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Physical pharmacutics imp for GTU

Physical Pharmaceutics 1

3rd Semester IMP Questions

1) Define solubility. discuss solubility of liquid or liquids .


discus s solubility of solubility liquid or gas in liquid

2) short note on : -dipole moment , -latent heat-relative humidity,
– polymorphism
-vapour pressure ,
-sublimationcritical point , -eutectic mixture
3) Explain method of measuring surface and interfacial tension.
4) Describe and discuss classification of complexs


classify complexes discuss metal ion complexes in detail.
5) Discuss different methods of adjusting tonicity and pH.
6) Define buffer s buffers in Pharmaceutical and biological system.
7) Write a detailed note on buffer equation (Has selbatch equation).
8) Write different method for determination of pH.
9) write a note on buffer capacity, buffer isotonic solution

10) Discuss in detail about sorensen’ s pH scale.

11) Enmurate and elaborate factor affecting solubility.
12) Discuss in detail about distribution law and its application and limitations .
13) What is spreading coefficient ?
14) What i s absorption. discuss in details
15) Write a note on protein binding kinetics.
16) Discus s in detail about Rault’s law and its application.
17) Explain surface active agent ( surfactants ) and HLB value ( with HLB scale figure ).