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Pharmacognosy GPAT Practice MCQs with Answers

1) Volatile oil’s can be extracted by —–
A) Clavenger apparatus
B) Hydrodistillation
C) Both A & B
D) None of the above

2) Which precursor used for biosynthesis of tropane alkaloids?
A) Tyrocine
B) Lysine
C) Lucine
D) Ornithine

3) Methods used to separate Alkaloid from crude drugs is ………
A) Counter current extraction
B) Maceration
C) Stass –Otto
D) Steam Distallation

4) Which of the following is racemic mixture of d-hyoscyamineand l-hyoscyamine
A) Atropine
B) Hyoscine
C) Caffeine
D) Diosgenin

5) One of the reagent of Vitali Morin test is
A) KCl
B) Menthol
C) Methanolic KOH
D) Bromine water

6) Guggul is –
A) Volatile oil
B) Glycoside
C) Oleo-gum-resin
D) Alkaloid

7) Codein is :
B) Emetics
C) Anti-hypertensive
D) Narcotic analgesic and anti-tussive agent

8) Supercritical Fluid Extraction was first reported in 1879 by
A) Hannay and Hogarth.
B) Hannay
C) Hogarth

D) Franz Van Soxhlet

9) Phytoconstitents which is used as precursors for steroidal drug synthesis is
A) Gitoxin
B) Diosgenin
C) Digoxin
D) Digitoxin

10) Reserpine gives violet red color with
A) Vanillin in acetic acid
B) Vanillin
C) Sulphuric acid
D) Vanillin in sulphuric acid

11) Rita graveolens is obtained from:
A) Whole plant
B) Root
C) Stem
D) Flower

12) The chemical test for flavonoids is
A) Legal’s test
B) Baljet’s test
C) Sinoda test
D) Heamolytic test

13) Does not occur in clove
A) Starch
B) Tannins
C) Volatile oil
D) Resins

14) Who was isolate Narcotine from Opium:
A) Reimann
B) Sertuerner
C) Derosne
D) Neumann

15) Senna leaf is under the class of glycoside
A) Cardiac
B) Anthraqunone
C) Cynogenic
D) Saponin

16) The technique of separation of components from mixture is known as
A) Chromatography
B) Spectroscopy
C) Both
D) None of the above

17) 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine is
A) Caffeine
B) Theobromine
C) Atropine
D) Artimisine

18) Pale catechu belongs to —- family
A) Rubiaceae
B) Lauraceae
C) Umbelliferae
D) Liliaceae

19) Vincristine and vinblastin used for
B) Hodgkins disease
C) Arthritis
D) AntiinflammatorY

20) Family of Mentha is :
A) Lauraceae
B) Myrtaceae
C) Lamiaceae
D) Loganiaceae

21) Atropine is manufactured from
A) Tropic acid and tropine
B) Hydrochloric acid and Tropic acid
C) Hydrochloric acid and Tropinol
D) Tannic acid and Hydrochloric acid

22) Following is not a extraction method……
A) Infusion
B) Diffusion
C) Maceration
D) Percolation

23) Glycoresins are made up of:
A) Resins + Sugar
B) Resins + Volatile oil
C) Resins + Gum
D) Resins + Fixed oil

24) Critical temperature of CO2 gas is:
A) 50 degree C
B) 21 degree C
C) 31 degree C
D) 41 degree C

25) By which biosynthetic pathway, aromatic amino acids are formed ?
A) Acetate malonate pathway

B) Acetate mevalonate pathway
C) Shikimic acid pathway
D) Polyacetatemalonate pathway

26) Opium alkaloids are generally found in the form of salt of
A) Hydrochloric acid
B) Citric acid
C) Maconic acid
D) Ornithine

27) Pale Catechu is also known as
A) Gambier
B) Katha
C) Petrocarpus
D) Khadira

28) Narcotine belongs to
A) Quinoline
B) Phenanthrene
C) Diacetyl
D) Isoquinoline

29) Rutin is group of
A) Flavonol
B) Flavone
C) Flavan
D) Flavanal

30) Biological source of forskolin is
A) Plectrantusbarbatus
B) Dioscoreadeltoida
C) Foniculumvulgare
D) Ferurafoetida

31) Vegetative propagation of Ginger is carried out by using the ……………of plant.
A) Tubers
B) Runner
C) Rhizome
D) Offsets

32) Family of Colophony is :
A) Poaceae
B) Pinaceae
C) Phagoceae
D) Leguminosae

33) Rauwolfia root is adulterated with
A) R. tetraphylla
B) R. densiflora
C) R. auriculata

D) R. acuminate

34) Diosgenin is isolated from:
A) Barks
B) Leaves
C) Tubers
D) Stem

35) Which spectroscopy is working on the principle of magnetic level ?

36) The curcumin is isolated from
A) Garlic
B) Turmeric
C) Sunflower
D) Rose flower

37) Digitalis used to treat
A) Tachycardia
B) Congestive heart failure
C) Arterial flutter
D) All of the above

38) Which Chemical Constituent is responsible for sweet taste of fennel ?
A) Estragol
B) Anisole
C) Anthole
D) Fenchone

39) Alkaloid term was coined by……
A) Hippocrates
B) Meissner
C) Derosne
D) Galen

40) Which of the following is allied drug of asafoetida ?
A) Colchicum
B) Ephedra
C) Galbanum
D) Xanthine

41) Which type of linkage present in senna:
A) C-glycoside
B) O-glycoside
C) S-glycoside
D) N-glycoside

42) Yam is also known as
A) Digitali

B) Taxol
C) Podophyllum
D) Dioscorea

43) Bol is the synonym of—
A) Mentha
B) Catechu
C) Myrrh
D) Tea

44) Theaceae is the family of —
A) Asafortida
B) Catechu
C) Myrrh
D) Tea

45) Quinine is isolated from
A) Rauwolfia
B) Belladonna
C) Quassia
D) Cinchona

46) Which technique is also known as colour writing ?
B) Mass spectroscopy
C) Chromatography
D) All of the above

47) Talispatra is the synonym of
A) Annatto
B) Crocus
C) Chlorophyll
D) Taxus

48) Melvonic acid pathways biosynthesizes
A) Isoprenoids
B) Tannins
C) Alkaloids
D) Lipid

49) Cinchona belongs to ______ family:
A) Papaveraceae
B) Ranuculaceae
C) Lycopodiaceae
D) Rubiaceae

50) Sonmukhi synonym for the drug—
A) Vinca
B) Aloes
C) Senna

D) Shellac

51) What is the chief chemical constituent of aloe?
A) Vincristine
B) Strychnine
C) Protopine
D) Emodine

52) Which method used for extraction of Glycosides?
A) Decoction
B) Infusion
C) Soxhlet Extraction
D) All of the above