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Inorganic Radio Pharmaceutical MCQs with Answers

1. Measurement of radioactivity by
(a) those depend on collection of ions.
(b) those depend on collection of photon.
(c) both of the above
(d) none of the above

2. Measurement of radioactivity is termed as
(a) radiation
(b) radiation dosimetry
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) none of the above

3. The use of sodium rose Bengal (I-131) in
(a) study of K ion exchange
(b) liver scan
(c) plasma volume determination
(d) brain scanning

4. The radiation is measured in terms of

  1. (a) curie
  2. (b) microcurie
  3. (c) millicurie
  4. (d) all of these

5. In a radiation change a nucleus usually losses just one particle of α and β, it is frequently accompanied by
(a) X-ray (b) gamma ray
(c) both of the above
(d) none of the above

6. Which of the following is not a type of gas filled detector?
(a) Proportional counter
(b) G.M counter
(c) Semiconductor detector
(d) Ionization chamber

7. 1 Roentgen is equivalent to
(a) 2.58 × 10–5 CKg–1
(b) 2.58 × 10–3 CKg–1
(c) 2.58 × 10–8 CKg–1
(d) 2.58 × 10–4 CKg–1

8. Beta particles penetrate tissue up to

  1. (a) 100 cm
  2. (b) 1000 cm
  3. (c) 1 cm
  4. (d) 10 cm

9. 1 Becqurel is equivalent to
(a) 2.7 × 10–11 curie
(b) 2.7 × 10–10 curie
(c) 2.7 × 10–8 curie
(d) 2.7 × 10–5 curie

10. 1 rad is equivalent to

  1. (a) 10–3 JKg–1
  2. (b) 10–5 JKg–1
  3. (c) 10–2 JKg–1
  4. (d) 10–8 JKg–1

11. Gamma rays are electromagnetic
radiations with a wave length
(a) much larger than those of light
(b) much shorter than those of light
(c) equal to light
(d) none of the above

12. Each radionuclide is characterized by an invariable half-life expressed in units of time and by the nature and energy of its radiation the energy is expressed in
(a) electron volt
(b) kilo electron volt
(c) mega electron volt
(d) all of the above

13. The effect of radioactive particles
passing through biological tissue
depends upon
(a) the ability of the radiation to
penetrate tissue
(b) the energy of radiation
(c) the dose rate of the radiation
(d) all of the above

14. Calcium 47 is supplied as calcium
chloride in the form of an injection. It
is used as
(a) in the diagnosis of pernicious
(b) as a urinary and faecal marker

(c) for pancreatic scintigraphy
(d) none of the above

15. Chromium 51 is supplied as sodium
chromate solution or injection it is used for
(a) to label rbc
(b) diagnosis of various infections
(c) cisternography
(d) ventriculography

16. Gold-198 used in the treatment of
(a) pernicious anaemia
(b) rheumatoid arthritis
(c) detection of tumours
(d) thyroid functioning

17. I-125 is used as
(a) thyroid functioning
(b) to detect and estimate drugs
hormones in the body fluid
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) none of the above

18. Which statement is correct regarding the handling and storage of radioactive materials?
(a) Radioactive materials never be
touched with hand
(b) Sufficient protective clothing must
be used while handling the
(c) Kept in suitable labeled container
(d) All of the above


1. (c)
2. both (a) and (b)
3. liver scan
4. (d)
5. (c)
6. G.M. Counter
7. 2.58 * 10–4 C kg–1
8. 1 cm
9. 2.7 * 10–11 curie
10. 10–2 J kg–1
11. much shorter than those of light
12. (d)
13. (d)
14. as a urinary and feacal marker
15. to label rbc
16. rheumatoid arthritis
17. (c)
18. (d)

Subject:- Inorganic chemistry

Sem:– first sem, sem 1 Pharmacy

Unit 5 Inorganic Radio Pharmaceutical MCQs with Answers inorganic chemistry unit:- 5