics to GPAT exam

Pharmacognosy– family, source, uses, chemical constituents., chemical test, Mevalonic acid and Shikimic acid pathway Acid value, sap value etc.,Trichomes, Stomata, Calcium oxalate crystal type, diagnostic characters of plants
• Spectroscopy[ UV, NMR, IR,MASS, etc,.] and Chromatography- light source, detectors, chromatography principal, stationary phase, detectors
• Pharmacology – Mainly Classification, specific ADR

• Calculation part– spirit calculation, child dose calculation, allegation method, Vd, Kinetics, Half life, and Formula
• Physical Pharmaceutics– Newtonian ,Non Newtonian system, HLB values, diffusion, dissolution, tabular columns, surface tension, viscosity, particle size determination methods
• Organic Chemistry– Synthetic reactions [only 50 reactions], Heterocyclic compounds, Named reactions , SN1 SN2 ,E1 E2 reactions.
• Medicinal chemistry– structure, starting material name, SAR
• Pharmaceutics -Tablets, capsules Evoluation, Defects, Excipients Brand name, Aerosols Evoluation ,Ointment and Suppository base characters
• Forensic pharmacy– Schedules, Act year, Various forms
• Microbiology– Sterlization, Staining method, Vaccines, Immunity
• Pharmaceutical Engineering– Instrument principle, specific uses
• Biochemistry– Calvin Cycle, EMP Pathway, Gluconeogenesis, glycogenolysis, urea cycle, Ketone bodies, and other pathways, Vitamins,
Nucleic acids [DNA ,RNA]
• Physiology– Normal values, organ function
• And GPAT syllabus, Previous year question paper

How to Prepare

• Understand the concepts
• Make an effective plan
• Focus on weak areas
• Understand the exam pattern
• Solve the Sample papers

Important Subjects for GPAT exam

Major subjects  

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Minor subject
Physiology, Biochemistry
Forensic Pharmacy