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Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence (BP405TT) MCQs with Answers

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence (BP405TT) MCQs with Answers

1. The prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act was enacted in the was
A. 1940
B. 1950
C. 1960
D. 1970

2. Publications of the advertisements is prohibited that refers to the use of any drug for the treatment of
A. Cancer
B. Plaque
C. Tuberculosis
D. All of Above

3. As per Supreme Court, the Drug and Cosmetic Act has statute of…….
A. Social
B. Moral
C. Economic
D. Life Saving

4. The application to import drug as part of bonafide luggage is made to the licensing authority in….
A. Form 12A
B. Form 12
C. Form 12B
D. Form 26

5. Prepared opium
A. Is an extract suitable for smoking
B. Is any medicine containing opium
C. Is also called as Hemp
D. Has undergone the processes to adapt it for medicinal use

6. As per Drugs and Cosmetic Act,’ standard drug’ is one
A. That Compiles with standards of official pharmacopoeia
B. That Compiles with international standards
C. That Compiles with the standard of national and international pharmacopoeias
D. That Complies with the standard of Drug and Cosmetic Act

7. Which of the Following is a Magic Remedy?
A. Talisman
B. Mantra
C. Kavacha
D. All of Above

8. Analysis and test of samples of vaccines are carried out at
A. Central Indian Pharmacopeia Laboratory, Ghaziabad
B. Pasteur Institute of India, Coonoor
C. Central Drug Testing Laboratories, Thane
D. Central Research Institute, Kaushali

9. The list of drugs which are exempted from the provisions of import is dealt in….

A. Schedule K
B. Schedule D
C. Schedule P
D. Schedule Y

10. The documents, records or registers seized by the drug inspector should be returned to the person from whom they were seized after making copies within a period of…..
A. 1 Month
B. 15 Days
C. 10 Days
D. 20 Days

11. Medicine containing methylated spirit are made ready for the treatment of human aliments, should bear the following instruction, on the label
A. For external use only
B. For prophylactic use only
C. For Therapeutic Use
D. All of above

12. As per Schedule M, the permitted limit of solid content in water for injection is…..
A. 10 ppm
B 100 ppm
C. 0.1 ppm
D. 1 ppm

13. Animal Welfare board of India constituted under the prevention of cruelty to Animal Act is situated in
A. New Delhi
B. Mumbai
C. Chennai
D. Kolkata

14. A person is called as “Registered Pharmacist”, if he is
A. Holding diploma in pharmacy
B. Having sufficient experience in pharmacy profession
C. Having his name entered in the state register of pharmacists
D. Holding degree in pharmacy

15. Who among the following is not a member of the pharmacy council of India
A. The Director General Health Service
B. The Drugs controller of India
C. The Director, Central Drugs Laboratory
D. The Director, Central Research Institute

16. The Drugs consultative committee has following functions.
A. To secure uniformity in the Act throughout India.
B. It advice government and various DTAB.
C. Both A&B
D. None of Above

17. Function of DCC is to
A. Make rules to implement the drugs and cosmetic Act
B. Give Consultation to Pharmaceutical Companies
C. Advice the government in issues related to the Drugs and Cosmetic Act
D. All of above

18. Standard of Quality for drugs are prescribed in
A. The first schedule to D&C Act,1940
B. The Second Schedule to the D& C act,1940
C. The Schedule D to the Drugs and Cosmetic Rules,1945
D. The schedule J to the D&C Rules,1945

19. Cosmetics means any article intended to
A. Affect the structure of the human body
B. Destruct vermin of insects
C. Alter the appearance of the human body
D. All of the above

20. Biological and microbiological tests are carried out at….
A. Central Research Institute, Kasauli
B. National Institute of Biologicals, Noida
C. Central Drugs Research Institute, Lucknow
D. Central Drugs Laboratory, Kolkata

21. The particulars to be shown in manufacturing raw materials and analytical records of drugs are dealt under……
A. Schedule M
B. Schedule U
C. Schedule U1
D. Schedule W

22. The words, “For prophylactics use” or “For therapeutic use should he display on the label of….
A. Schedule X drugs
B. Opthalmic Ointments
C. Patent and proprietary preparations of vitamins
D. Preparations for external use only

23. A non bonded manufactory shall inspected by the other officer at least
A. Once every month
B. Once every two months
C. Once every six months
D. Once every ten year

24. Whole human blood can be stored for…
A. 12 Days
B. 24 Days
C. 21 Days
D. 60 Days

25. Application to manufacture cosmetics is made to the licensing authority in….
A. Form 31
B. Form 31A

C. Form 32
D. Form 32A

26. Requirements of factory premises for manufacture of medical devices id dealt under…
A. Schedule M1
B. Schedule M2
C. Schedule M3
D. Schedule R1

27. Barbiturates are… Drugs
A. Schedule X
B. Schedule C
C. Schedule H
D. Schedule Y

28. The Report of a Test or analysis by an approved institution such as CDL is submitted in…..
A. Schedule 36
B. Schedule 37
C. Schedule 38
D. Schedule 39

29. Under Section 21 of the Indian penal code, all Drug Inspectors are…
A. Qualified persons
B. Competent Persons
C. Public Servants
D. Officer-in-charge, Drug Control

30. The label of any Homeopathic Medicine should bear the potency of the medicine in…..
A. Decimal
B. Milligram
C. Grams
D. Parts per Mole

31. Any person who has been convicted of criminal conspiracy to commit any of the offences listed under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 if subsequently convicted of similar offences is awarded…
A. Life Imprisonment
B. Death penalty
C. Solitary confinement
D. Corporal punishment

32. The PCI was first constituted on….
A. 6 th March,1950
B. 9 th March,1949
C. 9 th May,1940
D. 5 th May, 1950

33. The PCI under…… of the Act is required to maintain a register known as central Register
A. Section 15 A
B. Section 10 A

C. Section 11 A
D. Section 12 A

34. The provisions of DPCO are implemented and enforced by….
D. None of Above

35. Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act was passed in the year

36. For the registration of pharmacist in the various states, the Pharmacy Act provides liar the constitution of
A. Registration Tribunal
B. Co-operative Society
C. Registrar of State pharmacy council
D. Registrar of central pharmacy council

37. The manufacture and sale of cosmetics licensed as tooth pastes containing…..have been prohibited
in public interest
A. Fluoride content more than 1000 ppm
B. Calcium carbonate more than 1000 ppm
C. Tobacco
D. Menthol more than 0.12%

38. Form 1, According to D&C Act & Rules is …….
A. Memorandum to Government analyst under section 334
B. Memorandum to Government analyst under section 23
C. Memorandum to CDL
D. Certificate of test by CDL

39. Any cosmetic preparation containing hexachlorophene or mercury compounds are…….from import.
A. Exempted
B. Allowed
C. Prohibited
D. Provided Special Provisions

40. Under the M& TP( Excise Duties) Act, manufacture of any dutiable goods without a valid license is punishable with
A. Imprisonment upto 6 years or fine of 20000 rupees Or both
B. Imprisonment upto 6 months or fine of 2000 rupees Or both
C. Imprisonment upto 6 months or fine of 20000 rupees Or both
D. Imprisonment upto 6 years or fine of 2000 rupees Or both

41. Unlawful sale of any poison in India is punishable with
A. Imprisonment upto 3 months or fine of 500 rupees Or both
B. Imprisonment upto 3 years or fine of 5000 rupees Or both

C. Imprisonment upto 3 months or fine of 5000 rupees Or both
D. Imprisonment upto 3 years or fine of 500 rupees Or both

42. Who has the power to fix selling price of scheduled formulations
A. State Government
B. Central Government
C. Lok Sabha
D. Rajya Sabha

43. According to D&C Act ‘New Drug’ refers to ………
A. Drugs just discovered
B. Drugs recently approved in India
C. Molecules under discovery
D. Drugs approved in other country but not in India

44. D&C Rules are divided into…. Schedules
A. 26
B. 23
C. 18
D. 28

45. Drugs consisting of filthy and putrid substances are called…..
A. Adulterated
B. Misbranded
C. Spurious
D. Proprietary

46. Any Example of Coal tar colour is….
A. Amaranth
B. Erythrosine
C. Tartrazine
D. All of Above

47. Indian veterinary research institute is situated at…
A. Izatnagar
B. Kolkata
C. Lucknow
D. Ghazipur

48. A drug that is imported under a name which belongs to another drug is
A. Misbranded Drug
B. Psychotropic Drug
C. Adulterated Drug
D. Spurious Drug

49. An Act regulate Profession of Pharmacy
A. Cosmetic Act
B. Patent Act
C. M&TP Act
D. None of Above

50. Pharmacy act extends to the whole of India Except the state.
A. Rajasthan
C. Jammu &Kashmir
D. Himachal Pradesh

51. Central register maintained by
A. Central Council
B. M.C.I.
D. State Council

52. In elected member of PCI six member elected by-
A. Central Council
B. U.G.C.
D. All of Above

53. The secretary of PCI may also act as its?
A. Registrar
B. Treasurer
C. Both A&B
D. Vice- president

54. A drug sample taken by drug inspector for analysis is sent to?
A. Government Analyst
B. Drug controller
C. Drug Inspector
D. Excise commissioner

55. Drug for examination test of analysis can be imported under the license in form?
A. 11
B. 10
C. 12
D. 13

56. License for the manufacture of medicinal and toilet preparation are issued by?
A. Director of health service
B. Central government
C. State government
D. Excise commissioner of State

57. List of aliments and disease that drug should not claim to cure is given in schedule?
A. A
B. J
C. F
D. P

58. The symbol on left top cornering red on the labels XRx denotes
A. Schedule X
B. Schedule X(Bulk Form)
C. Schedule G
D. Schedule J

59. Which indication must be prescribed on the label of Opthalmic ointments?
A. Use within one month of opening
B. It is dangerous to take this preparation except under medical supervision
C. Consult to physician if irritation persist, discontinue the use
D. Not for human use

60. List of coulter colour permitted to be used in cosmetics come under the schedule
A. J
B. K
C. N
D. Q

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61. Medical stores are inspected by drug inspector for at least
A. Once a year
B. Twice in a year
C. Thrice in a year
D. Quarterly in a year

62. PCI is reconstituted at every
A. 1 Year
B. 2 year
C. 3 year
D. 5 year

63. Central drug laboratory is located at
A. Mumbai
B. Lauknow
C. Kolkata
D. Hyderabad

64. The register for sale of drug is maintained for period of
A. 1 year
B. 3 years
C. 4 years
D. 5 years

65. Specify the form number required for license for retail sale of schedule c and c1 drug
A. 22
B. 21
C. 19
D. 18

66. The schedule in D&C Act that deals with the standard for disinfectant fluid is
A. Schedule B
B. Schedule F
C. Schedule O
D. Schedule M

67. Schedule P as per D&C Act deals with the following
A. Standard for cosmetics
B. Biological and special product
C. Life period of drug
D. Clinical Trial

68. What are the Functions of S.P.C.?
A. Registration of Pharmacist in the state
B. Preparation and maintenance of register
C. Fix the rate of remuneration and allowance to its officers/members
D. All of Above

69. One of the following forms is needed for the cosmetic manufacture
A. Form 36
B. Form 32
C. Form 20
D. Form 24

70. How many members are elected among themselves by registered pharmacist of state?
A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six

71. Nominated or elected members in “State Pharmacy Council” hold office for a term of
A. 3 years
B. 4 Years
C. 5 years
D. 6 years

72. Pharmacy Act is established in
A. 1948
B. 1940
C. 1995
D. 1919

73. Which pharmaceutical product is not included in Schedule C?
A. Toxin
B. Sera
C. Antigen
D. Capsule

74. Names of drugs which shall be marketed under generic names only come under
A. Schedule W
B. ScheduleX
C. ScheduleY
D. ScheduleU

75. Pharmacy Council of India is doing all of below functions except
A. To regulate minimum educational standard in pharmacy institute
B. To prescribe the minimum standard of education required for registered as a pharmacist
C. To compile and maintain central register for pharmacist
D. To prescribe drug

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76. Blood Bank comes under the schedule
A. Schedule B
B. Schedule D
C. Schedule F
D. Schedule G

77. Crocin is sale under
A. Schedule H
B. Schedule G
C. Schedule W
D. Schedule Y
78. “Ampicillin capsule should be used within 24 months.” This statement comes under
A. Schedule C
B. Schedule R
C. Schedule M
D. Schedule P

79. Advertisement means any______ circular, label, wrapper or any other document made orally or by transmitting ______sound or smoke.
A. Notice, Like
B. Notice, Light
C. Paper, Like
D. Nicotine

80. Ergot and its preparations belongs to
A. Schedule c
B. Schedule C1
C. Schedule x
D. Schedule E1

81. Committee for the purpose of control and supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) head office is situated in
A. New Delhi
B. Mumbai
C. Chennai

D. Kolkata

82. Penalty for the Import of poison without license is punishable with fine upto _________on first conviction.
A. 1000
B. 500
C. 2000
D. 5000

83. The prescribed renewal fees should be paid before ____________of every year.
A. 31st Dec
B. 25th March
C. 14th April
D. 1st January

84. Operation related to narcotic drugs under section 8 are controlled by_____
A. Central Government
B. State Government
C. Excise Commissioner
D. None

85. Which authority is competent under the Drug and Magic Remedies Act, 1954 to frame rules for carrying the purpose of the act
A. State Government
B. Central Government
C. Drug controller general of India
D. Director-General of Health services

86. A person who have attained his_____ years, residing or carrying on his profession or business of pharmacy and has been paid the prescribed fees for registration shall be eligible for registration on first register
A. 21
B. 15
C. 18
D. 25

87. Geneva convection was held on ___in___.
A. Narcotic drugs, March1961
B. Psychotropic substances, March 1972
C. Narcotic drugs, March 1972
D. Psychotropic substances, February 1971

88. Opium derivatives include all the following except____.
A. Prepared opium
B. Medicinal opium
C. Heroin
D. Charas

89. Which Authority approves courses of study and examination for the purpose of qualifying for registration as pharmacist
A. University

90. Application for license to manufacture goods liable to duty of excise, under medicinal and toilet preparation(Excise Duties) shall be made in
A. Form A.L.1
B. Form A.L.2
C. Form A.L.3
D. Form A.L.4

91. Schedule M2 States the
A. Requirements of factory premises for the manufacture of medical devices
B. Requirements of factory premises for the manufacture of homeopathy
C. Requirements of factory premises for the manufacture of cosmetics
D. Requirements of factory premises for the manufacture of allopathy

92. When the length of pregnancy exceed from 12 to 20 weeks, __________ RMP(s) may terminate such pregnancy.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

93. The function of SPC are
P. Maintenance of registers of pharmacist
Q. Entry and removal of names
R. Recognition of foreign qualification
S. Withdrawal of approvals from institution
A.P, Q
B. Q, R
C.R, S
D. Q, S

94. The excise inspector may allow the manufacturer to take the sample for analysis with excise duty upto a maximum of
A. 250ml
B. 100 ml
B. 500 ml
C. 80 ml

95. Pharmacy Council of India has__ government (state) nominated member(s).

96. If the drug contains in filthy, putrid or decomposed substance then is known as
A. Misbranded drug
B. Adulterated drug
C. Drug
D. Spurious Drug

97. In the “Joint StatePharmacy Council” elected member(s) among the Registered Pharmacists is/are
A. 1
B. 3
C. 2
D. 5

98. Manufacturing and analytical records of cosmetics are included in which schedule?
A. Y
B. U
C. U1
D. V

99. “Schedule F3” is related with
A. Standard for surgical dressing
B. Standard for sterilized umbilical tapes
C. Standard for ophthalmic preparation
D. Standard for production of sera

100. Insulin comes under
A. Schedule H
B. Schedule J
C. Schedule G
D. Schedule O

101.Form 20 states that
A. Licenses to sell stock or exhibit or offer for sell or distribute by retail other than specified C, C1 and X.
B. Licenses to sell stock or exhibit or offer for sell or Distribute by wholesale other than specified C, C1 and X.
C. Licenses to sell stock or exhibit or offer for sell or distribute by retail other than specified C, C1.
D. Licensesto sell stock or offer for sell or redistribute By retail other than specified C, C1 and X

102. Application for grant of a license to manufacture Ayurvedic, Siddha or Unani drugs requires
A. Form 24D
B. Form 25E
C. Form 20
D. Form 21

103. Private testing laboratory for carrying out tests on drugs requires
A. Form 32
B. Form 31
C. Form 30
D. Form 36

104. Schedule M is related to
B. Curable disease
C. List of diseases and ailments which drug cannot claim.
D. Pack sizes of drug.

105. Injection syringe and needle are covered under
A. Schedule A
B. Schedule B
C. Schedule C
D. Schedule D

106. “Dettol” comes under
A. Schedule N
B. Schedule O
C. Schedule P
D. Schedule Q

107. Schedule N states
A. List of minimum equipment for efficient running of pharmacy
B. List of minimum equipment required for manufacturing of drug
C. Requirement of factory premises and hygienic condition to be complied
D. Standard for cosmetics

108. Schedule C is related to
A. List of Biological and Immunological product
B. List of Homeopathy product
C. List of Ayurvedic product
D. List of Allopathic product

109. Pharmacy Council of India contains comprises member(s) from AICTE and UGC.
A. 1

B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

110. Performa for sending memorandum is included in which schedule?
A. D
B. A
D. Q

111. State Pharmacy Council should have the following number of elected members:
A. Six
B. Five
C. Nine
D. Seven

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