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Nervous system (Unit:- 1) :- Hand written notes


  • Unit:- 1 Nervous system
  • Organization of nervous system,
  • neuron,
  • neuroglia,
  • classification and properties of nerve fibre,
  • electrophysiology,
  • action potential,
    nerve impulse,
  • receptors,
  • synapse,
  • neurotransmitters.
  • Central nervous system: Meninges, ventricles of brain and cerebrospinal fluid.
  • structure and functions of brain (cerebrum,
  • brain stem, cerebellum),
  • spinal cord (gross structure,
  • functions of afferent and efferent nerve tracts,reflex activity)

Subject:- Human anatomy and physiology 2 Hand written notes

Topic:- Nervous system (unit:- 1)

Semester:- sem 2, second semester

Course:- BPharmacy, bachelor of pharmacy