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Medicinal Chemistry 3 Imporatant Questions list

Important Question Sem 6

Medicinal Chemistry

1. Define and classify antibiotics. Discuss SAR of penicillin.
2. Discuss Chemistry of Penicillin and cephalosporin.
3. Write a Short note on mechanism based beta lactamase inhibitors.
4. What are amino glycoside antibiotics? Give chemistry and SAR of amino glycoside.
5. Write short notes on Tetracyclines.
6. Discuss Chemistry, Synthesis, Stereochemistry and SAR of Chloramphenicol.
7. Write a note on Macrolide antibiotics.
8. Discuss Life cycle of malarial parasites and Give the chemical classification of anti malarials agents.
9. Discuss the chemistry and SAR of 4-aminoquinolines agents.
10. Discuss in detail about Prodrug design.
11. What are anti-TB agents? Give first line and second line drugs used in TB
12. What are Fluoroquinolones? Classify them. Give the mechanism of action of
13. Write SAR of Fluroquinolones.
14. Write short notes on antiviral and anti-HIV agents.
15. Why viral therapy is difficult? Classify antiviral agents with examples.
16. Define and classify antifungal agents with mechanism.
17. Write structures, mechanism of action and uses of anti-amoebic agents.
18. Give structures, mechanism of action and uses of different anthelmintics agents.
19. Define Sulphonamides. Give classification of Sulphonamides with examples.
20. Discuss SAR of Sulfonamides.
21. Write a note on combinatorial chemistry
22. Explain Hansch LFER model and Free Wilson model of QSAR in detail.
23. What is QSAR? Enlist QSAR parameters. Explain any two in detail.
24. Write a note on Pharmacophore modeling and molecular docking techniques.
25. Give synthesis of

a) Sulfamethoxaole

b) Sulfacetamide

c) Dapsone

d) Trimethoprim

e) miconazole

f) Mebendazole

g) acyclovir

h) nitrofurantoin

i) Ciprofloxacin

j) Isoniazide
k) Chloroquine