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Inorganic chemistry 1 MCQS with Answers


UNIT I Impurities in pharmaceutical substances: History of Pharmacopoeia,
Sources and types of impurities, principle involved in the limit test for
Chloride, Sulphate, Iron, Arsenic, Lead and Heavy metals, modified limit test
for Chloride and Sulphate
General methods of preparation, assay for the compounds superscripted
with asterisk (*), properties and medicinal uses of inorganic compounds
belonging to the following classes
UNIT II 10 Hours  Acids, Bases and Buffers: Buffer equations and buffer capacity in general,
buffers in pharmaceutical systems, preparation, stability, buffered isotonic
solutions, measurements of tonicity, calculations and methods of adjusting
isotonicity.  Major extra and intracellular electrolytes: Functions of major
physiological ions, Electrolytes used in the replacement therapy: Sodium
chloride*, Potassium chloride, Calcium gluconate* and Oral Rehydration Salt
(ORS), Physiological acid base balance.  Dental products: Dentifrices, role of fluoride in the treatment of dental
caries, Desensitizing agents, Calcium carbonate, Sodium fluoride, and Zinc
eugenol cement.
UNIT III 10 Hours  Gastrointestinal agents
Acidifiers: Ammonium chloride* and Dil. HCl
Antacid: Ideal properties of antacids, combinations of antacids, Sodium