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Medicinal chemistry 2 MCQs with Answers

Medicinal chemistry 2 MCQs with Answers For GPAT and University examination

1. Propanol is
A. Muscarnic M1 receptor agonist
B. Non selective β- receptor antagonist
C. Selective β1agonist
D. Non selective dopaminergic antagonist

2. An acrylolyl moiety containing diuretic is
A. Indacrinone
B. Ethacrynic acid
C. Torsemide
D. Canrenone

3. The substitution of an aryl group which increase the electron density of carbonyl oxygen, in the structure of LA results in
A. Increased relative toxicity
B. Decreased relative toxicity
C. Increased local anaesthetics activity
D. Decreased local anaesthetic activity

4. Drug receptor site for Sulfonylurea is
A. muscarinic receptor
B. calcium channel
C. potassium channel
D. beta adrenergic receptor

5. Captopril, Lisinopril and Enalapril are
A. ACE inhibitors
B. Beta blockers
C. Alpha2 antagonists
D. None of the above

6. Chemically, mechlorethamine is
A. Bis(2-chloroethyl)(methyl)amine

B. Bis(2-chloromethyl)(ethyl)amine
C. Bis(2-chloroethyl)(propyl)amine
D. Bis(2-chloropropyl)(methyl)amine

7. Which one of the following local anesthetics belongs to the ester group?
A. Procaine
B. Bupivacaine
C. Lignocaine
D. Mepivacaine

8. The cisplatin can be used as
A. Calcium channel blocker
B. Antiarrhythemic drug
C. Antineoplastic cytotoxicity drug
D. Immuosuppressive agent

9. Which one of the following is essential for optimum activity of calcium channel blockers?
A. Phenyl substitution at 3rd position
B. Phenyl substitution at 4th position
C. Phenyl substitution at 5th position
D. Phenyl substitution at 6th position

10. Therapeutic use of amyl nitrite is
A. Treatment of angina pectoris
B. Treatment of methemoglobinemia
C. Treatment of syncope
D. None of the above

11. Steroid can used to
A. Stimulate muscle growth
B. Cause eye site
C. To increase intelligent
D. All of the above

12. The basic PPI pharmacophore is

A. 2-pyridyl methyl sulfinyl benzimidazole
B. 2-pyridyl ethyl sulfinyl benzimidazole
C. 1-pyridyl methyl sulfinyl benzimidazole
D. 1-pyridyl ethyl sulfinyl benzimidazole

13. The drug Promethazine is mainly used for treatment of?
A. Nausea
B. Motion sickness
C. Tension
D. All of the above

14. The term is used to indicate the ability of a cancer to invade other parts of the body and to produce secondary tumours is
A. Carcinogenesis
B. Apoptosis
C. Metastasis
D. Mutagenesis

15. Busulfan acts by…
A. Fragmentation of DNA
B. Mispairing of nucleotides
C. Separation of DNA strands
D. All of the above

16. Activity of 6-Mercaptopurine can be increased by
A. Hydrophilic substitution at 6th position
B. Increase in the alkyl chain length
C. Any substitution at 2nd position
D. Decrease in the alkyl chain length

17. The starting material for synthesis of Nitroglycerine is
A. Trinitroglyceraldehyde
B. Glyceraldehyde
C. Trinitroglycerol
D. Glycerol

18. 4-[bis(2-Chloroethyl)amino]-L-phenylalanine is
A. Chlorambucil
B. Cyclophosphamide
C. Melphalan
D. Busulfan

19. The carbon-carbon double bond in steroids is indicated by—-
A. α
B. β
C. ∆
D. =

20. High blood pressure is the main cause of which of the following ?
A. Stroke
B. Cancer
C. Diabetes
D. Congestive heart failure

21. ………..determines the duration of action of sulphonylureas
A. Aliphatic group
B. Alkyl group
C. Amino group
D. Phenyl group

22. The following antiarrhythmic drug has the most prominent anticholinergic action
A. Disopyramide
B. Procainamide
C. Quinidine
D. Lignocaine

23. Methimazole is a
A. Antidiabetic drug
B. Antithyroid drug
C. Antianginal drug

D. None of the above

24. Famotidine acts as….
A. H1-receptor antagonist
B. Proton pump inhibitor
C. H1-receptor agonist
D. H2-receptor antagonist

25. Which of the following antianginal agents is a calcium channel blocker?
A. Nitroglycerin
B. Nifedipine
C. Isosorbide dinitrate
D. Nicorandil

26. Diuretic is
A. A Drug that accelerate the rate of urine formation
B. A Drug that accelerates heart rate
C. A drug that accelerates breathing rate
D. A drug that reduces heart rate

27. In PPI, Substitution of 4-methoxy group on pyridine results in
A. Increased activity
B. Decreased activity
C. Increased stability
D. Decreased stability

28. Which of the following is notused in the treatment of hyperthyroidism?
A. anti-thyroid drugs
B. synthetic thyroid hormone
C. beta blockers
D. none of the above

29. The starting material for synthesis of dibucaine is….
A. Indole
B. 2-formyl benzoic acid
C. 4-chloro acetophenone
D. Isatin

30. The active form of mercaptopurine is
A. 6-Thioguanophosphate
B. 6-Thioinosinic acid
D. 5-FUMP.

31. Testosterone is secreted by ________
A. Sertoli cells
B. Leydig cells
C. Thyroid
D. Spermatogenic cells

32. Which of these diseases is not related to thyroid glands?
A. Cretinism
B. Myxoedema
C. Goitre
D. Acromegaly

33. Chemically meprylcaine belongs to the class______
A. Benzoic acid derivatives
B. Anilide derivatives
C. Amino benzoic acid derivatives
D. Miscellaneous agents

34. What is the function of LH hormone?
A. Stimulates oxidative respiration
B. Stimulates muscle growth

C. Causes color change in skin
D. Stimulates production of testosterone

35. How T3 differs from T4?
A. it is more acidly bound to plasma proteins
B. it has a shorter plasma half life
C. it is less potent
D. it has a longer latency of action

36. Repaglinide belongs to class….
A. Biguanides
B. Glitazones
C. Meglitinides
D. Glucosidase inhibitors

37. Which of the following Oral hypoglycemic drug belongs to Biguanide category ?
A. Tolbutamide
B. Acarbose
C. Metformin
D. Troglitazone

38. Which of the following diuretics should be used for hypercalcemia patients?
A. Osmotic diuretics
B. Loop diuretics
C. Carbonic anhydrous inhibitor diuretics
D. Potassium-sparing diuretics

39. The antihistamine with diphenyl methyl group is_______________.
A. Methdilazine
B. Phenindamine
C. Cyclizine hydrochloride
D. Pheniramine

40. Heterocyclic ring present in furosemide is

A. Pyridine
B. Furan
C. Pyrimidine
D. Pyridine

41. Steroids can——-
A. stimulate muscle growth
B. cause eyesight to improve
C. increase intelligence
D. decrease intelligence

42. Felodipine belongs to class…
A. 1,4-dihydropyridines
B. Calcium channel blockers
C. Antianginal agents
D. All of the above

43. Acetazolamide is—-
A. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
B. Loop Diuretic
C. Thiazide Diuretic
D. Potassium Sparing Diuretic

44. Choose the correct statement concerning statin drugs
A. Statins inhibit HMG Co-A reductase
B. Statins increse high affinity LDL receptors
C. Both A & B
D. None of the above

45. The receptor target for nitrates is
A. Cytostolic guanyl cyclase
B. Topoisomerase II
C. Cytostolic adenine cyclase

D. None of these

46. The primary site of action of thiazide diuretics is:
A. Proximal Distal tubule
B. Cortical diluting segmen
C. Ascending limb of loop of Henle
D. Collecting ducts

47. A primary source of histamine released during inflammatory conditions are:
A. Mast cells
B. B cells
C. Enterochromaffin-like cells
D. Presynaptic nerve terminals

48. In PPI, Substitution of electron accepting group on benzimidazole ring results in….
A. Increased activity
B. Reduced activity
C. Increased toxicity
D. Reduced toxicity

49. Which of the following drugs is an Antihistaminic class?
A. Promethazin
B. Pilocarpine
C. Prednisolone
D. Cycloserine

50. Which of the following histamine receptor increases the release of gastric acid?
A. H1 receptor
B. H2 receptor
C. H3 receptor
D. H4 receptor

51. Local anesthetic binds directly to____________.
A. Intracellular voltage dependent potassium channels

B. Intracellular voltage dependent sodium channels
C. Intracellular voltage dependent calcium channels
D. None of these.

52. Which of the following is NOT a good drug target for cardiac arrhythmias?
A. Calcium channel blockers
B. Potassium channel activators
C. Sodium channel blockers
D. Beta blockers

53. The type of ring which should be maintained for affinity at H2 receptor site in cimetidine ring is?
A. Cyclohexane
B. Piperazine
C. Imidazole
D. Pyrole

54. Which one of the following maintains pharmacokinetic profile of calcium channel blockers
A. Ester group at C3
B. Ester group at C5
C. C5 methyl group
D. All of the above.

55. Side effects of drug Omeprazole is —
A. Seizures
B. Low magnesium blood level
C. Lupus
D. All of the above

56. Which of the following drug is containing 1,3,4 thiadiazole ring?
A. Amiloride
B. Acetazolamide
C. Dichloropenamide
D. None

57. The starting material used for the synthesis of histamine is….
A. D-histidine
B. L-histidine
C. S-histidine
D. None of these.

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58. The adrenal cortex produces ______
A. Adrenaline
B. Calcitonin
C. Epinephrine
D. Aldosterone

59. An example of drug from class piperazine antihistamine drug?
A. Cimetidine
B. Buclizine
C. Glycopyrrolate
D. All of the above

60. Which one of the following drug belongs to class nitrosoureas
A. Thiotepa
B. Lomustine
C. Busulfan.
D. Decarbazine.