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ointment MCQs with Answers

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Topic:- ointment

1️⃣ Which of the following ointment is not classified according to its therapeutic use ?
A. Antibiotic ointment
B. Diadermic ointment
C. Antifungal ointment
D. Keratolytic ointment

2️⃣ Endodermic Ointments are act as___
A. Protectant
B. Antiseptic
C. Stimulant
D. Parasiticides

3️⃣ Which of the following are ointment bases ?
A. Oleaginous base
B. Absorption base
C.Emulsion base
D. All of the above

4️⃣ Which of the following base is never used in the ophthalmic preparation ?
A. White soft Paraffin
B. Hard Paraffin
C.liquid paraff
D.Yellow soft Paraffin

5️⃣ The another name of wool fat is___
B.Anhydrous lanolin
C.Hydrous wool fat
D. Wool alcohol

6️⃣ Water soluble bases are also known as___
B. Wool fat
C.Grease less ointment base
D. Greasy ointment base

7️⃣ Which of the following method is used in preparation of ointment ?
A. Dry gum method
B. Wet gum method
C.Bottle method
D. Fusion method

8️⃣ Trituration method is used when___
A. Medicaments are insoluble in base
B. Medicaments are soluble in base
C. Base is hard
D. Both A & C

9️⃣ Chemical reaction method is used when ointment preparation containing ___
A. Fluorine
B. Iodine
C. Chlorine
D. Bromine

???? Cetrimide ointment is prepared by which method ?
A. Chemical method
B. Trituration method
C. Fusion method
D. Emulsification method



1. B ( Diadermic ointment )
2. C ( Stimulant )
3. D ( All of the above )
4. A ( White soft Paraffin )
5. B ( Anhydrous lanolin )
6. C ( Grease less ointment base )
7. D ( Fusion method )
8. A ( Medicaments are insoluble in base )
9. B ( Iodine )
10.C ( Fusion method )