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Pharmaceutics (Part-5) MCQs with Answers


1. Unequal distribution of color on a tablet, refers to
(a) Picking
(b) Mottling
(c) Capping
(d) Sticking

2. Match the following and find out the correct combination
1. Capping
2. Lamination
3. Mottling
4. Sticking
(P) Separation of a tablet into 2 or more layers (Q) Unequal distribution of color on a tablet
(R) Separation of top/bottom crowns of a tablet from the main body
(S) Adherence of tablet material to the die wall
(a) 2-P, 3-Q, 1-R, 4-S
(b) 1-P, 2-Q, 3-R, 4-S
(c) 3-P, 1-Q, 2-R, 4-S
(d) 4-P, 1-Q, 3-R, 2-S

3. Which of these is responsible for sticking?
(a) Excessive moisture
(b) Low moisture
(c) Both
(d) None

4. which of the following mixer is a first high shear powder blender/mixer
(a) Diosna mixer
(b) Littleford lodige mixer
(c) Flow mixer
(d) Gral mixer

5. If the dose of a drug is inadequate, then it generally requires the following one, to make up its bulk
(a) Binders
(b) Disintegrants
(c) Lubricants
(d) Diluents

6. The first and most widely used diluent in tablet formulation is
(a) Dextrose
(b) Lactose
(c) MCC
(d) Starch

7. Anhydrous lactose has the advantage over hydrous lactose
(a) Improved flow
(b) Absence of millard reaction
(c) Improved compressibility
(d) High microbial load

8. Which of the following is not a commercially available starch product?
(a) Sta-Rx 1500
(b) Celutab
(c) Emdex
(d) Sugar tab

9. Which of the following is a synthetic adhesive?
(a) PVP
(b) MC
(c) HPMC
(d) HPC

10. Which of the following is a water soluble lubricant?
(a) Stearic acid
(b) Mineral oil
(c) PEG
(d) Magnesium stearate

11. Find out the correct statements regarding a sweetener, saccharin
(P) It is 500 times sweeter than sucrose, but it is carcinogenic
(Q) It is 500 times sweeter than sucrose, but it has bitter taste
(R) It is sweeter than sucrose, but it is safe
(S) It is sweeter than sucrose, but it is unstable
(a) P, S
(b) P, R
(c) P, Q
(d) R, S

12. Aerosil is used as
(a) Glidant
(b) Lubricant
(c) Antiadherant
(d) None

13. What is the pH of duodenum?
(a) 2-3

(b) 7-8
(c) 4-6

(d) 10

14. Tablets, which are placed between cheek and teeth, are known as
(a) Buccal
(b) Sublingual
(c) Lozenges
(d) Troches

15. Which statement is not correct?
(a) Buccal routes avoids first pass metabolism
(b) Parenteral route avoids first pass metabolism
(c) Sublingual route avoids first pass metabolism
(d) Oral route avoids first pass metabolism

16. Match the following ingredients according to their purpose in the formulation of tablets and find out the correct set
1. Glidant
2. Diluent
3. Adherent
4. Disintegrant
(a) 1-R, 2-S, 3-P, 4-T
(b) 1-S, 2-R, 3-Q, 4-P
(c) 1-R, 2-S, 3-T, 4-Q
(d) 1-Q, 2-T, 3-R, 4-P

17. Enteric coating is achieved by using
(a) HPMC
(b) CMC
(c) CAP
(d) Povidine

18. The disintegration time for sugar coated tablets is
(a) 30 minutes
(b) 45 minutes
(c) 60 minutes
(d) 75 minutes

19. Flow rate of granules from the hopper can be improved by adding
(a) Disintegrant
(b) Glidant
(c) Binder
(d) Lubricant

20. given below are equipment used in the manufacture of following products P-T. Match them and find out correct answer
1. Zenasi
2. Hepa filter
3. Chilsonator
4. Accela cota
(P) Tablet granules
(Q) Tablet coating
(R) Emulsion
(S) Injectables
(T) Capsule
(a) 1-T, 2-S, 3-P, 4-Q
(b) 1-P, 2-Q, 3-S, 4-R
(c) 1-T, 2-R, 3-Q, 4-P
(d) 1-S, 2-R, 3-P, 4-Q

21. Match the ingredients according to their purpose in the formulation & find out correct set
1. Film coating
2. Syrups
3. Emulsification
4. Enteric coating
(P) Sodium benzoate
(Q) Ethyl cellulose
(R) Eudragit
(S) Sucrose
(T) Sodium oleate
(a) 1-P, 2-Q, 3-R, 4-S
(b) 1-R, 2-S, 3-T, 4-Q
(c) 1-T, 2-P, 3-S, 4-Q
(d) 1-R, 2-S, 3-Q, 4-T

22. Match the following regions in GIT with the pH levels indicated from P-T and find out correct answer
1. Mouth
2. Stomach
3. Deodenum
4. Large intestine
(P) 5-6
(Q) 6.8-7.5
(R) 6.8-7
(S) 3-5
(T) 1.5-3
(a) 1-Q, 2-T, 3-S, 4-R
(b) 1-P, 2-R, 3-S, 4-T
(c) 1-S, 2-T, 3-Q, 4-R
(d) 1-R, 2-S, 3-T, 4-P

23. In sugar coating of tablets, subcoating done?
(a) To prevent moisture absorption
(b) To round the edge & build tablet size
(c) To smoothen the surface
(d) To prevent the tablet from breaking due to vibration

24. Some possible causes are mentioned in P-T, for the following defects during the film coating of tablets. Match them
1. Chipping
2. Cracking
3. Orange peel
4. Blistering
(P) Poor spreading during spraying
(Q) Over heating during spraying
(R) Higher internal stresses in film
(S) Excessive coating process
(T) Precipitation of polymer due to high temperature/poor solvent
(a) 1-S, 2-R, 3-P, 4-Q
(b) 1-T, 2-S, 3-R, 4-P
(c) 1-P, 2-Q, 3-R, 4-S
(d) 1-R, 2-P, 3-Q, 4-T

25. Sub coating is given to the tablets
(a) To increase the bulkiness
(b) To avoid deterioration due to microbial attack
(c) To prevent the solubility in acidic medium
(d) To avoid stickness

26. The following ingredients are commonly used as coating agents for film coating except
(a) CAP
(b) Carnauba wax
(c) HEC
(d) Sodium CMC

27. The ingredients mentioned in P-S are used in various stages of sugar coating of tablets. Match them and find out correct ans
1. Seal coating
2. Sub coating
3. Syrup coating
4. Polishing
(P) Gelatin
(Q) Carnauba wax
(R) PEG 4000
(S) Cane sugar
(a) 1-S, 2-P, 3-R, 4-Q
(b) 1-Q, 2-S, 3-R, 4-P
(c) 1-P, 2-Q, 3-R, 4-S
(d) 1-R, 2-P, 3-Q, 4-S

28. The Wurster process can be used to
(a) Coat tablets
(b) Determine the disintegration time
(c) Gas sterilize parenteral solution
(d) Automatic filling of capsules

29. Which of this is the first process that must occur before a drug can become available for absorption from a tablet dosage form?
(a) Dissolution of the drug in GI fluids
(b) Dissolution of the drug in epithelium
(c) Ionization of the drug
(d) Disintegration of the drug

30. Tablets are placed into coating chamber & hot air is introduced through the bottom of the chamber. Coating solution is applied through an atomizing nozzle from the upper end of the chamber. This technique is called
(a) Sealing before sugar coating
(b) Coating by air suspension
(c) Spray-pan coating
(d) Chamber coating

31. A synthetic sweetening agent which is approximately 200 times sweeter than sucrose & has no taste is
(a) Saccharin
(b) Aspartame
(c) Cyclamate
(d) Sorbitol

32. Shellac is used the purpose of coating tablets as
(a) Polishing agent
(b) Film coating agent
(c) Enteric coating agent
(d) Sub-coating agent for sugar coating

33. Dose dumping is a problem in the formulation of
(a) Compressed tab
(b) Suppository
(c) Soft gelatin capsules
(d) Controlled release drug products

34. Select the equation that gives the rate of drug dissolution from a tablet
(a) Fick’s law
(b) Henderson-Hasselbatch equation
(c) Noyes-Whitney equation
(d) Michelis Menton equation

35. Which of the following substance is used as mucoadhesive
(a) Acacia
(b) Sodium CMC
(c) Burnt sugar
(d) Saccharin

36. In the preparation of multi-layer tablets, one of the following is used for hydrophilic matrix coating.
(a) Shellac
(b) CMC
(c) Stearyl alcohol
(d) Bees wax

37. The diameter of the mesh aperture in the I.P. disintegration apparatus is given below. Choose the correct size
(a) 2 mm (b) 4 mm
(c) 1mm (d) 1.50 mm

38. Diclofenac tablet with CAP has been administered to a patient. Where do you expect the drug to be released?
(a) Stomach
(b) Oral cavity
(c) Small intestine
(d) Liver

39. Which of the following flavor is used in a formulation containing sour taste?
(a) Wild cherry
(b) Vanilla
(c) Citrus
(d) Chocolate

40. Durability of a tablet to combined effects of shock & abrasion is evaluated by using
(a) Hardness tester
(b) Disintegration test apparatus
(c) Friabilator
(d) Screw guage

41. A retardant material that forms a hydrophilic matrix in the formulation of matrix tablets is
(a) HPMC
(b) CAP
(c) Polyethylene
(d) Carnauba wax

42. A water soluble substance used as coating material in micro encapsulation process is
(a) Polyethylene
(b) Silicone
(c) HEC
(d) Paraffin

43. One of the following is used as a pH dependant controlled release excipient
(a) Carnauba wax
(c) MC
(d) Glyceryl mono stearate

44. In the tablet coating process, inadequate spreading of coating solution before drying causes
(a) Orange peel effect
(b) Sticking effect
(c) Blistering effect
(d) Picking effect

45. Crown thickness of a tablet is measured by
(a) Micrometer
(b) Pychnometer
(c) Hydrometer
(d) All the above

46. Friabilator is operated at
(a) 100 RPM
(b) 75 RPM
(c) 50 RPM
(d) 25 RPM

47. Enteric coated tablet disintegrate in ……hours in simulated intestinal fluid
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4

48. In dissolution test, flask is maintained at
(a) 37oC ± 0.5oC
(b) 37oC ± 1oC
(c) 37oC ± 0.6oC
(d) 37oC ± 1.5Oc

49. Capping is prevented by using one of the following punches
(a) Flat
(b) Circular
(c) Square
(d) Rectangular

50. Plating of punch faces are done by
(a) Chromium
(b) Zinc
(c) Iron
(d) All


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