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Pharmacology of ANS, PNS & Autacoids (Part:- 6) MCQs with Answers

Pharmacology of ANS, PNS & Autacoids MCQs Question bank with Answers

101. What is the advantage of glycopyrrolate over atropine :
a. Less CNS action
b. Less mydriasis
c. Less tachycardia
d. Less neuromuscular blockade

102. Which of the following anticholinergic is claimed to act selectively on bronchial muscle :
a. Isopropamide
b. Ipratropium
c. Benztropine
d. Pirenzepine

103. Ganglion blockers acts by :
a. Preganglionic release of acetylcholine
b. Preventing conduction across synapse present
c. Blocks nicotinic receptors
d. Preventing competition

104. The classification of alpha & beta adrenergic receptors was given by :
a. Dale
b. Ahlquist
c. Sutton
d. Lewis

105. Most potent cardiac stimulant is :
a. Adrenaline
b. Propranolol
c. Dobutamine
d. Salbutamol

106. Pure alpha 2 blocker is :
a. Timolol
b. Sotalol
c. Yohimbine
d. Carvedilol

107. Dale’s vasomotor reversal phenomenon occurs with:
a. Dopamine
b. Adrenaline
c. Noradrenaline
d. All of the above

108. Dopamine is preferred in treatment of shock be cause :
a. Renal vasodilatory effect
b. Increased cardiac output
c. Peripheral vasoconstriction
d. Prolonged action

109. Effect of Dopamine on Kidney is blocked by :
a. Pindolol
b. Phentolamine
c. Propranolol
d. Haloperidol

110. Increased renal blood flow is caused by :
a. Dopamine
b. Dobutamine
c. Noradrenaline
d. Adrenaline

111. Decrease in vascular resistance of mesentric and renovasculature is caused by :
a. Dopamine
b. Dobutamine
c. Ephedrine
d. Noradrenaline

112. True about terbutaline is :
a. It is an alpha agonist
b. It is an alpha antagonist
c. It is a β2 agonist
d. It is a β2 blocker

113. Phenylephrine is useful for all of the following except :
a. Anaphylactic shock
b. Mydriasis
c. Nasal decongestant
d. Atrial tachycardia

114. Which is not a selective Beta 2 agonist :
a. Orceprenaline
b. Terbutaline
c. Albuterol
d. Isoproterenol

115. All of the following are selective B2 agonists except:
a. Salmeterol
b. Isoproterenol
c. Metoprolol
d. Terbutaline

116. Use of adrenaline is in :
a. Vasovagal syncope
b. Hypotension
c. Anaphylactic shock
d. Bradycardia

117. Presynaptic blocker is :
a. Clonidine
b. Yohimbine
c. Phenoxybenzamine
d. Methyldopa

118. Tamsulosin, a competitive α2 adrenoceptor antagonist has affinity for which of the following receptors:
a. α 1A
b. α1B
c. None of the above
d. Both of a and b

119. Which of the following is beta specific blocker :
a. Esmolol
b. Betaxolol
c. Atenolol
d. Sotalol

120. Which of the following nonselective adrenergic antagonists causes peripheral vasodilatation :
a. Atenolol
b. Carvedilol
c. Sotalol
d. Nadolol

121. All are α blockers except :
a. Tolazoline
b. Prazosin
c. Yohimbine
d. Butoxamine

122. B-blockers are contraindicated in :
a. Hypertension
b. Congestive cardiac failure
c. Anxiety states
d. Hyperthyroidism

123. Beta blocker without local anesthetic effect is :
a. Metoprolol
b. Pindolol
c. Atenolol
d. Timolol

124. Following drugs have a membrane stabilizing effect except :
a. Atenolol
b. Timolol
c. Metoprolol
d. Nadolol

125. Short elimination half-life (8 to 10 min) of esmolol (beta 1 – adrenergic blocker) is due to :
a. Rapid redistribution
b. Rapid elimination by kidney
c. Hydrolysis by blood esterases
d. Rapid protein binding

126. Propranolol is indicated in the following conditions except :
a. Intermittent claudication
b. Portal hypertension
c. Migraine
d. Benign essential tremors

127. Propranolol is indicated in the following conditions except :
a. Intermittent claudication
b. Portal hypertension
c. Migraine
d. Benign essential tremors

128. Which of the following anti-tussive drug does not act through opioid receptors ?
a. Propoxyphene
b. Codeine
c. Noscopine
d. Dextromethorphan

129. Drugs used in migraine prophylaxis are all except:
a. Flunarazine
b. Propranolol
c. Cyprohetadine
d. Sumatriptan

130. Beta agonist used in bronchial asthma exert their action by :
a. Selective β1 agonism
b. Selective β2 agonism
c. Selective β1 antagonism
d. Selective β2 antagonism

131. Anti-inflammatory action of corticosteroids is due to blocking of :
a. 15 LIpo-oxygenase
b. Prostaglandin synthetase
c. Thromboxane synthetase
d. Breakdown of phospholipids

132. Which one of the following drugs is not a long acting neuromuscular blocking agent?
a. Doxacurium
b. Mivacurium
c. Pancuronium
d. Pipecuronium

133. Which is the drug which causes post-anesthetic muscle stiffness?
a. Fentanyl
b. Pyridostigmine
c. Succinylcholine
d. Gallamine

134. True about tyramine are all except :
a. Amphetamines
b. Biguanides
c. Alpha blocking agent
d. A beta blocking agent

135. Drug used in alzheimer’s disease having adverse effect on liver :
a. Tacrine
b. Donepezil
c. Thioctic acid
d. Flumazenil

136. Donepezil is used in the medication is associated with an increased risk of agranulocyosis?
a. Schizophrenia
b. Depression
c. Anxiety
d. Alzheimer dementia

137. Which of the following statements about dopamine is correct :
a. Used in congestive cardiac failure
b. Its plasma half-life is 6 hours
c. Therapeutically useful in parkinsonism
d. Acts only on dopaminergic receptors

138. First does hypotension is caused by :
a. Prazosin
b. Clonidine
c. Sodium nitroprusside
d. Propranolol

139. Postural hypotension is commonly seen with :
a. Captopril
b. Sodium nitropruside
c. Prazosin
d. Labetalol

140. Mannitol decreases the intraocular pressure by :
a. Withdrawing water from vitreous
b. Increasing uveoscleral outflow
c. Increasing aqueous through trabecular meshwork
d. Inhibiting the enzyme carbonic anhydrase in the ciliary body

141. Kallikerein is most commonly found in the following part of kidney :
a. Cortex
b. Medulla
c. Papilla
d. Collecting duct

142. Which of the following drug is contraindicated in pheochromocytoma?
a. Guanethidine
b. Phenoxybenzamine
c. Pabelalol
d. Labetalol


  • 101. a. Less CNS …
  • 102. b. Ipratropium
  • 103. a and c
  • 104. b. AAhlquist
  • 105. a. Adrenaline
  • 106. c. Yohimbine
  • 107. b. Adrenaline
  • 108. a. Renal …
  • 109. None
  • 110. a. Dopamine
  • 111. a. Dopamine
  • 112. c. It is a β2 …
  • 113. a and d
  • 114. d. Isoproterenol
  • 115. b. Isoproterenol
  • 116. c. Anaphylactic …
  • 117. b. Yohimbine
  • 118. d. Both of a and b
  • 119. a, b and c
  • 120. b. Carvidelol
  • 121. d. Butoxamine
  • 122. b. Congestive …
  • 123. d. Timolol
  • 124. a and d
  • 125. c. Hydrolysis …
  • 126. a. Intermittent …
  • 127. a. Intermittent …
  • 128. d. Dextrome …
  • 129. d. Sumatriptan
  • 130. b. Selective …
  • 131. a. 15 LIpo- …
  • 132. d. Pipecuronium
  • 133. a. Fentanyl
  • 134. None
  • 135. a. Tacrine
  • 136. d. Alzheimer …
  • 137. a. Used in …
  • 138. a. Prazosin
  • 139. c. Prazosin
  • 140. c. Increasing …
  • 141. d. Collecting …
  • 142. a. Guanethidine