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PHARMACOGNOSY MACQ’S ( Part-17 ) with Answers

MACQ’S Question bank

Q201.Roots and seeds are packed in gunny bag which are coated with——.
A. Polystryene
B. Polypropylene
C. Polyacrylene
D. Polythene

Q202.Kerosene cans are use for packing of —–.
A. Balsam of tolu
B. Colophony
C. Gums
D. Both a and b

Q203.Dirt,vegetable debris and foreign orgainc matter of the plants are removed by —-.
A. Drying
B. Garbling
C. Harvesting
D. Packing

Q204.All drugs are obtained from fruit expect:
A. Dill
B. Fennel
C. Clove
D. Ajowan

Q205.All drugs are obtained from roots expect:
A. Rauwlolfia
B. Aconite
C. Belladonna
D. Ephedra

Q206.All drugs are obtained from leaves except:
A. Vasaka
B. Tulsi
C. Gymnema
D. Guggal

Q207.All drugs are obtained from seeds expect:
A. Nutmeg
B. Asafoetida
C. Nux vomica
D. Guargum

Q208.Phenanthrene nucleus is present in—–.
A. Morphine
B. Codeine
C. Papaverine
D. Thebaine

Q209.Which oil used as Antileprotic:
A. Lemon oil
B. Sandal wood oil
C. Chaulmoogra oil
D. Shark liver oil

Q210.Given the following drug which is use as an antidiabetic:
A. Shankpushpi
B. Picrorrhiza
C. Gymnema
D. Ergot

Q211.Following drugs is use as Carminative expect:
A. Asafoetida
B. Nutmeg
C. Ajowan
D. Catechu

Q212.All drugs are belongs to Liliaceae family expect:
A. Linseed oil
B. Satavari
C. Colchicum
D. Withania

Q213.All drug are belong to laguminosae family expect:
A. Guar gum
B. Acacia
C. Glycyrrhiza
D. Garlic

Q214.Which drug are use as antitussive:
A. Vasaka
B. Tulsi
C. Satavari
D. a & b Both

Q215.Goldbeater skin test is used for identification of:
A. Alkaloids
B. Glyconsides
C. Tannins
D. Resins

Q216.Gambir flurescin test is used for drug:
A. Arjuna
B. Ashoka
C. Pale catechu
D. Black catechue

Q217.The synonym of Lactose is :
A. Milk suger
B. Butter suger
C. Crystalline suger
D. Pure suger

Q218.Amylum is the synonym for:
A. Tragacanth
B. Starch
C. Inulin
D. Loscust

Q219.Ager is used as:
A. Biinder
B. Disintegrting agent
C. Emulsifying agent
D. Preservative

Q220.Ispaghula seeds are adulterated with:
A. Plantago purshii
B. Plantago Ianciolata
C. Plantago airstala
D. Plantago pysllium

Q221. When Isapgol is treated with rhthenium red , it shows colour:
A. Blue
B. Yellow
C. Pink
D. Green

Q222.Which test is used for the purity of Isapgol:
A. Barfoed test
B. Millon’’ test
C. Molisch test
D. Sewlling factor

Q223.Biological source for Isabgol:
A. Plantago ovata
B. Aegle marmelos
C. Giladinium amansii
D. Condrus cripsus

Q224.Pectin is used in the treatment of :
A. Ulcer
B. Hypertension
C. Angina
D. Diarrhoea

Q225.The mostly used adulterant for Indian gum is :
A. Acacia Senegal gum
B. Gum from Astragalus gummifer
C. Gum ghatti from Anogeissus latifolia
D. Guar gum

Q226. When India gum is treated with hydrogen peroxide and benzidine in alcohol is shows blue colour due to:
A. Hydrolyase enzyme
B. Oxidase enzyme
C. Reductase enzyme
D. Invertase enzyme

Q227.When India gum is treated with ruthenium red it shows:
A. Pink colour
B. Red colour
C. Blue
D. No colour change

Q228.The biological source for Indian gum is:
A. Cyamopsis tetragonogbules
B. Astragalus gamifer
C. Acacia Arabica
D. Acacia Senegal

Q229.The biological source for Indian gum is:
A. Cyamopsis tetragonoglobules
B. Astragalua gamifer
C. Acacia Arabica
D. Acacia Senegal

Q230.Liquid glucose is obtained by :
A. Partial hydrolysis of glucose
B. Partial hydrolysis of starch
C. Complete hydrolysis of starch
D. Complete hydrolysis of glucose

Q231.Pectin is used in the pharmaceutical industries as:
A. Adsorbent
B. Demulcent
C. Emulsifying agent
D. Suspending agent

Q232.Important chemical constituent of honey is:
A. Glucose
B. Fructose
C. Maltose
D. Invert sugar

Q233.Important chemical constituent of Sodium alginate is:
A. Tragacanthin
B. Bassorin
C. Alginic acid
D. Alginic ester

Q234.Chemical test used for identification of carbohydrates:
A. Ninhydrin
B. Molish Test
C. Borntrager Test
D. Baljet Test

Q235.Fruits which are derived from Umbelliferae plants are —-type.
A. Cermocarp
B. Pericarp
C. Epiccarp
D. Mesocrap

Q236.Given the Following uses which one is not the use of Opioids?
A. Antitussive
B. Analgesic
C. Anit—inflammatory
D. Antidiarrhoeal

Q237.The principal constituents Anethole (50-60%) and Fenchone (18—20%) are present the volatile oil obtained from:
A. Fruits of Ammi visnaga Linn
B. Fruits of Foeniculum vulgare
C. Fruits of Carum carvi Linn
D. Fruits of Anethum gravrolens Linn

Q238.Senna leaf I.P obtained from—.
A. Dried leaflets of Cassia acutifolia and Cassia angustiflolia
B. Dried leaflets of Cassia indica
C. Dried leaflets of Cassia carpinifolia
D. Dried leaflets of Cassia carpinifolia and Cassia acutifolia autif

Q239.In congestive heart failure, digitalis glycosides are used because it increases:
A. The heart rate
B. The force of myocardial contraction
C. The venous pressure
D. The cardiac filling pressure

Q240.Family of drug Zingiber officinale:
A. Solanaceae
B. Umbelliferae
C. Zingiberaceae
D. Convolulaceae

Q241.Resins containing benzoic acid or cinnamic acids are called as:
A. Oleoresins
B. Glycoresins
C. Oleogum
D. Balsam

Q242.Homogenous mixture of resin and oil are called as:
A. Oleoresins
B. Oleogum
C. Glycoresin
D. Balsam

Q243.Oleo gum resins are mixture of :
A. Volatile oil+Gum+Resins
B. Fixed oil+Gum+Resin
C. Fats+Gum+Resin
D. Gum+ resins

Q244.Given the following ,which is an example of oleoresin:
A. Copaiba
B. Canada balsam
C. Capsicum
D. Myrrh

Q245.Myrrh contains important acid :
A. Comiphoric acid
B. Abietic acid
C. Benzoic acid
D. Acetic acid

Q246.Which is not an example of acid resins;
A. Benzoin
B. Colophone
C. Sandrac
D. Myrrh

Q247.Resins are calssified into following subclasses expect:
A. Acid
B. Ester
C. Resin alcohol
D. Resin ether

Q248.Which oil generally lowers the blood cholesterol level:
A. Arachis oil
B. Castor oil
C. Neem oil
D. Corn oil

Q249.Acid value is defined as:
A. Number of milligram of potassium hydroxide required to neutralize one gram of fat or oil
B. Number of gram of potassium hydroxed required to neutralize one gram of fat or oil
C. Number of Kilogram of potassium hydroxide required to neutralize one gram of fat or oil of fat or oil
D. Number of ml of potassium hydroxide (5N) required to neutralize one gram of fat or oil

Q250.———oil is showing laxative property
A. Arachis oil
B. Sesame oil
C. Castor oil
D. Corn oil