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Pharmaceutical Microbiology Imp Questions


1). Write Down Sterilization in Detail. Explain Autoclaving in detail [Diagram].
2). Elaborate types of spoilage in pharmaceutical formulations. Discuss factors
affecting the microbial spoilage of pharmaceutical products
3). Explain applications of animal cell culture in pharmaceutical research. Write a note
on transformed cell cultures with examples.
4). Write a short note on clean area classification. Write Down Application of clean
5). Mention the various sterility indicators with their applications in brief.
6). Explain significance of control test, Media and Method recommended for the
sterility testing of pharmaceutical product as per IP
7). Explain the various sources of contamination in an aseptic area and methods of
8). Enumerate technique for the quantitative measurement of bacterial growth and
explain any one method for viable count
9). How is preparation of microbial specimen done for compound microscopy?
10). Write a brief note on (any one)
i. Phase contrast Microscopy
ii. Flourescence Microscopy
iii. Electron Microscopy
11). What is differential staining technique? explain staining Method.
12). Classify the disinfectants. Enlist the factors affecting disinfection. Discuss any
13). Define aseptic area and mention the various sources of contamination and
preventive measures to be taken in aseptic area.
14). Enumerate various methods used for microbiological Assay. Discuss one level
assay method for microbial assay of antibiotics
15). Compare and contrast: Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes.
16). Write a short not on IMViC test for the identification of bacteria

17). Classify the various fungi and explain in brief about its reproduction and
18). Write in defects:- 1). Laminar flow equipments 2). Different sources of
contamination 3). Clean area classification 4). Viruses
19). Describe physical, chemical and biological monitors for sterilization.
20). What is fungal dimorphism? Discuss taxonomy of fungi.
Note: –
• 1 to 15 Most IMP
• 15 to 20 Extra for Toppers