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Pharmaceutical Management MCQs with Answers

Pharmaceutical Management Final YearB. Pharmacy (Semester-VIII)

1. Which level of management is responsible for establishing a vision for the organization, developing board plans and strategies and directing subordinate
a) First level managers
b) Middle level managers
c) Executive managers
d) Second level managers

2. Using your whole body communicate is called what
a) Miming
b) Body language
c) Sign language
d) Full communication

3. ——plans have clearly defined objectives
a) Directional
b) Flexible
c) Specific
d) Standing

4. The principle of objective states
a) Delegation of authority
b) Existence for a purpose
c) Formal organization
d) None of above

5. Which management function involves measuring results, comparing results to expectations, and taking corrective action?
a) Planning
b) Organizing
c) Leading
d) Controlling

6. Staffing needs
a) Man power planning
b) Communication
c) Authority
d) Coordination

7. According to Fayol,s 14 principle of management, ‘Espirit De Corps’ refers to which of the following.
a) Being treated fairly and kindly
b) Spirit of corporation
c) Team work and harmony
d) Spirit of work

8. First step of planning is
a) Developing premises
b) Setting objective
c) Identifying alternatives
d) Follow up

9. How many types of communication are there
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

10. A manager who possesses knowledge of the processes, equipment and potential problems of an industry would possesses what types of managerial skill
a) Technical
b) Administrative
c) Interpersonal
d) Organizational

11. What is good way to continue the communication
a) Make good eye contact
b) Be active listening
c) Ask question
d) Do not interrupt

12. Which is the primary function of management
a) Controlling
b) Planning
c) Staffing
d) Directing

13. Planning increase the chances of success
a) True
b) False
c) Depends
d) None of these

14. Non-financial incentives have many things to do with
a) Directing
b) Motivation
c) Planning
d) Organizing

15. Gangplank means
a) Direct contact
b) Contact not allowed
c) Appointment before contact
d) Indirect contact

16. Which is the oldest form of organization
a) Committee organization
b) Line organization
c) Line & Staff Organization
d) Functional Organization

17. Henry Fayol was
a) Social Scientist
b) Production Engineer
c) Mining Engineer
d) Accountant

18. Which statement is related to principles of division of work
a) Development should be divided into subsections
b) Work should be divided into small tasks
c) Labour should be divided
d) Resources should be divided into among the jobs

19. Management —-
a) Reduce effectiveness
b) Cause chaos
c) Increases efficiency
d) Cause delays

20. What is the term used when you are listening to learn
a) Critical listening
b) Informational listening
c) Focused listening
d) Empathetic listening

21. Name the process which co-ordinates human efforts, assemble resources and integrate both into a untitled hold to be utilized for achieving specified objective.
a) Management
b) Planning
c) Directing
d) Organizing

22. As the span of management increases in an organization, the number of level of management in the organization ;
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Remains unaffected
d) None of the above

23. Simples type of plan
a) Rule
b) Policy
c) Budget
d) Procedure

24. Planning increase the chances of success
a) True
b) False
c) Depends
d) None of above

25. Which of the following is not a limitation of planning
a) It involves cost
b) Not a guarantee to success
c) Work in dynamic manner
d) Involves a time

26. Planning premises are
a) Objective
b) Building
c) Assumption
d) Evaluation

27. Compressive plan to achieve objectives
a) Strategy
b) Policy
c) Objective
d) Procedure

28. Which plan involves sequence of activities
a) Policy
b) Method
c) Procedure
d) Objective

29. Management is
a) An art
b) A science
c) Both An art & a science
d) Neither an art nor a science

30. To manage “ Is to Forecast & Plan, to organize, To Commond,To Coordinate & control.” These are the word of……
a) Koontz and O’ Donnel
b) Henry Fayol
c) F. W. Taylor
d) Peter F. Drucker

31. Who is known as the Father of Management
a) Alfred Marshall
b) Mathew Bolton
c) F. W. Taylor
d) Henry Gantt

32. …… policy making function
a) Production
b) Plan
c) Work
d) Administration

33. Out of mentioned below, which is not the output of management
a) Desired result
b) Goal achievement
c) Technology
d) Status in Market

34. Following are the mentioned few duties which is not the duty of management
a) To keep stability
b) To motivate staff
c) To reduce wastage
d) To do manufacture

35. Management is considered important because
a) It helps an organizational to adapt the changes
b) Seeks to integrate individual efforts
c) It helps in development of the society
d) All of above

36. Which technique of scientific management best describe ‘Division of Work’
a) Time study
b) Fatigue Study
c) Functional foremanship
d) Method study

37. Which feature of principle of management says that they are not static and rigid statement?
a) General guideline
b) Contingent
c) Flexible
d) Behavioral

38. ‘Assigning duties and responsibilities to their employee’s is the function of
a) Top level management
b) Middle level management
c) Lower level management
d) All of above

39. Which one of the following is not the designation give to the top level management in business organization?
a) Board of Director
b) CEO
c) Worker
d) Vice president

40. Policy formulation is the function of
a) Top level management
b) Middle level management
c) Operation management
d) A feature of management

41. Chief Executive officer is working at …….level of management.
a) Middle
b) Lower
c) Top
d) None

42. Management
a) Reduces effectiveness
b) Causes chaos
c) Increases efficiency
d) Causes delays

43. ……is the professional association connected to management
b) Bar council
c) IMA

44. Pick the odd one out
a) Foreman
b) Sales manager
c) Supervisor
d) First line manager

45. Which management function puts the right people at right place?
a) Directing
b) Staffing
c) Planning
d) Organizing

46. Military type organization is seen in
a) Line
b) Staff
c) Line & staff

47. …….means giving the right work to the right person
a) Delegation of authority
b) Responsibly
c) Effective delegation
d) All oProject

48. The process of monitoring, comparing and correcting is called……..
a) Controlling
b) Coordinating
c) Leading
d) Organizing

49. Supply of Human and material resources and helps to achieve the objective of business is:
a) Planning
b) Organizing
c) Management
d) Control

50. In ……type of organization the sub ordinate receives orders from their immediate boss.
a) Line organization
b) Line & staff organization
c) Functional organization
d) Product organization

51. Discipline start from
a) Bottom to top
b) From middle
c) Top to Bottom
d) None of above

52. The content of the communication is called
a) A message
b) Noise
c) Media richness
d) Jargon (Nonsense)

53. Systemic flow of services of goods or information from buying material for product delivery to customers is known as
a) Supply chain
b) Value chain
c) Material flow chain
d) Manufacturing flow chain

54. Decision model to calculate optimal quantity of inventory to be ordered is called
a) Efficient order quantity
b) Economic order quantity
c) Rational order quantity
d) Optimized order quantity

55. The following classes of costs are usually involved in inventory decisions
a) Cost of ordering
b) Carrying cost
c) Cost of shortage
d) All of above

56. Which of the following is an inventory?
a) Raw material
b) Finished products
c) Consumable tools
d) All of above

57. The cost of product failure, error prevention and appraisals
a) Stocking costs
b) Stock-out cost
c) Cost of quality
d) Shrinkage cost

58. Which of the following is not an inventory?
a) Machine
b) Raw material
c) Finished product
d) Consumable tools

59. Forecast
a) Become more accurate with longer time horizons
b) Are rarely perfect
c) Are more accurate for individual items than for group of items
d) All of above

60. Which type of manager is responsible for reporting to middle manager?
a) Employee
b) Manager
c) Executive manager
d) Second level maabove