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MCQ Questions Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence With Answers

Practice MCQ Questions Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

1. Animal welfare board of India constituted under the prevention of cruelty to animal act situated in
A New Delhi
B Mumbai
C Kolkata
D Chennai

2. RTI Act 2005 came into force on..
A 15 August 2005
B 1 November 2005
C 15 June 2005
D 12 October 2005

3. Which of the following is not come under the definition of ‘information’ under RTI Act 2005?
A File noting
B Circulars
C Log book
D Data material held in any electronic form

4. What is the time limit to get the information concerning the life and liberty of a person?
A 5 days
B 10 days
C 48 hours

D 24 hours

5. The term “WIPO” stands for
A World intellectual property organization
B World institute for Prevention of organized crime
C Wildlife Investigation and policing organization
D World Investment policy organization

6. Which of the following is an “intellectual property”as per IPR Laws In India.
A Original literary work
B Industrial Design of Maruti800 car
C Trademark of Tata Company
D All the above

7. According to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 Animal means any living creature except___
A Birds
B microorganisms
C Insects
D Human beings

8. Animal welfare board is established by______
A State Government
B State Council
C Central Council
D Central Government

9. A singer wishes to assign the rights to reproduce a video she has made of her concert.
A Copy rights
B Industrial design
C Trade mark
D Patent

10. Approval to new Pharmacy Institute given by;
D State Pharmacy Council

11. Practical training days for B. Pharm are…………………. days.
A 45
B 90
C 60
D 80

12. According to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960____ member/s are actively engaged in the promotion animal welfare is nominated by Central Government.
A 5
B 6
C 2
D 1

13. Which of the following penalties is charged when dispensing is done by unregistered persons?

A 6 months imprisonment
B Fine up to 50 rupees
C 1 year imprisonment
D None of the above

14. Coca leaf contains more than_____________
A 0.2% cocaine
B 0.1% cocaine
C 0.02% cocaine
D 0.01% cocaine

15. Operations related to narcotic drugs under section 8 are controlled by ____
A Central Government
B State Government
C Excise Commissioner
D None

16. Medicinal cannabis means_____
A extract of cannabis
B injection of cannabis
C spirit of cannabis
D none

17. Cocaine is a _________
A methyl ester of benzoyl ecgonine
B methyl ether of benzyl ecgonine

C methyl ether of benzoyl ecgonine
D ester of benzyl ecgonine

18. Any person contravenes any of the provisions of prevention of cruelty to animal act is punished with a fine of rupees:
A 200
B 2000
C 300
D 15000

19. To maintain the Central Register of Pharmacist is the function of…………………..

20. In which of the year “Indian Patent Act” came into existence?
A 1979
B 1970
C 1971
D 1974

21. The Drug and Magic remedies act is established in year:
A 1954
B 1956
C 1955

D 1960

22. The pharmacy act was passed on.
A 1945
B 1948
C 1947
D 1951

23. Every year the register of the state pharmacy council is requires to print the registers:
A 1 Jan
B 1 March
C 1 April
D 1 June

24. Medical termination of pregnancy act was passed on:
A 1972
B 1971
C 1973
D 1974

25. It means a science of morals or ” code of moral principles”
A Ethics
B Morality
C Law
D Pharmaceutical ethics

26. The blood bank license is issued in the form number.

A 28 A
B 28
C 28B
D 28 C

27. Biologicals are tested at :
A Mumbai
B Kolkata
C Chennai
D Kasauli

28. The latest Drug Price Control Order was passes on:
A 2012
B 2011
C 2013
D 2014

29. Power of entry, search and seizure subjected to provisions of any rules made in Drugs and magic remedies act authorized by:
A Central government
B State government
C Government Analyst
D Drug inspector

30. Education regulation are approved by:
A State government

B Central government
C Tribunal
D Educational Institutional

31. Failure to surrender Certificate of registration punishable as per Pharmacy Act………………..
A RS 50
B RS 05
C RS 1000
D RS 500

32. The substances or preparations use to cleanse, improve or alter the complexion hair skin or teeth and include deodorants and perfumes are called as …………
A Toilet preparations
B Medicinal preparations
C Narcotic preparations
D Psychotropic substances

33. A state council may appoint a registrar who may act as:
A Secretary
B Treasure
C vice-president
D Executive member

34. State of Pharmacy council should have the following number of elected members——-
A Six
B Nine
C Five
D Seven

35. One of the ex-officio members of the Pharmacy council of India is…….
A Direct general of health services
B Government Analyst
C Registrar of state of pharmacy council
D Director General of Indian veterinary research institute

36. Number of Ex-Officio Members in PCI are
A 4
B 7
C 3
D 2

37. Handling Of Prescription is a part of Ethics related to
A Pharmacist in relation to his job
B Pharmacist in relation to his trade
C Pharmacist in relation to medical profession
D Pharmacist in relation to his own profession

38. Education Regulation is formed under provisions of ———- of Pharmacy Act 1948
A Section 1
B Section 10
C Section 11
D Section 4

39. The coagulated juice of the opium poppy and it`s mixture with or without neutral material is

A Coca Derivative
B Opium Poppy
C Psychotropic Substance
D Opium

40. Under the provision of pharmacy act (1976), the PCI of India is required to maintain a Register
A Pharmacy Council Register
B Central Register
C Medical Dictionary
D None of the above

41. Classes of drugs prohibited to import are
A Misbranded drugs
B Drugs of substandard quality
C Adulterated drugs
D All of the above

42. Registered Pharmacist is the person who should be
A Qualified D Pharm in pharmacy
B Having his name entered in the state register of pharmacist
C Qualified B. Pharmacy in pharmacy
D All of the above

43. As per Pharmacy Act-1948- Define ‘Central Council’
A Pesticide Control of India
B Pharmacy Council of India
C Council working at Delhi
D University Grant Commission

44. Drug Enquiry Committee was established under the chairmanship of ………………….
A Lt. Col. R. N. Chopra in 1931
B Lt. Col. R. N. Chopra in 1940
C Lt. Col. R. N. Chopra in 1921
D Lt. Col. R. N. Chopra in 1911

45. Manufacture outside the bond is also called as
A Manufacture in bond
B Manufacture without the bond
C Bonded laboratory
D Non bonded laboratory

46. Functions of Drug Consultative Committee is
A Make rules to implement the drugs and cosmetic Act
B Give consultation to pharmaceutical companies
C Advice the government in issues related to drugs and cosmetics
D All of the above

47. The Drug & Cosmetic Act was passed on
A 1958
B 1964

C 1974
D 1940

48. There are ————no of schedules to the Rules.
A 10
B 17
C 20
D 27

49. List of drugs exempted from the provision of import of drugs……
A Schedule D
B Schedule V
C Schedule M
D Schedule L

50. Requirements and guidelines on clinical trial for import and Manufacturing of new drugs:
A Schedule X
B Schedule W
C Schedule Y
D Schedule V

51. Which of the following is a magic remedy?
A Talisman
B Mantra
C Kavacha
D All of the above

52. IPR means…….
A Indian pharmaceutical research
B International property rights
C Indian pharmacy Rights.
D Intellectual Property Rights

53. …………….Act provides the levy and collection of duties of excise on medicinal and toilet preparations containing alcohol, opium, Indian hemp etc.
C Excise Duties act 1955

54. The blood bank license is issued in the form number:
A 28 A
B 28
C 28 B
D 28 C

55. The minimum standard for education required for qualification as a pharmacist is known as ……………
A Education Regulation
B Pharmaceutical Legislation
C Pharmaceutical Law
D Ethics & policy

56. The word of alcohol includes
A All hydroxy compound

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B Methyl ethyl alcohol only
C Ethyl alcohol only
D Both methyl and Ethyl alcohol

57. Cosmetic means any article is intended to…..
A Affect the structure of human body
B distinct vermin or insect
C alter the appearance of human body
D all of the above

58. Following is the advisory board of India.

59. Standards for disinfectant fluids.
A Schedule D
B Schedule O
C Schedule P
D Schedule Y

60. Life period of drugs:
A Schedule D
B Schedule Q
C Schedule p

D Schedule F

61. First pharmacy council of India constituted in,……………..
A 1948
B 1949
C 1950
D 1956

62. …………………………….. is defined as “Rules by which a profession regulated action and sets
standards for all its members.
D All of the option

63. The schedule in D & C act deals with prescription drug which are required to be sold by retailonly on prescription of a registered medical practitioner.
A. Schedule C
B. Schedule FF
C Schedule H
D. Schedule J

64. What is the time limit to get the information under RTI act 2005?
A. 15 days
B. 45 days

C. 30 dayS
D. 60 days