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Inflammation and Healing MCQs with Answers

1. Which of the complement components act as chemokines?

  1. A. C3b
  2. B. C4b
  3. C. C5a
  4. D. C4a

2. All are types of tissue macrophages except:

  1. A. Littoral cells
  2. B. Hofbauer cells
  3. C. Osteoclasts
  4. D. Osteoblasts

3. Formation of granuloma is:
A. Type I hypersensitivity reaction
B. Type II hypersensitivity reaction

C. Type III hypersensitivity reaction
D. Type IV hypersensitivity reaction

4. Which of the following is a type of non-tuberculous mycobacteria?

  1. A. Mycobacterium microti
  2. B. Mycobacterium canetti
  3. C. Mycobacterium africanum
  4. D. Mycobacterium ulcerans

5. IgM antibody against PGL-1 antigen is used for the diagnosis of:

  1. A. Leprosy
  2. B. Tuberculosis
  3. C. Syphilis
  4. D. Brucellosis

6. Which of the following type of leprosy is not included in Ridley- Jopling classification?
A. Mid-borderline leprosy
B. Borderline tuberculoid leprosy
C. Indeterminate leprosy
D. Tuberculoid polar leprosy

7. Hepar lobatum is seen in:

  1. A. Primary syphilis
  2. B. Secondary syphilis
  3. C. Tertiary syphilis
  4. D. Congenital syphilis

8. Killing of M. tuberculosis that grows within the macrophage is brought about by the following mechanisms:
A. By reactive oxygen species
B. By oxygen-independent bactericidal mechanism
C. By nitric oxide mechanism
D. By hydrolytic enzymes

9. Main cytokines acting as mediators of inflammation are as under except:
A. Interleukin-1 (IL-1)
B. Tumour necrosis factor a (TNF-a)
C. Nitric oxide (NO)
D. Interferon-g (IF-g)

10. Receptor for IgE is present on:

  1. A. Polymorphs
  2. B. Eosinophil
  3. C. Basophil
  4. D. Plasma cell

11. Typhoid fever is an example of:
A. Acute inflammation
B. Chronic nonspecific inflammation
C. Chronic granulomatous inflammation
D. Chronic suppurative inflammation

12. Tubercle bacilli cause lesions by the following mechanisms:
A. Elaboration of endotoxin
B. Elaboration of exotoxin
C. Type IV hypersensitivity
D. Direct cytotoxicity

13. The following statements are correct for tubercle bacilli except:
A. Tubercle bacilli can be cultured
B. Tubercle bacilli are anaerobe
C. Tubercle bacilli thrive best in the apex of lung
D. M. smegmatis is not pathogenic to man

14. Tubercle bacilli in caseous lesions are best demonstrated in:
A. Caseous centre
B. Margin of necrosis with viable tissue
C. Epithelioid cells
D. Langhans’ giant cells

15. Leprosy bacilli are:
A. Not acid fast
B. As acid fast as tubercle bacilli
C. Less acid fast compared to tubercle bacilli
D. More acid fast compared to tubercle bacilli

16. Lepromin test is always positive in:
A. Lepromatous leprosy
B. Borderline lepromatous leprosy
C. Tuberculoid leprosy
D. Indeterminate leprosy

17. Spirochaetes are most difficult to demonstrate in:
A. Primary syphilis B. Secondary syphilis
C. Tertiary syphilis D. Congenital syphilis

18. Actinomycosis is caused by:
A. Fungus B. Gram-negative bacteria
C. Anaerobic bacteria D. Acid fast bacteria

19. Typically, sarcoid granuloma has the following features except:
A. Non caseating granuloma
B. Giant cells have cytoplasmic inclusions
C. Peripheral mantle of lymphocytes
D. Fibroblastic proliferation at the periphery of a granuloma

20. The following holds true for stable cells in cell cycle:
A. They remain in cell cycle from one mitosis to the next
B. They are in resting phase but can be stimulated to enter the cell cycle
C. They have left the cell cycle
D. They do not have capacity to multiply in response to stimuli throughout adult life

21. Connective tissue in scar is formed by the following types of fibrillar collagen:

  1. A. Type II, III, IV
  2. B. Type I, III, V
  3. C. Type I, II, V
  4. D. Type III, V, VII

22. Basement membrane consists of:

  1. A. Type I collagen
  2. B. Type II collagen
  3. C. Type III collagen
  4. D. Type IV collagen

23. The following adhesion molecules play a significant role in rolling of PMNs over endothelial cells except:

  1. A. Selectins
  2. B. Integrins
  3. C. Opsonins
  4. D. Immunoglobulin molecules

24. Which of the following is non-fibrillar collagen?

  1. A. Type V
  2. B. Type I
  3. C. Type III
  4. D. Type VI

25. Which is false about primary union?
A. Exuberant granulation tissue to fill the gap
B. Clear margins
C. Uninfected
D. Lead to neat linear scar.

Answers Key
1 = C 2 = D 3 = D 4 = D 5 = A 6 = C 7 = C 8 = A 9 = C 10 = C 11 = A 12 = C 13 = B 14 = B 15 = C 16 = C 17 = C 18 = C 19 = C 20 = B 21 = B 22 = D 23 = C 24 = D 25 = A