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Pathophysiology Very Most IMP Question

3rd Semester
IMP Questions

  1. Write a note on Hypertension (BP ) explain Types, pathogenesis, Causes, treatment .
  2. Define and Classify Diabetes mellitus and explain it’s symptoms , causes , treatment .
  3. Write the short notes on
    A. Myocardial infraction
    B. Angina
    C. Gonorrhea
    D. Jaundice
  4. Write the detailed note on atherosclerosis
  5. Write a detailed note on Asthma
    ( it’s symptoms , treatment , causes )
  6. Define all types of anaemia and explain Sickle cell anaemia and it’s pathophysiology
  7. Write short notes on Megaloblastic anaemia ( Vit B12 & Folic acid ) and iron deficiency anaemia.
  8. Explain Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in detail.
  9. Explain Epilepsy and schizophrenia with Pathophysiology of them.
  10. Explain Pathophysiology of AIDS
  11. Explain Pathogenesis of cancer
  12. Define Homeostasis. Explain about Feedback systems.
  13. Define and write down the Types of Inflammation and mechanism of Inflammation.
  14. Describe Basic principles of Wound healing .