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Mechanism of Action:- Sedative Hypnotics

???? Mechanism of Action ????

????Sedative Hypnotics ????

????Barbiturates :-

Barbiturates act primarily at GABA:BZD ( Gamma Amino Butaric Acid : Benzodiazepines)

receptor Chloride ion Complex and potentiate GABAergic inhibition by increasing the lifetime of Chloride channel opening induced by GABA.

The barbiturate site appears to be located on the alpha and beta subunit.

At high concentrations barbiturates directly increase Chloride conductance (GABA mimetic action).

Moreover, at high doses barbiturates inhibit Calcium ion dependant release if neurotransmitters, depress glutamate induced neuronal depolarization through AMPA receptor and depress voltage sensitive Sodium and Potassium channels.

????Other Actions of Barbiturates :-

At relatively high doses, depress respiration, lower B.P. , decrease cardiac contractility and Heart rate, reflex tachycardia due to fall in BP.

Muscle tone, bowel motility and urine output also reduced.

Toxic dose causes respiratory failure and Cardiovascular collapse.