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PHARMACOGNOSY MACQ’S ( Part-16 ) with Answers

MACQ’S Question bank

Q151.Sesquiterpenes are formed of______in the plants
A. Farnesyl-pyrophosphate
B. Pathological products
C. Colouring material
D. Degraded products of triterpenes

Q152.The volatile oil are the complex mixture of _______
A. Mono- and sesquiterpenes as well as phenyl-propane derivatives
B. Mono- and diterpene-alcohols and ethers
C. Monoterpene ethers and aldehydes
D. Monoterpene acids and lactones

Q153.The benzoin (Loban) contains resins are secreted from
A. Secretory gland
B. Special secretory patches
C. Eesinous constituents
D. By injuring the plant

Q154.Podophyllotoxin is teranhydronapthalene derivative contain OH and lactone group in both trans and cis position in that which forms are essential for mitotic activity.
A. Trans form
B. Cis form
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

Q155.The asafetida are distinguish from Galbanum (Allied drug) is
A. Presence of umbelliferone
B. Absence of free umbelliferone
C. Presence of ferulic acid
D. All of these

Q156.The pungency of capsicum is destroyed by the use of
A. Oxidizing agent
B. Reducing agent
D. Both B and C

Q157.Example of cathartic resin is
A. Podophyllin
B. Pharbeticin
C. Jalapin
D. Both B and

Q158.Antihyperlipidemic product gugulipid is
A. Commiphora roxburghii
B. C.molmol
C. C.mukul
D. All of these

Q159.Colouring matter of shellac is
A. Aleuritic acid
B. Kerrolic acid
C. Laccaic acid
D. None of these

Q160.Alpha and beta peltatin are present in
A. Podophyllum hexandrum
B. P.peltatum
C. P.Emodii
D. All of these

Q161.Which of the following drug on trituration with water forms yellowish orange emulsion ?
A. Aspidium
B. Jalap
C. Ipomoea
D. Devils dung asafoetida

Q162.Red colouring matter of chillies is
A. Capsaicin
B. Capsanthin
C. Both
D. None of these

Q163.Picrocrocin hydrolysed of ginger is
A. Zingerone
B. Shogaol
C. Gingerol
D. None of these

Q164.Carhamus tinctorius is adulterant of
A. Bixa orellana
B. Crocus sativus
C. Coleus forkohlii
D. None of these

Q165.Telispatra comes under class
A. Monoterpenoids
B. Sesquiterpenoids
C. Diterpenoids
D. Tetraterpenoids

Q166.Character of schizygium aromaticum stalk is
A. Large anomocytic stomata
B. Contain not less the 15% volatile oil
C. Doesn’t’contain starch
D. Presence of isodiametric sclereids and prismatic crystal

Q167.T-shaped covering trichome is special character of
A. Artemisia cina
B. Abravifolia
C. Aannua
D. None of these

Q168.Mace is arises in the region of
A. Nicropyle
B. Ccassiac
C. Burmanii
D. Cloureirii

Q169.Microscopical characterization of foeniculum vulgare is
A. Lignified reticulate parenchyma absent
B. Mesocarp with lignified reticulate parenchyma
C. Rosette crystal absent
D. None of these

Q170.In between outer and inner parenchymal mesocarp, a wavy sclerenchyma is present in
A. Coriandrum sativum
B. Elletaria cardamomum
C. Anethum graveolens
D. None of these

Q171.Perisperm of cardamom contain
A. Prismatic crystal and starch grain
B. Acicular crystal
C. Volatile oil
D. Polygonal tubular cell

Q172.Ascaridole containing drug is
A. Chenopodium ambrosoides
B. Eucalyptus globules
C. Lavendula officinalis
D. Anethum graveolens

Q173.Example of monocyclic sesquiterpene is
A. Santonin
B. Zingiberene
C. Vitamin A
D. None of these

Q174.The quantitative values determined for the identification of leaf drugs remain constant throughout the age of plant except
A. Stomatal number
B. Vein termination number
C. Vein islet number
D. Stomatal Index

Q175.Bromelin used in inflammation is obtained from
A. Apple
B. Pineapple
C. Banana
D. Thornapple

Q176.The formation of shoot which ratio of plant growth regulators is required
A. Auxin:cytokinin (1:4)
B. Auxin:cytokinin (4:1)
C. Auxin:cytokinin (100:1)
D. Auxin:cytokinin (1:100)

Q177.In plant tissue culture surface sterilization of explant done by
A. Sodium hypochloride
B. Bromine water
C. Hydrogen peroxide
D. All of these

Q178.Palisade ratio is
A. Total no. of palisade cells beneath each upper epidermal cell
B. Total no. of palisade cells beneath mesophyll
C. Average no. of palisade cells beneath each upper epidermal cell
D. None of these

Q179.The following is an extremely potent excitatory compound isolated from the japanes seaweed Diginea simplex
A. Kainic acid
B. Muramic acid
C. Hydnocarpic acid
D. All of the above

Q180.In higher plant ‘crown gall disease’ is caused by
A. Agrobacterium‘tumefaciens
B. Azosperillium
C. Rhizobium
D. Aspergillus niger

Q183.The most effective method of producing virus-free plants is
A. Root culture
B. Meristem culture
C. Somatic embryogenesis
D. Floriculture

Q184._____is used as cryoprotectant in cryopreserve tissue cultures
A. Auxin
B. Vitamin-B6
C. Liquid nitrogen

Q185.Which of the following vitamin is essential for plant tissue culture ?
A. Thiamine
B. Pyridoxine
C. Nicotinic acid
D. All of these

Q186.Ozokerite wax is
A. A mixture of hydrocarbon obtained by purification of naturally occurring solid paraffin
B. Obtained from the leaves of Brazilian palm copernicia cerifera
C. A mixture of solid hydrocarbon obtained by distillation from petroleum
D. All of these

Q187.Saponification test is generally used for identification of the following substances
A. Fixed oils and fats
B. Gums and mucilages
C. Alkaloids
D. Glycosides

Q188.Gossypol a compound that has received major attention as male contraceptive A) Is a hydroxylated binaphthalene derivative found in cotton seed oil. B) Is a orizanol ester found in rice bran oil. C) Exhibits toxicity such as hypokalemic induced paralysis. D) Acts as an androgen antagonist.
A. B,C
B. A,D
C. B,D
D. A,C

Q189.Which is the right reagent for the detection of rancidity ?
A. Concentrated nitric acid
B. Phloroglucinol dissolved in ether and concentrated HCl
C. Antimony-lll-chloride
D. Concentrated sulphuric acid

Q190.Which of the following physico-chemical characteristics is correct for mucilages ?
A. Foaming
B. Refractive index
C. Specific gravity
D. Viscosity

Q191.What is the difference between the chemical structure of cotton and starch ?
A. Cotton consists of lines alpha-glucose molecule while the starch has branhed beta-glucose residue
B. Cotton consists of unbranched beta-glucose molecules the starch has also unbranched aphla-and beta-glucose molecules
C. Cotton is built up of glucose residues united by 1,4-beta-D-glucose links, starch has branched and linear chains of 1,4-alpha-,and 1,6-alpha-D-glucose residue.
D. Both consist of branched and linear 1,2-beta-D-glucose residues

Q192.Which of the following is true for insulin ?
A. Arabin
B. Pectin
C. Fructans
D. Mannan

Q193.The adulterants of honey contains furfural is detected by
A. Fehling test
B. Fieshes test
C. By the use sangers reagent
D. Osazone test

Q194.The capsules of opium are longitudinally incised with a narrow iron spikes are known as—-.
A. Knife
B. Cutter
C. Nastar
D. Chopper

Q195.Ribbon gut is prepared from —–oesophagus.
A. Goat
B. Sheep
C. Bovine
D. Kangaroo

Q196.Wool is prepared from—-.
A. Skin
B. Stem
C. Cocoons
D. Fleece

Q197.—-gives black precipitate when treated with lead acetate in caustic soda.
A. Rayon
B. Sillk
C. Flax
D. Wool

Q198.Just is obtained from which part of the plant.
A. Stem
B. Wood
C. Leaves
D. Roots

Q199.Which fiber is use for manufacturing of bandages.
A. Cotton
B. Silk
C. Wool
D. Flax

Q200.As per I.P Opium contain not less than—- anhydrous opium.
A. 5.9%
B. 8.5%
C. 6.5%
D. 9.5%