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PHARMACOGNOSY MACQ’S ( Part-18 ) with Answers


Q251.Which of the following oil is used as vehicle for oily injectables;
A. Arachis oil
B. Linseed oil
C. Castor oil
D. Jojoba oil

Q252.In the patient with deficiency of vitamin A, which oil capsules you will suggest:
A. Shark liver oil
B. Mustard oil
C. Asachis oil
D. Linseed oil

Q253.Vein—islet no. In Alexandrian Senna is in the range of :
A. 10 to 15.5
B. 16 to 20.5
C. 25 to 29.5
D. 20 to 24.5

Q254.Palisade ratio in Alexandrian Senna is in the range of :
A. 7
B. 10
C. 13
D. 16

Q255.Stomatal Index in Indian Senna is in the range of :
A. 17 to20
B. 20to 23
C. 23 to 26
D. 26 to29

Q256.Vein–islet no. in Indi— Senna is in the range of:
A. 10.5 to 12.5
B. 13.5 to 16.5
C. 16.5 to 18.0
D. 19.5 to22.5

Q257.Digitalis leaves should be dried at temperature below:
A. 20oC
B. 30 oC
C. 40 oC
D. 60 oC

Q258.Presence of aleurone grain is the characteristic of the drug:
A. Belladonna
B. Nux vomica
C. Hyoscyamus
D. Vinca

Q259.Botanical source of Arjuna bark:
A. Terminalia tamentosa
B. Polygala chinesis
C. Poligala erioptrea
D. Terminalia arjuna

Q260.Modified Borntroger test is positive for drug:
A. Cardiac Glycosides
B. Anthraquinone Glycoside
C. Anthranol Glycoside
D. Saponin Glycosides

Q261.Liquorice is used in the treatment of ;
A. Conjuctivitis
B. Peptic ulcer
C. Allergy
D. Skin disease

Q262.Liquorice belong to family:
A. Liliaceae
B. Triterpenoid
C. Loganaceae
D. Leguminosea

Q263.——is not the synonym of Liquorice:
A. Glycyrrhiza
B. Liquorice root
C. Mulethi
D. Yam

Q264.The biological source for cape aloes:
A. Aloe perri
B. Aloe barbadensis
C. Aloe ferox
D. None of these

Q265.Alcohoilc extract of also under UV light gives —–colour:
A. Blue
B. Red
C. Deep brown
D. Pink

Q266.Kiung’s isobaraloin test ,Curac’o aloes shows —–colour:
A. Yellow
B. Blue
C. Wine red
D. No Colour change

Q267.The family of Gokhur:
A. Liliaceae
B. Cucurbitaceae
C. Zygophyllaceae
D. Araliaceae

Q268.Which drug is used as diuretic:
A. Quillaia
B. Senega
C. Ginseng
D. Gokhur

Q269.Shatavari is under the chemical class of glycoside:
A. Sterol
B. Saponin
C. Cyanogentic
D. Isothiocyanate

Q270.Thalleoquin test contain reagents:
A. Bromine water+Few drops of ammonia
B. Postassium permanganate+Few drops of ammonia
C. Bromine water+Nitric acid
D. Bromine water+Sodium hydroxide

Q271.The characteristic not associated with alkaloids:
A. They all contain nitrogen
B. Most of non–volatile alkaloids are soild
C. All the alkaloid contains sulphur
D. They are physiologically active

Q272.Morphine contains main nucleus:
A. Phenanthrene
B. Anthracene
C. Naphthalene
D. Naphthacene

Q273.Major pharmacological action of Ephedrine:
A. Kidney failure
B. Anti—inflammatory
C. Heart failure
D. Bronchial asthma

Q274.Alkaloids present in Nux vomica:
A. Strychnine
B. Nuxiline
C. Ajmaline
D. Longanine

Q275.Adulterants of Rauwolfia serpentina are distinguished on the basis of:
A. Presence of sclernhyma
B. Absence of sclerenshyma
C. Presence of parencyhyma
D. Absence of parenchyma

Q276.In UV light Ergot shows fluorescence:
A. Yellow
B. Blue
C. Red
D. Violet

Q277.Papaverine, shows pharmacological activity:
A. Spasmolytic
B. Emetic
C. Antitussive
D. Antipyretic

Q278.The pharmacological action of Ipecac:
A. Stimulant
B. Emetic
C. Sedative
D. Hypnotic

Q279.Which is not the prominent chemical constituent in Ipecac:
A. Emetine
B. Pyschotrine
C. Cephaeline
D. Cinchonine

Q280.Which species of cinchona contains highest percentage alkaloid:
A. Cinchona succriubar
B. Cinchona officinalis
C. Cinchona calisaya
D. Cinchona ledgeriana

Q281.Jesuit’s bar’ is synonym of :
A. Coca leaves
B. Ipecacuanha
C. Cinchona
D. Calchonin

Q282.Which is not the characteristic feature of alkaloid:
A. Complex molecular structure and nitrogen in the molecue
B. Basic in nature
C. Biosynthetically derived
D. Acidic in nature

Q283.Cephaelis ipecacuanha belongs to family:
A. Rubiaceae
B. Liliacaceae
C. Apocyanaceae
D. Rutaceae

Q284.Trukish opium is commonly known as:
A. Chemist opium
B. Druggust opium
C. Chinese opium
D. Chemist and druggist

Q285.Which compound is showing the most potent analgesic property:
A. Heroin
B. Morphine
C. Codeine
D. Papaverine

Q286.Opium when dissolved in water and filtrate is treated with ferric chloride solution, it shows——colour:
A. Raddish purple
B. Green
C. Yellow
D. Orange

Q287.The opium alkaloids are present in plant as salt of:
A. Benzoic acid
B. Tartaric acid
C. Meconic acid
D. Acetic acid

Q288.Diacetlyl derivative of morphine is:
A. Codeine
B. Heroin
C. Papaverine
D. Thebaine

Q289.Reserpine ,when treated with solution of vanillin in acetic acid shows:
A. Red
B. Green
C. Blue
D. Pink

Q290.The important chemical constituents of Rauwolfia is:
A. Reserpine
B. Resercinnamine
C. Ajamalicine
D. Desperidine

Q291.Biological source of Nux vomica is:
A. Strychnous nux vomica
B. Strychnous potatorum
C. Strychnous nux blanda
D. Strychnous wallichiana

Q292.When the transverse section of nux vomica is treated with nitric acid, it shows yellow colour due to presence of:
A. Strychnine
B. Brucine
C. a–Co—rine
D. B—coubrine

Q293.When the transverse section of Nux –vomica is treated with ammonium vanadate and sulphuric acid,the endospermic cells show purple colour, due to presence of :
A. Strychnine
B. Brucine
C. a–Coubrin— D. B–coubrine

Q294.Lignified trichomes are characteristic of drug:
A. Catharanthus roseus
B. Cassia angustifolia
C. Strychnous nux vomica
D. Digitalis purpurea

Q295.Given the following microscopic characters which one is not associated with Nux Vomica?
A. Epidermis consist of lignified trichomes
B. Epidermis is followed by layer of collpsible cells
C. Endosperm shows presence of plasmodesma
D. Calcium oxalate crystal and starch grain are present

Q296.Stychnous muxvomica belongs to family:
A. Scrophulareaceae
B. Liliaceae
C. Apocyanaceae
D. Loganiaceae

Q297.Van–Urk—s re‘gent chemically is :
A. P-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde
B. Benzoic acid+Cinnamic acid
C. P—dimethylbenzoic acid
D. Cinnamaldegyde

Q298.‘ Crow fig’ is the synonym for the drug:
A. Strychnous nux vomica
B. Rauwolfia sepentina
C. Ranwolfia densiflora
D. Rauwolfia vometoria

Q299.Ergometrine gives —–fluorescence in water.
A. Yellow
B. Green
D. Blue

Q300.Ergot powder gives blue colour with:
A. P—dimethylaminobenzaldehyde
B. Benzaldehyde
C. Cinnamaldehyde
D. Formaldehyde