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Pharmacognocy Drug chart (Table) {Easy to Remember}

                                              [A] LAXATIVES                                              Created By:-Aakash Naik DCP-1
DEFINATION:-Which the loose bowels (Intestine) or the drug promote difection (push out the excreta from the body through the anu Drug Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 ALOE Musabhar,korp Dried juice of the leaves of Barbaloin,Aloe emo Irritant,cosmatics 1)Schoenteten's reaction
had,aloe aloe barbadensis miller. din,Resin cinnamic applied for pain 2)klunge's test
Family-Lillaceae acid 3)Modified Borntrager test
2 RHUBARB Rheum,Rhizome Its consist of Rhizome of Rhein,aloe-emodin, Mild purgative stoma- 1)Adsition of ammonia,
Rhem,Rhubarb- Rhume palmatum linn Chrusophanol cinn- yic,Astringent pink colour.
Rhizome Family-polygonaceae mic acid,physicon ga- 2)Borntrager's test
llic acid,calcium oxa-
late,Rhein acids
3 CASTOR OIL The fixed oil obtained by
Oleum Ricini Ricinolic acid,linolic, Paints,varnishes,
the cold expression of Strearic,Isostearic ac- emollient used in
Ricinus communis. id
4 ISAPAGHULA Isapgol,Isabgol Dried seeds of plantago Pentosan,aldobionic Paints,varnishes,em-
ovata acid,mucilage ollient used in hair
Family-Plantaginaceae oil
5 SENNA Indian senna, Dried Leaflets of cassia Laxative,Irritant, Borntrager test
LEAVES Tineevelly,senna angustifolia Pentosan,aldobionic purgative
Family-Leguminosae acid,mucilage

DEFINATION-Are the drug which give strenght or energy to the activity of heart Eg.Digitalis,Arjuna

Sr.No. Drugs Synonymes B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 DIGITALIS Foxgloves leaves, Dried Leaves of Digitalis Purpurea glycoside Cardiotonic,used in Killer Killani Test
Digitalis leaves purpurea A&B,Digitonin,Sapo- CCF (Congestive card-
Family-Scrophulariaceae nin glycosides,gitonin iac Failure
Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
2 ARJUNA Arjuna Bark Dried stem bark of 15% tannins arjunolic Cardiotonic diuretic
Termunalia arjuna acid,allagic acid

DEFINATION:-The soothing medicament thet act by reliving pain in the stomach and intestine and axel gas form G.I.T

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 CARDAMON Elaichi,Cardamon Dried ripe fruits of Cineol,borneol,terpy- Carminative,aromstic
Fruit elattaria cardamomum nyl,acetate.terpinene stumulant,flavouring
Family-Zingiberaceae fixed iol starch agent
2 CORIANDER Coriander fruits Dried ripe fruits of Corian - Corindrol,Terpenes, aromatic,carminative
dhane,dhania drum sativam linn fixed oil,proteins lin- stimulant,flevouring
Family-Umbelliferae alool,L-borneol,gera- agent,spicy food
niol,vit. A
3 FENNEL Badishep,fennel Dried ripe fruit of foenicu - Fenchone anthol Carminative,aromstic
fruit lum vulgare miller limonene,miisic resiratory stimulant,
Family-Umbelliferae aldehyde flevouring agent,
4 GINGER Adark, zingiber It consist Rhizome of zin- Gingiberene,gingi- carminative,stimulnt,
giber officinale berol,shogaol,cineol flevouring agent,
Family-Zingiberaceae citral,borneol,terpen aromatic used in
es mouth wash
5 ASAFOETIDA Hing,gum, oleo-gum resin and cansist Asaresino-tannol, carminative nerve to-
asafoetida of rhizomes and root of umbellifer-one, nic,flevouring agent,
ferula foetida pinene terpenes antestinal antiseptic,
Family-Umbelliferae veterinery medicine
Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
6 CINNAMON Kalmi-Dalchini, Dried inner bark of cinnam - Cinnamalde-hyde Carminative,flevouring
cinnomon bark omum Zelynicum nees. eugenol,caryophyll- agent,mild astringent,
Family-Lauraceae ane powerful germcide
7 NUTMEG Myristica,jaiphal Dried ripe seed of myristica myristicin,aleminicin,
fragrans saffrol nutmeg butter aromatic,stimulant,
Family-myristicaceae fat cantent is used in
soap indestry
8 CLOVE Lavang,laung, Dried flowerbud of eugenol,isoeugenol, Carminative,aromatic,
clove bud Eugenia caryophiyllus methyl furfural, stimulant,antiseptic,
Family-Myrtaceae alpha and beta caryo- flavouring agent,den-
phylline tal analgesic oil
9 AJOWAN Bishop's weed, Dried ripe fruits of the plant Thymol,p-cymeme, antiseptic,aromatic,
trachyspermum trachyspermum ammi terpinene pinerie, carminative,perfuming
copticum link Family-Umbellifererae glycoside,steroidel disinfectant soaps,
antispasmodic soaps
10 BLACK Kalimiri,golmirchi Dried fully devloped unripe piperine,piperidine, aromatic,stimulant,
PAPPER kalimirchi fruits of piper nigrum pipertine,chavicine, carminative as condi-
Family-Piperaceae caryophyllene, ment and spice

DEFINATION:-Are the substances which cause contraction of oraganic tissue by precipitating.

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 BLACK Khadir,Khair, Dried aq. Extract of the he- Acacatechin,catechu Astringent used for 1)Vanilin test
CATEU kattha,cutch artwood of the plant acacia red,quercetin,gum digetion,dyeing and 2)Ferric chloride test
catechu. tanning,preservative
Family-Leguminosae Astringent
2 GAMBHIR Pale catechu Dried aq.Extract prepared Catechutannic acid, Astringent 1)Vanilin test
CATECHU from the leaves of uncaria catechin,catechu red, 2)Match-stick test
gambier. gum,ganbirfluorescin 3)Gambier flurescin

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 HYOCYAMUS Hyoscymus herb, Dried Leaves and flowering I-hysocyamine,hyso- Sedative,expectorant,
Henbane tops of hyscyamus niger lin scine,atropine, antispasmodic,
Family-Solanceae alkaloids,lamina, anti-asthmatic
2 DATURA Datura herb, Dried leaves and flowering Hyoscine,I-hyosoya- Antispasmodic,treat 1)Vitali morin
dhotara,dhatura tops of datura metal variet mine,atropine, the duadenal and 2)Silver nitrate
Family-Solanceae scopolamine. gastric ulcer
3 ACONITE Aconite root Dried root of aconite Aconitine aconine, Analgesic,cardiac
Monkhood napellus linn. neopelline,neoline, depresent,to treat
Family-Ramumculaceae benzoyl aconin rheumastic
4 ASHWAGAN- Withania roots, Dried roots stem bases on Tropine,anaferin, Hypotensive,
DHA asgand, withania somnifera Withasomnine, depresent,antispasm-
Aswagandha Family-Solanceae vasamine odic,antitumor
5 EPHEDRA Ma-Haung Dried young sten of Ephedrine,I-methyl Used in relief of
Ephedra gerardiana ephedrine,dimethyl asthma,high fever,
Family-Gnetaceae ephedrine Whooping cough
6 OPIUN Raw opiun Dried latex obtained from Morphine,codeine, Analgesic,hypnotic,
of the plant,papaver noscopine,narcotine, narcotic,expectorant,
somniferum linn papaverine bronchitis diaphoretic
7 CANNABIS Cannabis indica, Dried flowering tops of Resin,cannabinol, Narcotic,sedative,
ganja cannabis sativa linn trigonelline,choline Analgesic,causes
Family-cannabinaceae intoxication
Sr,No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
8 NUX-VOMICA Crow-fig,Semen Dried rip seeds of indol alkaloids,strchin tonic,stimulant
strychini,nux- strychnos nux-vomica linn bruchine Strychinine
vomica seed Family-Loganiaceae

DEFINATION:The medicaments given in the treatment of high blood pressure are known as antihypertensive drugs eg.Rauwolfia

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 RAUWOLFIA Rauwolfia root, Dried root of the plant Reserpine,resinnam- reserpine used as tra-
Chhotachand, Rauwolfia serpentina. ine,ajmaline,rauwol- nquillizer,antihypert-
Snake-root Family-Apocynaceae finine ensive

DEFINATION:-Are the agent which act upon the pulmonary menbranes thet hasten or alter leaves,Tulsi,Tolu balsam

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 VASAKA Adhatoda Dried as well as fresh lea- Anti-tussive,volatile used to treat cold,
LEAVES ves of the plant Adhatoda oil,adhatodic acid, cough,whooping cough
vasica nees vitamin-C asthama
2 TULSI Sacred basil,Holy Fresh and dried leaves of Volatile oil,Methyle- Antibacterial,insecti-
basil Ocimum Sanctum linn ugenol,carvocrol cidial,antiprozoal,
Family-Labiatae diaphoretic
3 TOLU Balsam of tolu Solid or semi solid balsam Benzoic acid,quanti- flovouring agent,
BALSAM obtained from the trunk of ties of vanilline,styrol chewing gum,antise-
Myroxylon Balsamum ptic

DEFINATION:-The drugs used to relieve or used in the treatment of rheumatism are known as antirheumatics

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 INDIAN Guggul,Scented Guggul incision of the bark Dimercene polymy- anti-inflammatory,
BDELLIUM bdellium, of the plant Commiphora rcene,caryophyllene anti-rheumatic,
weigtii hypolipidemic
2 INDIAN Colchicum seeds dried seed of the plant Colchicoresin,dem- cultivation of medici-
COLCHICUM Colchicum luteum ecolcine,colchicine nal plant,horticulture
3 COLCHICUM Autumn crocus Corms of meadow saffron Democolcine,colchi- induce polyploidy,
CORM corm,Meadow Colchicum Autumnale in coresin,colchicoside relieve pain
Saffron corm the fresh or Dried form

DEFINATION:-The drugs used in the treatment of leprosy are known as antileprotics

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 CHAULMOO- Hydnocarpus oil, Fixed oil obtained ripe Chaulmoogric acid, Treatment of T.B.,
GRA Gynocardia oil seeds of the plant hydnocarpic acid only external used
Hydnocarpus anthelmini-
DEFINATION:-Drugs are used in the treatment of cancer

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 VINCA Catharanthus, Dried whole plant of glycosides,alkaloids treatment of leukae-
vinca rosea, Catharanthus roseus mia,treatment of gen-
periwinkle Family-Apocynaceae eralised hodgkin's and
antidiabetic activity

DEFINATION:-The substances used in treatment of diabetics are known as antidiabetics

Sr.No. Drugs Synonym B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 GYMNEMA Gudmar,Madhu The leaves of the plant Hentriacontane,pent- use as a antidiabetics,
nashini known as Gymnema sylves - riacontane,phytine, stimulant,laxative and
tre formic acid,tartaric ac- diuretic
Family-Asclepiadaceae id,gymneric acid
2 PTEROCAR- Bijasal,Indian kin Dried juice of the plant Kinotannic acid,pyro-
PUS tree,asana,rakta- Pterocarpus marupium catechin,resin,gallic
chandan Family-Leguminosae acid
DEFINATION:-Diureticsare the drugs which increase the flow of urine

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 GOKHRU Puncture vineDried fully ripen fruit of alkaloid harmine and used as a diuretics,
the plant tribulus terrestris harman,gitogenin, tonic,treatment of
linn chlorogenin and calculous affection and
Family-Zyngophyllaceae0 ruscogenin painful micturition
2 PUNARNAVA Rakta punarnava, Dried herb known as Punarnavine,
Hog weed,punar- Boerhaavia difussa potassium nitrate,
nava Family- ursolic acid

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 IPECACUA- Ipecac Dried roots or the rhizomes Ipecacuanhic acid, used as an emetic in
NHA and roots of cephaelis glycoside ipecacuan- the form of syrup,
ipecacuanha hin,emetamine treatment of amoebic
Family-Rubiaceae dysentry
DEFINATION:-Antiseptic are the chemical sterlizing substance which are used to kill pathogenic microbes.

Sr.No. Drugs Synonym B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 TURMERIC Indian saffron, Dried,as well as,fresh rhiz- Curcuminoids,Zingi- Used as a antiseptic,
Haldi,haridra omes of plant known as berene,bornoel, Colouring agent,used
Curcuma Longa caprylic acid for the detection of
Family-Zingiberaceae boric acid
2 BENZOIN Sumatra benzoin, Balsamic resin obtained Benzoic and cinnamic Carminative and diu-
Gum benzoin, from styrax benzoin acid,sumaresinolic retic,antiseptic,protec-
Loban Family-Styraceae and siaresinolic acid tive,treatment of upp-
er respiratory track
3 MYRRH Gum myrrh,bol, Oloe-gum-resin obtained Volatile oil contains Stimulant and anti-
myrrha from Commiphora molmol terpenes,cuminic ald- septic,protective,
Family-Burseraceae ehyde,eugenol mouth wash and gargles
4 NEEM Margosa,nim Consist of leaves and other neem leaves cantain Antiseptic and insec-
aerial parts of Azadirachta nimbosterol and ticides,active against
indica quercetine,seed various fungi.being
Family-Meliaceae cantaine azadirachtin, screened for efficacy
salanin,trunk bark can- in treatment of AIDS
taine nimbin,nimbidin
DEFINATION:-These are the drugs which are used in prophylaxis or treatment of malaria.

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 CINCHONA Jesuit's bark, Dried bark of cultivated stem bark cantain antimalarial and
peruvian bark tree of cinchona calisaya quinin,seeds and oth- antipyretic,used in
Family-Rubiaceae er parts cantain alka- rheumatism and
oids. neuralgia

DEFINATION:-These are the drugs which have stimulant effects on the motility of the uterus.

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 ERGOT Ergot of rye, Dried sclerotium of a fungus active alkaloids are labour to assist delive-
ergota Claviceps purpurea laevorotatory, ry and reduce post-
Family-Hypocreaceae lysergic acid or iso- partum haemorrhage,
lysergic acid treatment of migraine
DEFINATION:-These are the substance which are considered to be essential for the maintanance of normal metabolic functions.

Sr.No. Drugs Synonym B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 SHARK LIVER Oleum selachoids Fix oil obtained from the Vitamin A,glycerides deficiency of vit. A
OIL fresh and carefully preser- of saturated,unsatu- antixerophthalmic
ved liver of various species rated fatty acids used in burn and
of shark,mainly Hypoprion sunburn ointments
2 AMLA Emblica,indian Dried fresh food of the Vit. C,phosphorous, Largely used in indian
goose berry, plant Emblica officinalis iron,calcium medicine,preparation
embelic myroba- Family-Euphorbiaceae of inks,hair oil,shampoo
lam seed of the fruit given
in treatment of
asthama and bronchi-
DEFINATION:-Enzymes are the substances,which serves a role of catalysing the boichemical reaction

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 DIASTASE Amylose,malt Used as a digestant,
diastase,salivary production of predige-
diastase sted starchy foods.
2 YEAST Unicellular fungal micro- member of vit.B group Manufacture of alcho-
organisms saccharomyces nitrogenous compou- hol,beer and various
cerevisiae nd,thiaminc,ribofla- wines,used as a source
Family-Saccharomycetaceae vine,nicotinic acid, of vit. B
patothenic acid
3 PAPAYA Cultivated fruiting tree papaya-latex are the Clarification of beve-
known as caria papaya linn mixure of papain and rages and as a meat
Family-Caricaceae chymopaoain,poly- tenderiser,degumming
peptides and amides of silk fabrics in textile
PERFUMES:-The perfumes derived from animal sources slow down evaporation of perfumes oil and make the fragrances long
lasting,because of which they are called as fixatives.
FLAVOURING AGENT:-The flavouring agent used in medicines have no theropatic advantage but,they certainly have a
psychological importance.

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 PEPPERMINT Oleum mentha Vlatile oil obtained by dis- Carminative,stimulant
OIL piperita tillation of the fresh flowe- aromatic,counter-irri-
ring tops of the plants tant and flavouring
Mentha piperita linn. agent,used in tooth-
Family-Labiatae paste,shaving creams,
2 SANDAL Yellow sandal Dried heartwood of Two isomeric sesqu- Source of sandal wood
WOOD wood,lignum sa- Santalum album linn. iterpene alchohol, symptomatic treatme-
ntali Family-Santalaceae aldehyde santalal, nt of dysurea.manufa-
santene,santenone cture of boxes
3 LEMON OIL The fresh peel of the ripe Lemonene,citral Flavouring agent and
or nearly ripe fruits of in perfumery.prepa-
Citrus-limonis ration of terepeneless
Family-Rutaccae lemon oil.
4 ORANGE OIL Sweet orange oil, Fresh orange peels of (+) Limonene,cetro- Flavouring agent and
Oleum Auranti sweet orange Citrus- nellal,citral and deca- preparation of tere-
sinensis nal. peneless orange oil
Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
5 LEMON GRA- East indian lemon Stem distillation from the citral,nerol and gera- Flavouring agent and
SS OIL Grass oil leaves and aerial parts of niol perfumeri.source of
the plants Cymbopogon citral,synthesis of vit.
Flexuousus,cymbopogon A

Sr.No. Drugs Synonym B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 LIQUORICE Liquorice root, Dried peeled or unpeeled glycyrrhizin,flavon used as demulcent and
Glycyrrhiza,mule- roots and stolons of the glycoside,liquiritin mild expectorant.used
thi plant Glycyrrhiza glabra linn glucose,resins,aspar- as a sweetening agent
Family-Leguminosae agine and flavouring agent
2 PICRORRHIZA Indian gentian, Dried rhizome of the plant picroside I,picroside Valuable bitter tonic,
kutki Picrorrhiza kurroa II,kutkoside antiperiodic,febrifuge,
Family-scrophulariaceae stomachi.treatment
of jaundice
3 LINSEED OIL Fixed oil obtained from the glycerides of palmitic, used in treatment of
Dried fully ripe seeds of stearic,oleic,linoleic scabies and other skin
Linum usitatissimum linn and linolenic acid. diseases along with
Family-Linaceae linamarin sulphar.manufacture
of soap,greases,poly-
Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
4 SHANKHPU- Shankhwel, Aerial parts of the plant triterpenes,alkaloids, entire plant fresh juice
SHPI Shankhphuli Conscora decussata xanthones are used in medicine.
5 GARLIC Allium Bulbs of the plants Allium allyl propyl disulphide used as a carminative,
(LAHSUN) sativum linn diallyl disulphide, aphrodiasiac,stimulant
Family-Liliaceae alliin and allicin. disinfectant in the
treatment of pulmonary
6 DIOSCOREA Yam,Rheumatism Dried tubers of the plant, diosgenin,a steroidal rich source of diosgenin
root Dioscorea deltoidea sapogenin used as precursor for
Family-Dioscoreaceae synthesis of several
harmons.treatment of
rheumatic arthritis
7 SHATAVARI Shatmuli Dried roots and leave of Shatavarin-I used as tonic and di-
the plant Asparagus racem - uritic.Treatment of
ous rheumatism and
Family-Liliaceae nervine diorders.
8 TOBACCO Dried leaves of Nicotiana pyridine-piperidine stimulant effects on
tabacum, type of alkaloids, heart and nervous
Family-Solanaceae Nicotine system.quick acting
9 PYRETHRUM Natural Pyrethr- Dried flower-heads of pyrethrin,cinerin preparation of mosquito
um,insect flower Chrysanthemum cinerarie- and jasmoline coils and stick.
DEFINATION:-The substances which are of little or no theropeutic value,but are assentially used in manufacture or
compounding of various pharmaceuticals are known as pharmaceutical aids.

Sr.No Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 ACACIA (IND- Gum acacia, Dried gummy exudation L-rhamnose,D-galac- Suspending agent,
IAN GUM) Gum arabic. obtained from the stem tose and D-Glucuronic emulsifying agent
and bramches of Acacia acid.
arabica wild
2 GUAR GUM Guar flour,jaguar Guar gum is the powder hydro-colloidal poly- used as a protective
gum of the endosperm of seeds sacchride colloid,a binding and
of Cyamopsis tetragonolo - disintegrating agent,
bus linn. bulk laxative,paper
Family-Leguminosae manufacturing
3 HONEY Madhu,Honey Sugar secretion deposites Maltose,gum,dextrin Demulcent and swee-
purified,mel in honey comb by the bees, and formic acid.gluco- tening agent,prepara-
Apis mellifica se,fructose tion of cream,lotions,
Family-Hymenoptera soft drink and candies
4 STARCH Amylum Polysaccharide granules Amylose (B-amylose) used as a protective
obtained from the grains amylopectin. and absorbent,used
of maize (zeamays linn) in preparation of dusting
rice (Oryza sative linn); or talcum powder,manu-
wheat (triticum aestivum ) facture of liquid glucose
tubers of potato (solanum
Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
5 TRAGACANTH Gum tragacanth; Dried gummy exudation Basssorin,tragacanth- used as a demulant
Tragacantha obtained by making incisio- ic acid,galacturonic and an emollient in
n on stem and branches of acid cosmetics.
Astragalus gummifer
6 AGAR Agar-agar,Japan- Dried gelatinous substance agarose and agarope- used as an emulsifyin
ese-Isinglass obtained from Gelidium ctin agent and bulk laxa-
amansii tive,preparation of
Family-Rhodaphyceae jellies,confectionery
7 ARACHIS OIL Ground-nut oil, Fixed oil expressed from Oleic acid,palmitic Solvent for intramus-
peanut oil,sweet the seed kernels of the acid,linoleic acid cular,resembles to
oil cultivated varieties of olive oil,preparation
Arachis hypogea linn of liniments
8 OLIVE OIL Oleum olivae Fixed oil expressed from triglycerides maily in emollient and soothing
the ripe fruit of Olea the form of olein, agent for inflammed
europoea linne palmtin and linolein surfaces,used as an
Family-Oleaceae ingredient of ear wax.
9 HYDROUS Lanolin,Adeps purified fat-like substance carnaubic,oleic, used as water absor-
WOOL FAT lanae obtained from the wool of myristic,palmitic bable ointment base.
(LANOLIN) the sheep Ovis aries linn
10 YELLOW Beeswax;cera- purified wax and obtained cerotic acid,melissic preparation of ointm-
BEESWAX flava from honey-comb of the acid ents,plasters and
bees Apis dorsata. polishes,manufacture
Family-Apidae of candles
Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
11 PECTIN purified carbohydrate D-galacturonic acid, used as an adsorbent
product obtained by acid methyl alchohol in the treatment of
hydrolysis from inner diarrhoea and as a
portion of the rind of citrus haemorrhage
peels citrus limonis or
citrus aurantium
12 GELATIN non-essential amino valuable dietary
acid supplement.
13 SODIUM Algin,sodium Family-Phaeophyceae D-monopyra-nosy- preparation of paste,
ALGINATE polymannuronate luronic acid linked creams and for thike-
with L-glucopyranos- ning and stability
yluronic acid emulsions.
14 KAOLIN China clay,kaolin- treatment of enteritis,
um proderesum, dysentry and food
porcelain clay poisoning,used as a
dusting powder.used in
pharmaceutical prepa-
(A) Plant fibres-Jute,flax,banana,cotton,hemp
(B) Animal fibres-Silk,wool

[C] Regenerated and synthetic fibres:-
(1) Fibres regenerated from carbohydrate materials-
Alginate yarn,artificial silk or rayon or regenerated cellulose

(2) Fibres regenerated from protein materials-
Aridil from groundnut protein and fibrolin from milk casein

(3) Synthetic-Nylon,terylene,orlon

(D) Mineral fibres-Glass,asbestos

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 COTTON Cotton wool, Epidermal trichomes or Cellulose used as a filtering
purified cotton, hairs of the seed cultiveted medium and in surgical
Absorbent cotton, species of the Gossypium dressing.used as an
Surgical cotton (Gossypium herbaceum, insulating material
Gossypium barbadense)
Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
2 JUTE Gunny phloem fibres of the stem Cellulose,hemicellu- manufacture of tows,
bark of various apecies of lose,lignin padding splints,
the Corchorus (Corchorus preparation of coarse
olitorius and Corchorus bags
capsularis linn)
3 HEMP Pericyclic fibres of the cellulose, Pharmaceutically for
plant known as Cannabis course filteration and
sativa is less important
4 FLAX Pericyclic fibres obtained pecto-cellulose used in the manufactu
from the stem of the plant re of lint,preparation
Linum usitatissimum of rugs
Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 SILK Fibres obtained from the amino-acids glycine Special types of
cocoons of bombyx mori and alanine sutures,sieves and
Family-Bombycidae ligatures are prepared
from the silk
2 WOOL Wool fibres are obtained keratin,keratin is used as filtering and
from the fleece of sheep rich in amino-acid straning medium and in
Ovis aries cystine the manufacture of
Family-Bovidae dressings like domette

Sr.No. Drugs Synonyme B.S./Family C.C. Uses C.T.
1 RAYON Regenerated used for making fabri-
cellulose,viscose cs,preparation of surg-
rayon ical dressing and viscose
rayon absorbent wool