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Industrial pharmacy 1 important Question list




1 Explain various types of additives OR formulation components which are used in parenteral preparations.
2 Explain preparation, storage and distribution of Water for injection.
3 Outline the design and requirements and facilities for production area of sterile products.
4 Discuss LVP & SVP in detail.
5 Write a note on containers and closures used for parenteral products.
6 Explain process for filling and sealing of ampoules in detail.
7 Explain various quality control test for sterile product in detail.
8 Write a note on freeze dried product (lyophilized product) and TPN (infusion fluids).
9 Write a note on air handling system to control the contaminations in the clean area.(Aseptic Area)
10 Write a note on Ophthalmic preparations. ( e.g. Drop, Ointments, Lotion)
11 Classify different types of glass as per USP. Explain water attack test in detail.
12 Explain stability aspects of packaging materials.
13 Enlist criterion for selection of packaging material. Classify packaging Material.
14 What is tamper-evident packaging? Explain Blister and Strip
Packaging concept.
15 Write a note on sunscreen lotion.
16 Write a note on : Lipsticks, Hair dye, Shampoos
17 Define Aerosols. Give a brief account of propellants.
18 Describe various types of actuators and valves used in aerosols.
19 Explain the methods of aerosol filling in detail.
20 Discuss evaluation tests for pharmaceutical aerosol products.
21 What is pelletization? Discuss on factors affecting pellets properties.
22 Enumerate different extruders and explain any one with labeled Diagram.
23 Explain the formulation of hard gelatin capsule shell.
24 Explain rotary die process for manufacturing of soft capsule.
25 Discuss different formulation problems and remedies thereof for filling hard Gelatin capsules.
26 Define capsules and write quality control tests on hard gelatin capsules.
27 Write a brief note on the size of capsules.
28 Discuss quality control parameters of soft gelatin capsule.
29 Write note on base adsorption and m/g factor in capsule mfg.

30 Classify liquid dosage forms. Describe in brief the formulation components of clear liquids with the role of each component in the formula.
31 Discuss evaluation parameters for liquid orals in detail.
32 Define tablets. Give their types. Explain methods of tablet granulation.
33 Discuss the processing problems of tablets with remedies.
34 Discuss sugar coating in detail.
35 Write note on in-process quality control test of tablet mfg.
36 Define compressed tablet. Give advantages and disadvantages of tablet.
37 Write a note on use and care of tablet tooling.
38 Discuss in brief Pharmacopoeial tests for tablet.
39 Write a note on: 1) binders 2) Disintegrants 3) lubricants 4)Diluents
40 Explain film coating in detail.
41 What are objectives of enteric coating? Describe polymers used for enteric coating.
42 Explain defects in coating of tablet.
43 Classify tablets. Explain any one in detail.
44 Discuss the significance of particle size and shape in formulation.
45 Define Pre-Formulation study. Enlist techniques used in it. Describe any one of them to ascertain Drug-Excipient Compatibility.
46 Write a note on Polymorphism giving suitable illustration.

47 What are physicochemical factors affecting preformulation study?
48 Enumerate the chemical properties affecting preformulation studies in designing a dosage form and discuss any one in details giving suitable illustrations.
49 Discuss theoretical aspects for determining solubility and permeability of the drug and its assessment.
50 Explain wetting. How is it measured?